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Rise of the Villains: Tonight's the Night Recap

At a church in Gotham, Barbara walks down the aisle wearing a white dress and holding a bouquet. Jim is waiting for her at the altar, and Barbara tells him that she's ready to skip the rehearsal and get married. The priest asks if she's ready to take Jim as her "unlawfully wedded husband," and Barbara objects. Jim tells her to answer, and the priest transforms into Oswald. Looking around, Barbara realizes that the pews are filled with convicts and Theo is playing the organ. A bird flies out of Barbara's mouth and everyone bursts into laughter. Barbara finds herself in a pew trapped in a straitjacket, and Leslie has taken her place. She and Jim laugh at Barbara, and all of the convicts aim guns at her...

... and Barbara wakes up from her nightmare. She notices an invitation and present on her table, and opens it.

In the penthouse, Theo is looking out over the city. Tabitha comes in and her brother says that Jim has forced them to accelerate their plans. He's meeting with Bruce and if all goes well, he'll have the company by the end of the day. Tabitha wonders how Theo will do it, and Theo says that he's going to offer Bruce the thing he wants most in the world. He wants Tabitha to make sure that Jim is occupied elsewhere. Barbara comes in and asks what they're talking about, and thanks Theo for the present. She asks if it means what she thinks it does, and Theo tells her that it's the day she gets to kill Jim.

Jim and Harvey meet with Barnes, and Jim says that Theo is behind all of the recent events. Barnes points out that the only confirmation Jim has is Oswald and Butch, and they've both disappeared. He warns that Jim has no legal evidence, and tells Jim to do the police work. Outside, Jim tells Leslie what happened and she points out that Barnes is right. She tells Jim to not make it personal, just as Barbara comes in. Several officers draw guns on her, and Barbara greets Jim.

Jim takes her into an interrogation room when Barbara says that she'll only talk to him. Barnes, Leslie, and Harvey watch through the one-way mirror, and Barbara says that it's a game that Jim has been losing. She invites him to rough her up, and Jim says that she's a good woman but sick. Barbara breaks into tears and Jim kisses her. Smiling, Barbara says that she knew he still had feelings for her, and says that she wants to show him something before she starts talking. She says that it's a surprise but a good one, and after that she'll tell him everything. There's a knock at the door and Barbara says that her lawyer is there, and gives Jim five minutes to think about her offer. Once Jim leaves, Barbara goes to the mirror and stares at it… and Leslie on the other side.

In Barnes' office, Jim suggests that they play along with Barbara. Leslie warns that Barbara is mentally ill, and Harvey figures that it's a trap. Jim insists that kissing Barbara was a judgement call, and Leslie says that Barbara is mentally ill and should be in a hospital getting treatment. Jim sticks to his plan and points out that it's their only link to Theo, and Barnes agrees.

Edward drives out into the forest and takes out the trunk containing Kirsten's body. He grabs a shovel and drags the trunk further into the woods.

Theo invites Bruce to the penthouse and Silver greets the boy. The new mayor comes in and Silver leaves.

Jim, Harvey, and the new Strike Force members arm themselves. Barnes tells Jim that they'll be shadowing Jim in a TAC SUV, while Barnes monitors from the station. Jim glances over at Leslie and then agrees with Barnes that he'll pull the plug if anything goes wrong. Once Jim goes over to Leslie, Barnes tells Harvey to keep a clear head. Meanwhile, Leslie tells Jim that Barbara still has a hold on him and their sickness feeds on each other. Jim insists that he's doing his job and leaves with a manacled Barbara.

Theo asks Bruce what his dream come true would be. Bruce says that he wants the man who killed his parents, and Theo asks him what he would do if he found him. He's amused when Bruce immediately says that he would kill him. Theo then says that his dream is to save Gotham by ridding it of corruption, crime, and poverty. He has plans and ideas but needs Bruce's help, and in return he will help Bruce obtain his dream.

Jim takes Barbara to a police car and gets in the front with Harvey. She tells them to head downtown.

Theo tells Bruce that the Wayne reputation for growth, strength, and prosperity is a lie. He says that he's been investigating Wayne Enterprise and found illegal weapons contract, toxic dumps, and nightmarish experiments. Bruce promises to stop whoever is responsible, but Theo says that he can't deal with a board that will kill to protect its secrets. He wants Bruce to give him his 51% controlling interest and make the boy a millionaire. Bruce insists that Wayne Enterprises is his responsibility and all he has of his parents, and Theo says that there's more. He knows that the killer was following Thomas that night, and Bruce was running late to meet his parents. Theo will give Bruce the name of the killer and all of the evidence against him as a signing gift when Bruce sells him Wayne Enterprises. He says that he needs Bruce's answer by the end of the day.

As they drive, Barbara tells Jim to cheer up. Jim says that he knows it's a trap and Theo is using her, and he'll kill her when she's served her purpose. Harvey warns that Barbara won't talk, but Jim says that he needs a little more time.

Edward digs a grave for the trunk and then pours two glasses of wine. He gets out a picnic basket and says that he wanted to have one last meal. Edward thanks Kirsten for reunited his two broken halves into one whole, and promises to remember her always. A hunter comes up and notices the trunk, and Edward bashes in his skull with his shovel. He tells the dead man not to go anywhere and heads back to his car.

Jim tries to get through to Barbara, just as Barnes calls the car. He says that they're in a perfect spot for an ambush and is ready to pull them out. Barbara says that if they turn around then they'll get nothing, and Harvey tells Barnes that they're losing contact with him. Jim tells Barbara not to throw away her life, and she says that they had a life and real love. She still loves him and figures that he has feelings for her... just as a semi slams into their car. Snipers open fire and the strike force troopers return fire but are quickly gunned down. Jim wakes up and sees the shooters approaching. Barbara is watching and Jim draws his gun. As she asks if he's going to shooter her, Tabitha jabs a syringe into Jim's neck.

Later at the station, Barnes coordinates a search of the area. He then tells Harvey to go home, and says that he doesn't belong there anymore.

Edward returns to the grave with a coroner's saw and prepares to cut the hunter up to fit in the grave. He notices that something--or someone--has eaten his sandwiches. There are footprints leading off, and Edward goes to investigate.

Alfred finds Bruce in the cave looking at Thomas' letter. Bruce asks the butler how long it will take to take down Wayne Enterprises. Alfred warns that it may take decades but he promises that eventually Bruce will get there. Bruce wonders how many people will die because of Wayne Enterprises in the meantime, and explains about Theo's offer. Alfred points out that it's extortion, but Bruce figures that it's his duty to let Theo fix Wayne Enterprises to preserve Thomas' legacy. The butler says that the legacy is Bruce, and Bruce asks if it's wrong for him to want it to be over. Alfred assures him that he's not wrong and hugs him as Bruce breaks into tears.

Jim wakes up and finds himself in an empty church, tied to a chair. Barbara comes up wearing a white dress and holding a sawed-off shotgun. She reminds him how excited she was to get married, and Jim says that there is no "them." Barbara points out Father Callahan, tied up to another chair, and the witnesses that she has tied up in the pews. She says that Jim knew from the start that it was a trap, but he figured he could see it through or die. Barbara tells him that it's the latter and Jim says that he doesn't want to die. She doesn't believe it, figuring that he's tired of lying to himself and to Leslie. Jim says that he doesn't lie to Leslie, and a masked Tabitha brings her out tied to a wheeled chair. Tabitha tells Barbara to savor the moment, while Jim secretly rubs his ropes against the edge of the chair.

Harvey plays back the recording of Barbara's conversation with Jim. He hears the part about her buying a wedding dress and picking a church, and goes to Barnes. Harvey figures that Barbara wants a do-over and is at Gotham Cathedral close to the snatch site. Barnes warns that it's thin, but Harvey insists that he's right and after a moment, Barnes goes with him.

Barbara asks Leslie how her relationship with Jim, insisting that it's about all of them. Leslie says that she knows who Jim is, but Barbara warns that Jim is incapable of being honest with anyone, much less himself. Jim points out that Barbara has been dishonest all along, and Barbara says that Mayor James is alive and well at a stash house on China Docks. She refuses to say who put him there, and tells Leslie that the Jim she knows is an addict who thinks he can dabble in darkness. Barbara is surprised that Leslie knows how Jim got reinstated, and says that she's in love with a cold, cruel death-obsessed sadist. She then takes out a knife and says that she knows Jim better than Leslie does and loves him more. As she puts the knife to Leslie's face, Barbara says that she's going to carve her face off her skull and then they'll know what true love is.

Leslie compliments Barbara's dress and asks where she got it, and Jim breaks free. He grabs the shotgun and tells Barbara to drop the knife. Barbara says that he longs to kill her and invites him to do it, as sirens approach. She walks toward Jim and runs off, yelling at Tabitha and her men to kill Jim. They open fire and Jim guns two of the men done, then grabs a gun from one of them and shoots the masked Tabitha in the shoulder. Harvey and the others arrive as Barbara runs off into the attic and Jim gives pursuit. He corners her and she comes at him with the knife, and they fall through the stained glass window. Jim grabs Barbara's wrist and tells her to hang on, but Barbara says that she loves him... and lets go.

As the EMTs take away the badly injured Barbara, Leslie tells Jim that hedges broke her fall but she's critical. She says that later after it's over, they need to talk. Barnes comes over and Jim tells her where James is stashed. The captain orders all units there and when they break in, they find the former mayor sitting on a crate, a box fastened to his head. Jim opens the box and asks who did it, and James angrily asks who does he think did it.

Bruce returns to the penthouse with Alfred, and Theo tells him that he's making the right decision. The boy starts to sign, but then says that he changed his mind. Jim and Harvey come in with a squad of men, and Theo tosses the evidence folder into the fire. Walking across the room, Jim punches Theo in the face. Unimpressed, Theo asks what the charge is against him, and Jim tells him that he kidnapped and tortured James. Bruce realizes that the file is gone and screams in frustration, saying that he'll do anything.

Edward follows the tracks through the forest and comes to a trailer. The door slams open, hitting Edward in the face. A wounded Oswald limps out and then collapses, begging Edward for help.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 10, 2015

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