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The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Two: Gift of the Magi Recap

Jennifer and Khalil take refuge in a bar, and Jennifer helps the weakened Khalil sit down. he's running a fever, and they realize that Cutter landed a blow on his stomach. She says that she's going to go find some antibiotics, but Khalil warns that it's too risky. Unimpressed, Jennifer says that they don't have a choice and he'd do the same thing for her if their positions were reversed. Khalil gives in and Jennifer leaves.

At home, Lynn calls Black Lightning and asks if she found her. He admits that he hasn't found their daughter and explains what happened. Anissa and Peter are tending to Yvette, and Lynn hangs up. They confirm that Khalil accidentally darted Yvette, and she says that she shouldn’t have let Khalil stay there. Peter has an idea of where Khalil and Jennifer left, and shows them a splatter of Khalil's blood. He figures that they might seek medical attention, and taps into the local database of doctors, while Black Lightning and Thunder check out the hospitals and clinics. Black Lightning tells his daughter that they should stick together and admits that he wants to keep an eye on her.

Lynn goes to Nichelle and says that she couldn't sit around doing nothing. Nichelle invites her in so that they can be miserable together. They go to Khalil's room and Lynn looks around, and Nichelle talks about how her other son Keenan died when he was 15, running with The 100. She says that motherhood was never meant to be her calling, and Lynn tells her that Khalil needs her more than ever. Lynn finds a photo of Khalil's father, and Nichelle says that he can go to hell as far as she's concerned. Once Nichelle leaves, Lynn takes a photo of the picture of Khalil's father.

A school panel board tells a student, Todd Green, that they're giving the encryption grant to another candidate. Todd figures that it's Garrett Tortolani, and points out that Garrett's rich white dead just donated a new wing. Angry, Todd accuses them of racism and the board takes Todd out. When he gets to his car, Todd finds an invitation to the club from Tobias. After glancing around, Todd quickly drives away.

Jennifer goes to a hospital and accesses a computer. When she's unable to log in, she hears a buzzing in her ears and uses her powers to open the cabinets. Jennifer takes the antibiotics and goes. As she leaves, she sees Jeff and Anissa talking to the receptionist and slips away. Cutter is also there and spots Jennifer as she goes.

Jeff and Anissa come up with nothing, and Jeff tries to call Lynn without success. When Anissa notices, Jeff tells her that Lynn has been through a lot. They hear a guard talking about a power shortage, and see a scorch mark on the computer. Jeff calls Peter and says that they've got something.

Jennifer returns to the barn and gives Khalil the antibiotics. As she gives him an injection, Khalil flirts with her.

In the surveillance van, Peter shows Jeff and Anissa the security footage showing Jennifer breaking into the cabinet. Peter deletes the footage and confirms that Jennifer was there the same time that Jeff and Anissa were there. When they check the outside CCTV, they spot Cutter and Peter does some digging while Jeff heads in the direction that Jennifer drove off. As Jeff tries to fly away, Peter tells him that he needs to put on his suit. Anissa agrees, but Jeff insists that he doesn't have time because Tobias' killer will kill Jennifer as well as Khalil. When Jeff still tries to fly off, Peter throws him to the ground. Anissa interrupts, saying that they both need to calm down. Peter begs Jeff not to lose his life, and Jeff goes back into the van.

At the barn, Jennifer and Khalil realize that the antibiotics aren't working and Khalil is getting worse. Feverish, he says that when he first saw Jennifer he knew she was special. Jennifer talks about when she first saw him. Outside, Cutter watches them through a pair of buinoculars.

Todd goes to the club and meets with Tobias. Tobias says that he's been monitoring Todd for some times and knows that he didn't get the grant. They drink champagne and Tobias tells Todd that it must be tough for him getting passed over despite his superior talents. The crime lord says that he'll never be better than second best because of racism unless he changes the game, and invites Todd to sit with two women. Once Todd sits down, he says that he prefers not to be touched and Tobias dismisses them. He then tells Todd to get used to the good life because his old one doesn't exist. Todd has read articles about Tobias, and Tobias says that he came to Todd as a friend with enormous resources who can pull him out of second-class status.

Tobias gets a call from Cutter and steps away, and Cutter tells him that Khalil will be dead within an hour. She admits that she had to go with poison knives when she realized Jennifer was a meta, Tobias tells her to bring him Khalil alive or she won't get paid.

Peter IDs Cutter and tells Jeff and Anissa that she may be a low-level telekinetic and a mercenary. They figure that there are fifteen possible locations where Jennifer and Khalil might be hiding, and Jeff and Anissa split up to search the place.

Lynn goes into the sanctum and Peter detects her presence and contacts her. She says that she's using the databanks to try and find Khalil's father, Kito Payne, in the hopes that he can help them find Khalil and Jennifer. Kito just got ouit of jail, and Peter tells her to check the FBI database. Kito has a long arrest history, and Lynn assures Peter that she'll be careful but they need any lead she can find. After Peter signs off, Lynn goes to the workshop and gets one of Peter's guns.

Jennifer begs to god not to let Khalil die. He wakes up and Jennifer tells him that she's going to step outside. When Jennifer does so, she breaks into tears. She hears the same buzzing sound as before and concentrates on it, and finds herself in Perenna's hair salon. Jennifer realizes that Perenna isn't really there, and another "Jennifer" appears". "Perenna" tells Jennifer to let her fears guide her, and the two Jennifers discuss the situation. The real one realizes that she's hearing batteries, snaps out of her fugue state, and concentrates her vision. She realizes that someone is using powered binoculars to watch them, and works out that she can also see the electricity in the human body. Jennifer "sees" Cutter and her fear-self screams at her to run.

Cutter enters the barn, knives drawn, and advances on Khalil. Jennifer steps out and shocks Cutter unconscious, and then goes to Khalil and assures him that she'd never leave him.

Peter pulls up to the barn, and Black Lightning flies down to join him. Thunder arrives on her tribike as Black Lightning starts to apologize for how he reacted earlier. Peter assures him that they're good, as Thunder says that she hasn't found anything. Black Lightning screams in frustration, complaining that he can't find her daughter when she's a generator. Thunder tells him to believe that they'll find him, but Black Lightning admits that he doesn't believe anything.

Once Cutter wakes up, Jennifer tasers the tied-up woman to get her to reveal what she did Khalil. Cutter just laughs and says that Jennifer is going to die, and Jennifer checks Cutter's blade and finds red tape on it. She threatens to cut Cutter unless she talks, and then figures that Cutter has an antidote hidden on her and cuts her on the cheek. After a minute, Cutter tells Jennifer that the antidote is in her necklace. Jennifer takes it, kicks Cutter unconscious, and administers the antidote to Khalil.

Lynn finds Kito working at a diner and approaches him as he takes the garbage out. She introduces herself and asks if he can help with Khalil. Kito realizes that Khalil is running from Tobias and got involved with him, and that he tried to warn his son to keep away from the crime lord. The man knows that he wasn't staying with Tobias, and figures that he has a new place but doesn't know anything about it. Lynn thanks him for the information and leaves.

Black Lightning accesses the power lines and Gambi runs computer checks. The hero has Peter increase the voltage threshold on his goggles so that he can spot Jennifer's electrical output. They identify the barn as a location not on their search list, and the trio head there.

Khalil recovers and Jennifer breaks into tears of relief. They kiss and say that they love each other, and Khalil sees the unconscious Cutter. Jennifer explains that the mercenary pissed her off but admits that she gave her the antidote anyway before they leave.

Black Lightning, Thunder, and Peter enter the barn a few minutes later. They find the cloths with Khalil's blood, and discover that Cutter escaped her ropes. Peter has Black Lightning using his goggles to check for residual energy traces, and Black Lightning discovers the whole area has traces. He calls Lynn and tells her what they've found, and Lynn figures that he'd holding something back and wonders if Jennifer is dead. Black Lightning admits that he doesn't know and Lynn breaks into tears.

At the club, one of Tobias's men brings Todd in, calling him a nerd. Tobias makes the man apologize and then dismisses him, and Todd asks Tobias why he picked him. When Tobias says that he's a fan, Todd says that he can't accept anything he's offering and starts to leave. Tobias figures that Todd is bluffing and says that if Todd works for him, he'll have more control and power then he ever dreamed of. Todd's phone rings, and he discovers that Tobias deposited $100,000 into his account. Todd immediately says that he's in, whatever Tobias wants.

As they drive away, Jennifer warns Khalil that her family and Tobias will never stop. She figures that they can find a place to hide, but Khalil tells her that she should go home because she deserves better than a life on the run. Jennifer refuses, insisting that they're in it together. Khalil takes her hand and squeezes it, and Jennifer smiles.

In a bar, a mercenary bounty hunter cripples the patrons and then finds the one remaining man that he's looking for. When the man shoots at him, the mercenary teleports away from the bullets, appears behind the man, and shoots him in the back. He goes to the bar and pours himself a drink, and then makes a call and asks what's next. Once he gets a price and a location--Freeland--the teleporter grabs his bag, shoots one last man and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 12, 2018

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