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Legends of To-Meow-Meow Recap

Charlie stares at Zari, who has been transformed into a cat. She admits that she doesn't know why Zari became a cat after Constantine changed the timeline by saving Dez. Charlie sets the autopilot to take Zari back to Waverider after she goes somewhere fabulous.

In Las Vegas 1962, Marilyn Monroe enters a club. "Marilyn" see a man, Red, playing craps and magic twinkling on his fingers. She drags the man away, transforming back into her real form of Charlie, and Red hugs her when he realizes who it is. She tells him to stop using his leprechaun magic out in the open, but he assures her that the humans don't notice. Charlie explains that the Legends are tracking down magic fugitives and she's trying to keep off their radar.

Ray, Nate, and Mick come in armed to the teeth and tell everyone to reach for the sky. They know Red is a leprechaun, and Ray shoots him dead. Charlie changes back to Marilyn and asks what they're doing. Nate says that they saved everyone from a magical danger and introduce themselves as the Custodians of the Chronology., complete with their own theme credits.

The trio return to Waverider, and Charlie secretly follows them. The study is filled with their trophies, and Gideon tells them that they missed the annual crossover. Charlie sneaks through the ship and finds Zari, still in her cat form. The shapeshifter asks Zari for her help, and Gideon appears in a new attractive hologrammatic form and explains that Zari was turned into a cat by Fairy Godmother. The AI assumes that Charlie is Amaya, and congratulates her on her upgrade and accent. Gideon explains that since the disastrous encounter at Woodstock, the "Custodian"'s policy is shoot-on-sight.

Charlie transforms into Sara and confronts the others. She announces that they will capture the magical creatures and take them to the Time Bureau. Everyone stares at her, and Ray explains that they're finally going to capture the ringleader, Charlie. They figure out that Charlie is Charlie, and say that Sara is dead. Garima is with them and stabs Charlie in the back. She collapses and reverts to her normal form, and runs off. The Custodians chase her through the ship, and Charlie grabs Zari and leaves in the jump ship. Zari suggests that they get Constantine to help them fix the situation, and sets a course for the Time Bureau HQ in 2018.

At the Time Bureau, Charlie shifts into Gary's form and spots a memorial to Sara, who was struck down by a unicorn. Hank shows up and tells "Gary" that he's late, and complains that the Custodians killed a leprechaun. As he walks off, Charlie asks where Constantine is and Hank says that Constantine is in confinement and Gary put him there.

Constantine is in a cell, remembering how Dez died in the original timeline. Charlie arrives and notes from Constantine's file that he was confined after he apparently became unstable. He recognizes Zari and casts a spell to transform her back to her human form. She coughs up a hairball and complains about where her tongue has been. Zari tells him that he's the epicenter of the two timelines and the memories exist in his brain. Without Constantine's help at Woodstock, Sara died and the Legends became killers. Constantine figures that they should go to Woodstock and save Sara, but Zari warns them that Constantine has to go back to New Orleans and let Dez die. When she tries to walk off, Constantine turns her back into a cat and Charlie leads him out.

As Charlie and Constantine leaves, Mona comes along and overhears everything they said. They wonder what to do with her, and she says that she wants to help stop the Custodians. They killed Konane and she's glad to help them. Mona hides Constantine underneath her cart and Charlie transforms back into Gary. The real Gary walks by and wonders who Charlie is. Charlie claims that she's Gary from the future, just as the Custodians blast their way in. Gary says that there have been reports of shapeshifters on the loose, and Charlie says that she knows because she's Gary in the future.

The Custodians arrive as the red alerts go off.

Charlie, Constantine, and Mona go to Ava's office. A black-haired Ava is sitting in the shadows, dressed in black.

The Custodians find Hank, who reminds them that their job is to bring in the fugitives alive. Nate says that a fugitive killed Sara so they're killing them.

Ava insists that she's fine and just taking some time to get her head together after the unicorn killed Sara. Charlie reverts to her base form and they explain that they're from a timeline where Sara wasn't killed. They ask for her help, and Ava leads them out. The custodians find them and the other Time Bureau arrive. Hank puts them all under arrest, and Ava's team runs. The Custodians chase after them and a fight breaks out. The Custodians get gunned down by the Time Bureau agents, while Constantine and the others get to the jump ship and head for Waverider. Charlie points out that once they alter the timeline, everyone who died won't die.

The jump ship arrives at Woodstock and Charlie guns down the unicorn. However, Zari is still a cat meaning that killing the unicorn didn't fix the timeline. They head back to the Bureau and Charlie goes in... and discovers that Mick, Ray, and Nate are now the ones being memorialized. Sara, Ava, and Gideon are now SOS: the Sirens of Space-Time, complete with their own theme credits. They go to Hank's office, and he tells them that they have a major case on their hands. Charlie listens in and tells Constantine that she's joining the SOS.

The SOS go to get their weapons, and Charlie comes in posing as Amaya and says that she's there to help with their monster problems. Sara gives her a gun and Charlie assures them that they're in.

On the jump ship, Constantine continues to remember both timelines and tries to deal with the conflicting memories. He refuses to put things back the way they were.

The SOS tells Charlie that they don't bother with costumes anymore because they just kill the monsters. Fairy Godmother killed Nate, Ray, and Mick, so they just toss them. Sara asks "Amaya" how Zambesi is, and she tries to bluff her way through.

Constantine tells Zari that if he does what she asks, he'll be sending Dez to Hell. Charlie calls and tells Constantine that they need to take care of Fairy Godmother in Salem. SOS realize that Charlie isn't Amaya, and prepare to shoot her. Charlie runs to the jump ship and sets a course for Salem.

in Salem, Fairy Godmother prepares to kill Ray, Nate, and Mick. Prudence is off singing to herself, and Charlie-as-Fairy Godmother finds her and suggests that Prudence must behave like a proper young lady by doing chores, taking daily baths, and eating broccoli. Prudence immediately relinquishes their link. The real Fairy Godmother disappears before she can kill the three men.

Constantine and Charlie head out in the jump ship, and Zari comes out of her cat form... and becomes a puppet. When they reach Waverider, Constantine goes aboard and discovers that Sara, Nate, and Nate are now the Puppets of Tomorrow, complete with their own theme credits. Constantine needs a drink, and the puppets start singing about asking for help. They explain that Mick called them a bunch of time travel puppets and then ran off with Fairy Godmother, who had bonded with him.

Constantine returns to the jump ship and explains that Fairy Godmother linked with Mick. Charlie takes the jump ship to the Time Bureau, and discovers that Ava is the one memorialized. They keep trying to change time, and people keep dying that didn't die originally. Charlie finally discovers that they've made a chance that hasn't resulted in anything wrong. However, Constantine collapses. Zari and Charlie wake him up, and Zari wonders if he dies from all the conflicting memories. Constantine says that he doesn't care, and Zari figures that he's giving up on himself. She figures the world is just messed up as Constantine's memories, and figures that he can find a way to save Dez once he lets him go to Hell. Charlie tries to convince Constantine that everything is fine, but Constantine agrees with Zari. When Charlie says that she's going to fight for her powers, Zari stuns her and leaves with Constantine.

Charlie shapeshifts into Ava's form , goes to Waverider, and says that the Bureau has detected a magical disturbance in 2018 New Orleans, and she wanted to go with them.

Constantine arrives in 2018 New Orleans, and watches as his past-self sneaks into his old apartment after his past-past-self leaves. The present Constantine figures that when Dez leaves, he'll convince him to stay.

Waverider arrives in 2018 and Sara says that their orders are to shoot to kill. When Charlie-as-Ava objects, Mick and Rory say that they kill magical fugitives.

The past-Constantine tosses Dez's phone off the balcony, and present-Constantine catches it.

Gideon detects the three Constantines, and Sara figures that they're all shapeshifters. Charlie-as-Ava suggests that they capture all three of them and determine if one of them is the real Constantine, but Sara doesn't see the point. Mick and Ray move into position on one of the Constantines. Charlie reverts to her base form and Sara tells Mick and Ray to hold their fire.

Past-Constantine tells Dez that he should go. Dez leaves, and present-Constantine approaches him on the street and gives him his phone, and says that he has someone to tell him.

Charlie asks what happened to the Legends to make them killers, and insists that it's wrong. Sara says that it isn't wrong and breaks Charlie's neck.

Present-Constantine explains that he's from the future and a little bit wiser. Dez doesn't believe him, and Constantine admits that he caused the anguish, and apologizes for Dez ever meeting him. His lover tells him not to be sorry, and admits that he knew the risk and took them anyway for Constantine's sake. They agree that they should go back to the way things were, and Constantine promises that he's not quitting on Dez before hitting him with a Legends memory-flasher and walks off.

Mick and Ray see the entire thing, and Sara tells them wait for her signal. Charlie heals her broken neck, and Sara tells her that she's never leaving and aims a gun at her.

Past-Past-Constantine returns to the apartment and finds a confused Dez standing in the street.

Charlie asks Sara why she's so intent on killing magical creatures, and Sara says that's how they stay alive. She shoots Charlie, who heals and explains that she showed Sara in London that not all magical creatures are harmful. Sara doesn't remember that, and Charlie realizes that they never met and she's the one who altered history. Sara tells Mick and Ray to fire when ready. Past-Constantine and Dez start to kiss, and Mick and Ray fire at the present-Constantine hiding nearby.

Sara kicks Charlie.

Past-Constantine and Dez kiss, and the altered timeline sweeps out from them. Everything reverts to what it was in the original timeline, and Sara ends up kicking Mike the Spike in the puppet. Constantine finds himself with Dez's medallion and his memories restored... and Dez sent to Hell.

Constantine goes back to the jump ship and tells Zari and Charlie that he's back to normal. Charlie lost her powers, and Zari tells them that it had to be done. They go to Waverider and find the tied-up Mike the Spike puppet. Ray is taking him to the Time Bureau, and Sara wonders why Charlie, Zari, and Constantine are being weird. Constantine suggests that he and Sara have a drink and he'll tell her what happened.

In the hallway, Charlie apologizes to Zari for getting off on the wrong foot. She explains that she kept coming back to Amaya's form because it was the form she was in when she met the Legends, and they're the first crew she's been with that isn't rubbish. Zari says that almost changing history is a rite of passage.

Ava is in the medbay reading Mick's novel when he comes in. She tells him that his novel is fun to read even if it's shallow.

Constantine says that nothing he did made any difference, and Sara assures him that they have his back. He warns her that Neron wants to win in the cruelest possible way.

In 2018, Hank is playing golf when he gets a call that the Kaupe escaped. He tells his people to recapture it, and then tells his golf partner that they'll make it right. His partner is Neron, wearing Dez's human form.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 11, 2018

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