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Sins of the Father Recap

Prisoners are working on a chain gang, and a lightning storm starts. One prisoner, Johnny Ray Hix, heads for the bus with the others. The guards remove their manacles so they can get on, and Hix jumps the guards and kills one before running off.

Barry is at his parents' house eating dinner with Henry and Nora. Once he finishes, Barry offers to clean up the dishes. and sends them to watch TV. He cleans up at superspeed, while Henry brings up a sports movie on the TV. Hix calls and tells Henry that he's back, and promises that Henry is going to die real soon. Hix then gets into his car with his partner Danny Duffy and complains that the site where he hid his stolen money is now a mini-mall.

Henry tells Nora that it was a wrong number. Barry joins them and they watch the weather report about the storm. He excuses himself, saying that he has to take care of Earl. Nora goes to the kitchen and is surprised to see that Barry actually cleaned up.

Hix goes to a bar, Danny D's, and tells Danny that he needs money. Danny quickly hands it over, saying that they'll have plenty soon and he's hired men to track down the houses and take care of any rough stuff. A gun seller, Gruber, is there in response to Danny's call and Hix offers him money for the guns and his services.

A few days later, Henry is playing bocce in the backyard and finally helps his neighbor and former partner Pete Donello. They talk about Dix and how Hix shot Pete in the leg but then Henry got him. Henry complains that they never found the missing $400,000, and tells Pete that Hix broke out and is in town. He assures Pete that he didn't tell anyone about it and insists on handling it themselves. Pete isn't convinced but agrees to help Henry, who says that he'll nail Hix a second time.

That night, Barry helps Nora put up paintings. She says that Henry has been distracted, and all he does is talk to his old friends on the force and listen to the police-band radio. Henry comes in and Barry wonders if he's bored now that he's retired. Men open fire through the window and the Allens take cover. The shooters drive off, and Barry runs after the car only to find it empty. The car slams into a tree, and the police arrive to secure the crime scene. Nora goes to her sister in St. Louis, but Henry insists on standing. Barry suggests that Henry move in with him, pointing out that Hix won't know Henry is with him. Henry reluctantly agrees when Nora refuses to leave otherwise.

As Henry helps Nora get to the car, Julio tells Barry that the car was stolen from motel and there's no prints. Barry asks Julio to stay there with Henry while he goes "hunting". Flash soon speeds through Central City and finds a floating crap game. He grabs one player and demands to know why Hix is. The man says that he hasn't seen Hix in ten years, and Flash tells him to put the word out that he's looking for Hix.

Later, Barry buys a newspaper from Reggie, a blind seller. Reggie has heard that Barry is looking for Hix, but all he knows is that Hix is still in town. He warns that Hix's people stay quiet or they end up dead, and asks about Henry.

Hix goes to the mini-mall posing as a gas & electric worker and bluffs his way in past the security guard. Once his partner drives in, Hix tells his men that the money was hidden in a wall space and they'll have to check all of them.

At Barry's apartment, Tina makes small talk with Henry while Barry burns dinner. She talks about her work and Henry has no idea what she's talking about. Henry talks about Barry's "restaurant thing": when they went to one, Barry got sick. Barry nervously taps on a glass and finally shatters it, and Tina mentions that she pays gold. As she and Henry discuss golf, Earl comes down with Barry's costume glove in his teeth. Barry kicks Tina and she distracts Henry while Barry gets the glove.

The next day at the station, Henry sits in Barry's lab as Barry and Julio go over the test results from the car. Pete comes in and once they're alone, tells Henry that he got Danny's name from Dix's file. Now Danny has a bar and Henry tells Barry that he and Pete are going to get a cup of coffee. Once the two men leave, Barry tells Julio that he's got to be the parent. He looks out the window and sees Henry and Pete driving off. Henry tells Pete that he'll go into the bar on his own and get the information they need.

At Danny D's, Henry comes in and tells Danny to give him Hix. When Henry shoots the jukebox to get Danny's attention, Danny and the pool players grab him. Flash speeds in and bombards the three men with pool balls while Henry takes cover. The speedster breaks up the bottles and demands to know where Hix is, and spins an eight ball so fast that it drills into the table. Flash speeds off and Barry comes in, and Henry goes on about Flash and how great he is.

That night at his house, Pete goes over the route that Hix took when he escaped years ago and figures out the only place that he could have dumped the money. Hix arrives and thanks Pete for the note that he wrote Barry's address down on. When Pete runs, Hix throws a knife in his back and leaves.

Later, the police take Pete's body away. Julio has found Hix's file that Pete was looking at. Genovese finds Pete's personal effects and gives them to Henry, who is sitting by himself mourning. The captain promises that they'll make Hix pay, and tells Henry to stay close to Barry. Once Genovese leaves, Barry comes over and Henry blames himself for dragging Pete into the case. Barry says that they have to get Hix.

The next day at the lab, Barry shows Henry shots of the mud around Pete's garden and the footprints they found. Julio confirms that Hix used a hunting knife to kill Pete, and Barry figures that officers can check hunting grounds. Henry complains that they're playing with footprints and chemicals and nothing will bring Pete back and it's his fault. Julio quickly excuses himself and Barry tells his father that he's sick of Henry's endless criticism of his work. Henry says that he's not getting any closer to Hix, and tells him to get out on the street and search for Hix or someone who knows him. Barry insists that he knows how to do good police walk, and Henry suggests that they take a walk.

The two men go out and Henry tells Barry that when Jay graduated from police academy, he always understood what he did. He assures Barry that he never loved him any less, but his younger son was different. Barry says that he knows what Henry is trying to say, and Barry says that he'll be working late and Henry assures him that he'll be fine on his own.

That night, Henry is lying on the couch watching on TV when someone breaks in. Henry turns off the TV and grabs his gun, and Hix and Gruber break in. Hix promises that he's going to take Henry's life just like Henry took his, and then he'll kill Barry. Barry calls and when Hix pulls the wire out, Barry realizes that something is wrong and speeds there.

Henry shoots at Hix, and Gruber shoots Henry with his shotgun. Flash arrives and throws Gruber across the room, and then goes to Henry while Hix runs.

The next day, Barry is at the lab and calls the hospital to check on Henry's x-rays. Once he hangs up, Barry tells Julio that Henry got a concussion and a few pellets in the arm, but is otherwise fine. Barry goes to the gym and works the bag at superspeed to let off his frustrations until it finally explodes. Flash then goes to Gruber's cell and demands to know where Hix is. Gruber doesn't know where Hix got the money to pay him, and Flash speeds out.

Back at his apartment, Barry and Henry try to work out how Hix got the money to pay Gruber. Barry figures that Hix is going after the money from years ago and Pete figured it out. He checks Pete's maps and Henry says that there were boarded-up houses there and they were moved to a new location. A depressed Henry tells Barry to call it in and it doesn't matter to him. He admits that Barry was right and he's too old for police work. Barry loads a gun and tells Henry that he's going after Hix. Henry refuses to let Barry go out alone, and Barry hands him a gun and tells his father to go with him. His father takes the gun and says that it's time to end it.

Hix and his men find the bag of bank money, just as Barry and Henry pull up. The crooks open fire, and Barry takes one of them down. The other three run off into the shadows, and Henry and Barry separate to catch them. Henry sneaks up on one man and knocks him out. Another one opens fire on him, and Barry spots the shooter at Henry takes cover. As Flash, the speedster vaults up to the shooter's location and knocks him into a pile of dirt below.

Henry calls to Hix, taunting him. Hix gets into a bulldozer and comes at Henry, but Flash kicks Hicks out of the cab and shuts down the bulldozer just in time. Hix climbs up on a platform, but Flash knocks out the support boards and brings the man down. Henry comes over and secure Hix. Barry switches back to his civilian identity, finds the bag of money, and shows it to Henry. The water is rotted by water. Hix recovers and grabs Henry, and Barry tackles the convict and beats him repeatedly. Henry finally stops his son and says that it's over.

The next day as Barry repairs the damage to his apartment, Henry wonders why Flash doesn't show himself. Barry suggests that one day he will, and Henry tells his son that he did a brave and dangerous thing going after Hix. The older man tells Barry that he's a cop and a good one, and they leave together.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 9, 2018

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