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The Spear Recap

In Kansas City, Missouri, at Christmas time at Federal Capital Advisors, people scream and blood lies splattered on the floor. One man runs for the elevator but when he opens it, a vampire in a Santa hat breaks the man's neck under the mistletoe. He then goes to an office and reports that he didn't feed. He asks the woman--with Michael possessing her--why she choose that building and Michael says that he likes the view.

Another vampire, Melanie, enters with two werewolves--including Garth. Michael recognizes Garth from Dean's memories, and says that Garth was his friend. Garth says that Dean is his friend, but there's a war coming and he has to be on the winning side for the sake of his family. Melanie says that the next night Kansas City won't know what it hit it.

At the bunker, Jack is eating cereal in the kitchen. Castiel comes in and Jack asks him not tell Sam, and then explains that he's been thinking about Heaven, and wonders if Kelly is safe. Castiel assures him that she is. He assures Jack that Naomi will do anything to protect the souls in her charge, and Jack agrees not to worry. As Castiel goes, Jack asks why Sam and Dean can't know about the deal Castiel made. The angel says that they can but they don't need that burden and neither does Jack. Jack insists that he does and Castiel did it for him, and Castiel figures that he won't give himself permission to be happy anytime soon. After Jack agrees, Castiel eats some of his cereal.

Garth calls Sam and tells him what Michael's people are planning. They're supposed to drink blood mixed with Michael's grace, and he figures that he'll fake drinking it. Sam warns against it, but Garth hears his other werewolf coming and hangs up. Meanwhile, Dean arrives and tells Sam that Garth will be okay. Sam insists that anything that happens to Garth will be on his head, but his brother says that they have Michael's location from Naomi and a spy on the inside.

Ketch Skypes and explains that they took out Arpad Valko's compound and acquired the egg. However, Ketch was forced to drop the egg when Valko sent mercenaries after him. He put it somewhere safe and should be arriving in Lebanon in two days via Certified Priority Express. Sam says that big Michael stuff is going down and they need the egg immediately. Ketch can't do anything but apologize.

At the office building, Garth and his fellow werewolf wait. The packmate says that his buddy made the change and now he's immune to silver. Melanie comes in and gives them the grace to drink. The packmate drinks it immediately, and Garth takes the second vial and Melanie says that only one in seven volunteers explode. He has no choice but to drink it, and Michael comes in and looks at Garth, and Garth's eyes glow with the power. She then tells Melanie that they've found Dark Kaia at a recycling plant taking shelter, and the vampire should take a team to kill her. Michael talks about how all of her monsters that she's changed are spread throughout the city. Garth listens to them with his super-enhanced senses.

Sam checks the computer and determines that the package is located at a hub facility in Joplin, Missouri and has been delayed because of the holiday. He figures that they can break in and get the package. Garth calls Sam and says what he overheard and that Michael is spending his people to the recycling factory to get the Spear. He claims that he faked drinking the grace, and says that Michael's plans will attack and turn everyone in Kansas City on Christmas Eve. Dean figures that they might be able to kill Michael with the Spear, and use the egg and Rowena's spell to trap Michael back in the cage. Dean and Michael go to get the Spear and deal with Michael's plaza, while Sam and Jack go to the hub facility.

Dean and Castiel drive to the recycling plant and Castiel notes that Dean seems happy despite the lack of magic. When Dean says that he's happy about the no-strings-attached plan they executed to get Jack back, Castiel doesn't correct him. Castiel warns that they're taking a big risk to get the Spear back, and Dean agrees. Dean tells Castiel that he understands possession means after Michael broke their deal, and says that he won't be truly happy until he kills Michael and now he has the chance.

Sam and Jack break into the hub and Jack picks the lock after studying the subject on the Internet

Dean and Castiel search a place and find where Kaia was staying. The food is still warm, and Dean figures that she's hiding. They wonder where Michael's forces are since they had a head start, but there's no signs of a struggle.

Sam and Jack get the package and Dean notices a van just as one of the vampires clubs Sam over the head. Other grabs Jack and drag him into the van. Michael steps forward, introduces himself in his new body, and holds up the egg that she grabbed. He asks what Sam is going to do, and Sam draws an angel-killing blade. Michael blasts him back and then destroys the egg. When Sam gets up, Michael knocks him unconscious and leaves.

Castiel and Dean try to call Sam but get no answer. Garth calls and says that he couldn't reach Sam, and tells them that Michael left to back up his forces. They realize that Michael fed false information to Garth, and as Garth hangs up Michael teleports to him and says that they have to talk.

Dean wonders what they do now, and Kaia holds the Spear to his back and asks them what they want. When Castiel prepares to attack her, Dean tells him to stay back and tells Kaia that he knows what they want. He explains that they came to ask for the Spear, and when Kaia refuses to give it to him, he tells her to just care about. Dean explains that Michael is going to hurt and kill the people he loves, and then thousands more will die. All that can stop him is the Spear in Kaia's hands. After a minute, Kaia asks Dean what he'll do for her. She explains that she wants to go back to the Bad Place and Michael's monsters are still hunting her. Her magic doesn't work and she needs their help. Kaia wants Jack to open the door up, and Dean says that he will. She wonders how they know if they're telling the truth, and Castiel points out that they don't know if she is.

Castiel figures that she has a new reason for going back, and Kaia says that she has people in the Bad Place that she feels bound to save. She gives Dean the Spear and tells him that if he doesn't give it back to her, she will find and kill him Dean's cellphone rings and when Dean and Castiel look away. Kaia slips into the shadows. Sam is on the phone, and tells Dean what happened. The brothers wonder if Michael is playing them, and Dean tells Sam that they have the Spear.

The vampires take Jack to Michael. Michael says that there's no reason to both killing Jack now that he's powerless, and talks about how his angel brigade destroyed Kansas City in Apocalypse world, so now he's going to transform the citizenry. Michael says that they're family of a sort and soon Jack will know what "real" time is, because he'll see it all with her. Jack refuses, but Michael says that the more his power is restored the closer the two of them will grow closer. Jack says that Sam, Dean, and Castiel will come for him, and Michael smiles and walks out.

In the parking garage, one of the vampires, Brett, reviews Michael's plan with the packmate. He confirms that he's supposed to drive to a Cathedral, wait for Michael's signal, and then start turning worshippers. The werewolf runs off and Brett spots a car. He turns and Sam cuts his head off.

Melanie gets into the elevator and Sam cuts her head off. He finds Jack and unties him, and they hear someone coming. It's Garth, who says that he's okay. They take the elevator to the lobby, and Garth clutches at his stomach and moans. Jack turns him around, and a berserk Garth slams him back. His eyes glow with Michael's power, and he says that Michael is in his head and won't let him stop. Garth goes werewolf and attacks Sam, apologizing. As he knocks Sam down, Jack jumps Garth and although Garth slashes him across the face, he delays him long enough for Sam to recover and take Garth out with a sleeper hold.

Once Dean and Castiel arrive, they tie Garth up and toss him in the Impala trunk. Sam tells Dean that Garth drank Michael's grace, and Michael was able to see them and get ahead of them because he could see through Garth's eyes. Castiel heals Jack, and Jack says that Michael is up there waiting for them. They figure that Michael wanted them to come there, and figure that it's a trap. The four of them stride to the elevator.

Michael is waiting in the office drinking and impatiently waits for the group to arrive so they can see his "show". She realizes that Castiel is outside and goes out into the hallway. He attacks her and she easily disarms and subdues him. She wonders why he's alone and beats him, then drags him to her office and throws him on the floor. Michael turns and easily immobilizes the waiting Sam and Jack. Dean comes at Michael with the Spear and attacks her, but she knocks him away and the Spear slides across the room.

Michael grabs Dean and chokes him, and reminds him that he let him in. As he prepares to kill Dean, Sam slides the Spear to Michael and he slashes her across the arm with it. The others recover, and Dean feels the same weakness that he felt earlier. Michael's body collapses, and "Dean" breaks the Spear. Michael in Dean's body then turns to the others and says that they didn't bother to ask why Michael gave up Dean. The archangel explains that Dean was too attached to all of them and wouldn't stop squirming. He let Dean leave, but left the "door" open just a crash. Now Michael will defeat them and crush Dean's spirit so completely that he'll never struggle. The archangel says that he has a whole army at his command, and snaps his fingers to give the signal.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 14, 2018

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