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Child's Play Recap

Terry Cohan skateboards down the street and a man opening his taxicab door knocks Terry off of his feet. The boy fakes an injury to his knees and when the man helps him up, Terry calls him a chump and skates away. After a moment, the man realizes that Terry took his wallet.

A woman, Pepper, is watching the offices of the Daily Star from a room across the street. She calls one of the reporters, Phillip Sullivan, and tells him to enjoy the bum trip he's going to go on. Pepper tells Sullivan to kill the Lesko statement before it kills him. She then calls Lesko and says that she'll kill Sullivan if he orders.

Sullivan goes out to his car, and Terry grabs a stuffed dragon in a bag out of the front seat and escapes. At the same time, Pepper hits a remote and Sullivan's car blows up with him in it. She then tells Lesko that some kid swiped the computer disk with Sullivan's notes about Lesko it.

A few days later at Sullivan's wake, Tina asks Barry to look into the explosion and he assures her that he's already on the case. As they admire Sullivan's trophies, his wife Joan comes over and Tina hugs her friend.

That night, Duvivier is meeting with two drug dealers on the street. Barry is out walking Earl and spots them, and recognizes them. Meanwhile, the dealers want to see Duvivier's new drug, and he shows them a sample of Blue Paradise. When Duvivier gives it to them, they draw their guns and identify themselves as undercover police. Two of Duvivier's men emerge from hiding and grab the cops, and the drug container is knocked into a nearby sewer grate. Donning his Flash costume and tying Earl up, the speedster runs over and takes out the two thugs. When Duvivier drives away, Flash follows and catches the bullets when Duvivier shoots at him. The hero then throws the bullets back, taking out the tires. Once Duvivier stops, Flash ties him up and leaves.

The cops soon take Duvivier in, and Barry talks to the undercover cops. They explain that Blue Paradise is a new designer drug hitting the streets and they got help from Flash. Barry claims not to believe them, and they tell him that they lost the drug container into the sewers.

The next day, Barry and Julio go to the Star and find no mention of Sullivan's notes on Blue Paradise. Julio goes to lunch with Sabrina, and Barry finds Terry trying to jimmy Barry's car open. Terry claims that the car belongs to his father, but Barry takes out his own keys. When Terry calls for the cops, Barry flashes his badge and takes him in to have Terry booked for car theft. Terry lights a cigarette and when Murphy tells him to put it out, extinguishes it in Murphy's bean dip.

Barry meets with Carmen Hijuelos, a woman from Juvenile, who tells him that Terry ran away from home nine months ago and has been surviving on petty theft. She explains that he'll be sent into the foster care system and the paperwork will take about a week, and until then he'll be locked up. Barry doesn't want to see Terry in jail, and Carmen warns that he can drop the charges but she'll still have to take Terry to Juvenile Hall unless he can stay with a responsible adult. She guilts Barry into taking Terry in. As they go out to Barry's car, Terry thanks Barry and then runs off as soon as he can.

Barry spots Terry entering the sewers and goes after him. Terry goes though the sewers to the city zoo and finds Terry and his younger sister Cory hiding in the abandoned lions' den. Barry sneaks in but trips, and Cory drops on him.

Duvivier's boss Beauregarde Lesko is holed up at an old theater brewing Blue Paradise. Pepper arrives and tells Lesko that Duvivier will be out of jail the next day because the police can't make the charges stick. Lesko tells her that he wants Sullivan's notes because they'd give away that he's still alive. Pepper reports that she's checked around and Terry is a pickpocket and was arrested. Lesko tells her to go down to the station in the morning, takes some of his own drug, and tells Pepper to get the disk and kill Terry.

Barry takes Terry and Cory to his apartment, and Cory finds the disk in the stuffed animal. Terry takes it from her and swears her to secrecy, and they eat with Barry and Tina. Cory tries to make Tina feel guilty and then asks for $100. Once they leave, Tina suggests that Barry leave Tina and Cory with Joan while he works.

The next day, Pepper meets with Carmen and claims that Terry is her son and he ran away. When Carmen steps out, Pepper goes through her files and finds Terry's location and then leaves.

Barry and Tina take Earl to see Joan, a veterinarian, and she assures them that she can handle the children. When he asks her what Sullivan was working on, Joan says that all she knows is that he was bringing home dead files from college. Terry and Cory turn the dogs loose, and Joan tells the kids that they'll both walk Brutus. At the park, one of Lesko's men Awest is working selling 60s relics and spots the kids and then calls Pepper. Soon, Pepper approaches them and asks them to help her get to the waterfront. When Terry refuses, Pepper flashes her gun and tells them to get in her van. Cory orders Brutus to attack, and Pepper quickly drives away.

Pepper goes to the theater and Lesko tells her that he already knows that she failed. She insists that she can handle it and shows Lesko the file that she stole. He tells her to bribe someone to get Barry's address, and suggests that Blue Paradise might blow Barry's mind.

At the lab, Julio finds Barry dozing. Barry wakes up and admits that the kids are keeping him up, and Julio gives him the information on Sullivan's murder. He confirms that the data wasn't in the explosion.

Lesko and his people met with Duvivier, who insists that the cops had nothing on him. When Duvivier wonders what to do about Flash. Lesko gives him a canister of Blue Paradise and tells him to go and spread his gospel. Once Duvivier leaves, Lesko figures that he needs a way to gas the entire city and spread the drug and generate a population of addicts.

As Barry and Terry leave the station, Barry suggests that they get some pizza. Terry tells him that they're better on their own. As they drive off, two of Lesko's men follow them in a van and drive them off the street. Barry is knocked out in the crash, and Lesko's people grab Terry and leave. When Barry wakes up, he gets his costume out of the trunk and speeds after the van. He ties a cable to the back and the van jerks to a halt and then frees Terry.

Barry takes Terry back to the station and asks why Lesko's people grabbed him. Terry claims that he doesn't know anything, and Barry checks their records and confirms that they have drug records. The prisoners freak out in their cell, and Barry goes to check on them. They've passed out, and Barry goes in to check them out. They wake up, go berserk, and attack Barry. Bellows and Murphy subdue them, and they die.

Back at the apartment, Barry returns with Terry. As Cory goes to bed, she confirms that she can't stay there forever, and doesn't believe him when he says they'll find her somewhere that she can. Joan talks to Barry about Sullivan, who admits that he doesn't have anything on her husband's case yet. Once Terry gets Cory in bed, Barry tells him that the cops are looking for a skateboarding snatch-and-grab artist. Terry says that he's got Cory to take care of and nobody else will protect her, and Barry asks what he's lifted recently. When the boy says that he lifted a stuffed animal from a car a week ago, Barry asks to see what he took. Terry figures that Barry has been setting him up, figures that Flash is the only one he can trust, and storms out.

Barry goes after Terry as Flash and warns him that he's made a lot of enemies. He takes Terry for a spin on his skateboard at superspeed, and then asks him what happens to Cory if Terry gets busted. Flash tells Terry to find someone he can trust and speeds off. Back at the apartment, Terry shows Barry the doll. There's a canister of Blue Paradise in the bag, and Tina analyzes it and goes back to the apartment with Barry. Terry checks the information on the disk after Barry does. Barry tells Tina that Lesko's name is in Sullivan's notes and he supposedly died 20 years ago.

After leaving the kids with Joan, Barry goes to the lab and shows Julio the newspaper article on Lesko's death in a plane crash. His body was never recovered, and Barry figures that Lesko faked his death and went underground.

At the apartment, Terry tells Cory that he has business selling something to a guy, and the money will let them take care of themselves. He warns that eventually Barry will have to put them in a foster home. Terry gives one of Sullivan's two disks to Cory and tells her to give it to Barry if he doesn't come home.

Pepper is sitting in a van outside of Barry's apartment. Bellows and Murphy are watching the apartment, but are called away by a robbery. Terry gets in the van with Pepper, says that he called in false alarm, and tells her to take him to Lesko.

Once Barry discovers that Terry is gone, he puts an APB out on the boy. Cory finally tells them that Terry went to sell one of the disks.

Duvivier goes to a club and offers two of the women in line Blue Paradise. Meanwhile, Flash disassembles Duvivier's prized car parked nearby. The speedster then grabs Duvivier and demands to know where Lesko is. Once Duvivier cracks, Flash leaves him at the theater and heads for the station.

Terry offers Lesko the disk for a million dollars, and claims that he made a copy. Lesko threatens to get him hooked on Blue Paradise unless he gives him the second disk. He says that he's put Blue Paradise in canisters and is going to dose the city with it via helicopters. Pepper prepares to administer the drug, and Flash arrives. He punches Lesko, and Terry punches Pepper. Flash tells Terry to run, and Lesko doses Flash with Blue Paradise. Out of control, Flash vibrates so fast that he goes through the wall. Lesko tells his men to get the helicopters in the air.

Terry finds Flash outside, and Flash figures that he burned the drug out of his system. The speedster then runs in, grabs a guitar, turns up the amps, and plays the guitar superfast. The soundwaves knock out Lesko and his men, and the vibrations destroy Lesko's drug-manufacturing equipment. Terry runs in and applauds, lighting a lighter and holding it up.

The next day, Terry and Cory prepare to head to NYC by bus. Barry wishes them well and hugs Cory. Joan pulls up and suggests that they live with her. Terry doesn't want to hear it, but Cory insists on staying. Barry asks Terry if he's tough enough to do the right thing, and Terry agrees to do it... for Cory's sake.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 10, 2018

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