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Koriand'r Recap

Rachel wanders through the asylum halls and finds no one there. She hears voices and follows them to an empty hospital room, and Dawn appears briefly in the bed. Visions of Hank and Dawn flash through Rachel's mind as she calls to them.

In the real world, Gar pulls Kory away from Rachel, and Kory turns and grabs him. Dick and Donna run in, and Donna lassos Kory and tells her to stop as she prepares to blast Rachel and Angela. Kory fights back and the two women struggle until Donna knocks Kory out. Dick tends to Gar, and Rachel explains that she was trying to help Kory get her memory back but must have done something wrong. Angela assures Rachel that she did nothing wrong, and Gar realizes from the lasso that Donna is Wonder Girl.

Kory wakes up and wonders what's going on, and Dick tells her that she tried to kill Rachel. When Kory says that she would never do it, Angela demands that they get Kory out of her house. The others stare at Kory in shock, and Kory apologizes to Rachel. Kory has another flash of the spaceship, and says that she has to go. Dick goes after her and demands to know what's going on, and Kory has more memory flashes. Donna comes out and Kory says that she's starting to remember, gets in the stolen truck, and drives off. Donna throws a throwing star with a tracker on it into the truck and tells Dick that they'll follow her.

Angela takes Rachel to a bedroom and treats her throat wounds, and Rachel says that she could sense Kory wanting to kill her but she was conflicted. Gar comes in with ice and Angela goes to make them some food. Once she's alone, Angela goes to another bedroom, turns off the light, and looks at a mirror on the wall. A phone rings and when she answers it, there's nothing but static on the line.

Dick and Donna drive after Kory and Dick insists that Kory isn't a killer and figures that it wasn't the real Kory. Donna points out that he's making too many excuses for Kory and slept with her, and Dick tells her to just drive.

Angela goes out to her garden and gathers some plants. She pricks her finger, and the county sheriff, Thomas Carson, comes over and calls her by name. Thomas is surprised to see her there, and the hug. He points out that it's been 15 years since she left town and asks where she's been, and Angela says that it's a long story. Angela tells Thomas that she's there with her daughter, and he says that they had some trouble at a local train station and he's checking out any strange cars. She says that she hopes that she's staying around, and Thomas invites her for a drink together. Angela agrees and asks for a couple of days to get reaccustomed to the area, and Thomas agrees and drives off.

Kory keeps driving and spots her followers in the rearview mirror.

Gar and Rachel sit at the table, and Rachel says that she's not hungry. She figures that she did something to Kory to cause her to try and kill her, and figures that she made things worse for her friend. Gar says that even if she did do something, it was an accident, and assures Rachel that Dick and Donna will bring Kory back and everything will be fine. Rachel tells Gar that he can't stay there, figuring that everyone she gets close to gets hurt. When he tries to take her hand, Rachel's soul-self briefly emerges and shouts at him.

Angela comes in with some flowers that she picked, and Gar thanks her for the soup and then gives mother and daughter some time alone. Rachel tells her mother that Gar shouldn't be staying with them and explains that he was trying to make her feel better, and Angela says after Rachel has to hold onto the people she cares about. She admits that should have run away with Rachel rather than from her, and she's ashamed of what she did. Angela begs Rachel not to make the same mistake that she did because it left her alone for far too long, and they hug.

Gar goes upstairs and finds old photos of two children in one of the bedrooms. He looks around and finds more photos and when he looks in the mirror, sees his mouth cover with blood. There's nothing there in reality, and Gar nervously leaves. He goes out on the porch and calls Dick, but gets no answer. A tiger roaring emerges from the phone, and the blood-covered doctor that Gar killed at the asylum appears on the lawn, staring at him. Rachel comes out and asks Gar if he's okay, and when he looks back at the lawn there's nothing there. Gar says that there's something wrong with the place but then admits that he might be stressed out. Rachel apologizes for freaking out on him earlier and hopes that he'll stay. He looks distracted and says that he's feeling sick and needs to lay down, and they go inside.

Kory drives to an abandoned factory and walks to the door, and Dick and Donna pull up and come over. She says that she doesn't need their help, and has a memory flash of driving to the factory before. Dick realizes that she's getting her memories back, and Kory figures that the answers are inside. She breaks the chain on the door and goes inside, and Dick and Donna follow her. Something scans them and then a cloaked spaceship appears. Kory says that it's hers and a computer voice identifies Kory as "Koriand'r" and opens the hatch. She goes in, and Dick and Donna follow her.

Angela goes up to the bedroom and looks at Gar sleeping on the bed. Rachel joins her mother and looks at an old photo of a family on the wall. Angela says that she can talk to her about anything, and Rachel asks if her power somehow makes people sick. Her mother assures Rachel that none of it is her fault, and Rachel wonders if the darkness inside of her is from her father. Angela tells her that she can decide how to use the "darkness", pointing out that she's helped people, and what has happened is bad luck and an old house.

Kory goes to the control room and explains that she comes from the planet Tamaran. She remembers coming to Earth in the ship and standing at the console. There's an old book on the console, and Kory translate the title as "Death of Worlds". She opens it and activates the console, revealing a future projection of Tamaran burning. Kory says that unless Rachel dies, Tamaran dies because someone from another dimension will destroy her homeworld. The being, Trigon, was summoned to Earth to conceive a daughter: Rachel. Trigon was pulled back to his dimension and imprisoned, but he can return through Rachel and her presence lets him stay there. He will first destroy Earth and then all worlds. Donna spots a picture in the book of a woman, Angela, with Trigon.

As night falls, Garfield gets up, coughing., He goes to the bathroom and checks himself in the mirror, and then passes out.

Angela wakes up Rachel and tells her that Gar is sick. They go the bathroom and find Gar convulsing on the floor bleeding from his eyes and nose. Someone knocks at the front door and Angela goes down to check. It's Thomas, with flowers, and Rachel yells that she can't stop the bleeding. Thomas insists on going up to check and tries to call on his cell phone, but discovers that it's not working. Angela tells him that there's a land line in the kitchen and follows him down.

As Dick, Donna, and Kory drive back, Dick figures that Angela has been playing them the entire time. Donna checks the book and determine that it says that Trigon can be defeated through Rachel. Kory says that first Rachel has to complete the trials: 400 consecutive days of the harshest warrior training, and no one has ever survived it.

Thomas ties to call out but discover that the line is dead. When he goes to his car to use the radio, Angela says that he can't call anyone and stabs him in the stomach. She apologizes for killing him but says that she's already in a relationship. She then goes to Rachel and claims that Thomas went into town to get a doctor. Angela tells Rachel that she needs to her father's gifts to save Gar. Rachel concentrates and Gar convulses, and Angela suggests that Rachel summons Trigon to save Gar and he would do it for his daughter.

They take Gar to the bedroom and Angela tells Rachel that she has to open herself to Trigon and concentrate. Rachel does so and the lights flicker as darkness spreads across the mirror. Angela tells Rachel to bring Trigon to her, and the black-eyed Rachel goes to the mirror. She pulls Trigon out of the mirror, and he greets her.

The power in the truck dies and it coasts to a halt. Kory realizes that Trigon is already there and they have to get to Rachel, and they head through the forest to the house.

Angela tells Trigon, in human form, that it was all for him and kisses him. Rachel goes to Gar and says that he's dying, and Trigon tells her that there's nothing that he wouldn't give her and heals Gar. He tells Gar that he'll have a lifetime to decide if he's human or beast, and Gar wakes up. Trigon embraces Rachel and says that he's finally home.

As the trio approach the house, they discover that it's gone and the air is shimmering. Dick charges forward and after a moment, Kory and Donna try to follow him but slam into an invisible barrier.

Angela asks Trigon if it's time to eat the world, and he says that first Rachel's heart has to break. Trigon senses that they're coming.

Dick walks up to the front door and goes inside.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 15, 2018

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