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Shroud of Death Recap

A watcher sits in a car on the streets and observe as Judge Malcolm Foster and his wife emerge from a theater after a showing. As they walk down the street, the couple talk about their first date a few decades ago. There's an envelope addressed to Malcolm on the windshield, and inside is a piece of a broken medallion. Malcolm dismisses it as nothing and the couple get into their car. The judge suddenly remembers what it is... and the watcher triggers a remote, sending a nearby marquee falling onto the car, crushing and killing the Fosters.

Later, the police secure the crime scene. Barry and Julio arrive and check the scene, and check the piece of the medallion the coroner found in Malcolm's hand. Garfield orders them to get to work, and Barry finds a piece of plastic explosive residue that was used to bring the sign down. Julio doesn't recognize the detonator cap, and Barry tells Garfield that he should look for someone Malcolm put away that who got out recently and who has experience with explosives. Garfield snaps at them and walks off, and Barry finds an engagement ring in a case on the street. The captain realizes that he dropped it and comes back to get it, and the scientists jokingly point out that it's been three years since he's been dating Mavis.

Garfield goes to the natural food diner that Mavis owns. They hug and Mavis lectures him about his diet and his heart. He gives her the engagement ring, and says that he wants someone to come home to. Mavis accepts and they hug.

Later, Garfield intercepts Julio as he arrives, tells him to get the forensic report when he's ready, compliments Julio on his shirt and walks off humming. Julio figures that Mavis said yes and goes to the lab, and finds Barry twirling a test tube at superspeed because the centrifuge is broken, but dismisses it as bad eyesight. Barry has confirmed that that the explosive is different from anything currently available, and Julio has determined that the cap was made up personalized components. They figure that Barry will talk to a survivalist, Callahan.

The next day, Flash goes to Callahan's shop and Callahan says that he's a big fan. The speedster makes it clear that he's disgusted by Callahan and wants information about the blasting cap. Callahan triggers a hidden alarm and two men come out. Flash handcuffs them to an old-time gun, and dismantles the gun at superspeed, and then demands answers from Callahan. Callahan says that he'll be signing his only death warrant if he talks, and Flash speeds off.

That night, Barry and Tina go to a restaurant and Barry describes what happened. Callahan's police file is restricted for security reasons, and Tina reminds him that the agreed to discuss police business. She says that she's been offered a position in California, but admits that she hasn't accepted yet. Barry asks about the experiment between them, and becomes irritable when Tina says that she'll fly in every few months to check on him.

At a nearby table, ex-DA Frank DeJoy is talking to a reporter about his run for Senate. His assistant Jack says that DeJoy is late for an interview and a package came for him. After Jeff and the reporter leave, DeJoy opens the package and finds a piece of a broken medallion. As he tries to work it what it is, DeJoy sees Barry, recognizes him, and goes over to talk to him. Ob a nearby courthouse, the same stalker shoots DeJoy in the back with a crossbow bolt. When DeJoy turns around, the killer shoots him again in the chest and runs off. Tina confirms that DeJoy is dead, and Barry finds the medallion piece in the dead man's hand.

Barry runs out and sees the killer climbing down from the courthouse. Changing to his costume, Flash speeds over and the killer shoots him in the chest with a taser device. Flash collapses, and the killer prepares to finish him off but hears sirens and runs off.

That night, Garfield berates Barry for leaving the scene. Barry says that he came back to the lab and determined that the two pieces of the medallion match up. Garfield congratulates him on his work but tells him to never leave a crime scene again. As Barry leaves, Garfield asks him where he'd choose for a honeymoon. Outside, Julio is waiting and Barry says that his back is hurting and he's going to check with his doctor. He asks Julio to look into any connection between the victims. Julio points out that he was at the lab and knows that Barry didn't come back, and Barry claims that he just missed him.

At STAR Labs, Tina examines Barry and she snaps at him. She complains that he disappeared on her the previous night, and that he doesn't care about his feelings. Barry points out that she won't be able to check on him in California, but can't bring himself to ask her to stay in Central City.

That night at the station, Barry and Julio compare symbol on the two medallion pieces. When it goes slow, Barry asks Julio to get them some coffee. As he gets the coffee, Julio sees Barry's superspeed typing on a lab mirror. He comes back and wonders if he's running a fever. Barry claims that Julio feels warm and then finds a match: the symbol belongs to the Warriors of Freedom. Jeffrey Zacharias led the organization, a survivalist neo-fascist group that wanted to start their own country and funded it with bank robberies. Zacharias was arrested after a shootout, Malcolm was the judge, and DeJoy was the DA. On the day he was executed, Zacharias swore that he'd send an "Angel of Death" to kill everyone responsible. The arresting officer was Garfield. Julio goes to call Julio and Barry speeds off.

Garfield and Mavis leave the diner and argue about how they can't decide on a honeymoon spot, and then laugh and figure that it will be some marriage. The killer is atop a nearby roof with a sniper rifle, and draws a bead on Garfield's chest with a laser site. Mavis finds an envelope on Garfield's windshield and sees the site dot, and she steps in the way as the killer shoots. Mavis collapses in Garfield's arms, and Flash arrives and deflects the follow-up shots with a hubcap. He runs to the roof and finds the abandoned rifle but no sign of the killer.

When the police and medics arrive, they take Mavis to the hospital. Barry tells Garfield what they've found, and Garfield insists that Flash was there and saved his life. The captain blames himself for Mavis' shooting, and Barry asks what Callahan's connection is to the case. Garfield tells him to stay away from Callahan and insists that he's not involved in the case. When Barry wonders why Garfield is covering up for Callahan, Garfield tells him privately that Callahan was a CI inside of the Warriors. He was terrified that Zacharias' people would kill him so the police kept his name out of. Garfield insists that he's on the case despite the police prohibition against involvement in personal cases, and tells Barry to stay out of his way. Once Garfield leaves, Barry tells Julio that he's going back to Callahan's shop.

Callahan is packing money for a trip when the killer--a woman, Zacharias's daughter Angel--comes in. He claims that he was just moving his cash to a safer place, and insists that he didn't tell Flash anything. Angel wonders why Flash is involved if Callahan didn't say anything, and Callahan insists that Zacharias was his friend and he wouldn't do anything to betray him. He talks about how Zacharias was a great man, and assures Angel that Zacharias would be proud of her and the traitor deserves to die. Angel agrees and says that she needs more plastic explosives, and Callahan quickly gets them. She says that she has to kill the traitor and shoots Callahan dead.

Garfield sits at the unconscious Mavis' bed and tells her that he loves her. He promises that he's going to make it right and kisses Mavis on the forehead, and walks out.

Flash arrives at Callahan's shop and finds the dying owner. He whispers the word "angel" and dies, and Flash finds a medallion piece on a necklace around Callahan's neck. He calls Julio using his normal voice and tells him that Callahan is dead. When Barry mentions the word "angel", Julio remembers that Zacharias has a daughter named Angel. Julio prints out a file on Angel, and Garfield comes in, grabs it, figures she's the killer, and leaves.

At home, Angel is working on a new bomb.

When Barry arrives at the station, Julio shows him the file on Angel. Her parents were divorced two years before Zacharias was executed, Angel joined the Army, and was discharged two months ago. Julio says that Garfield got his address fifteen minutes ago, and Barry figures that Garfield went there to kill her.

Garfield drives to Angel's house and steps on a pressure-sensitive plate. A tape recorder plays Angel's message that if Garfield steps off the plate it will explode. However, it will explode in one minute anyway. She blames Garfield for Zacharias' death and says that she's on her way to kill Mavis and there's nothing Garfield can do about it.

Flash speeds in assesses the situation, and Garfield tells him to save Mavis. Ignoring him, Flash steps on the platform and tells Garfield to go. Garfield leaves for the hospital, and once he's clear Flash speeds out. The bomb explodes, knocking him at Garfield's feet, and Garfield goes to the hospital.

Angel rappels down the side of the hospital to Mavis' room.

Flash recovers as neighbors come over to check out the explosion.

Angel enters the room and injects poison into Mavis' IV line. Flash arrives and Flash quickly switches the IV bags to save Mavis' life. Angel rappels town the outside wall, and Garfield arrives and shoots at her. Flash tells him to stop and tries to pull Angel up, and Angel swings over to another building as Garfield runs out of bullets. By the time he reloads, Angel has made it to the next roof. When she gets to the top, Flash is waiting. She throws stars at him, and Flash catches them on a board.

Garfield arrives and when Flash is distracted, Angel throws a star into his leg. She removes her mask and Angel tells Garfield not to kill her. He tosses his badge on the roof and Angel tells him that she was only 15 when he executed Zacharias. She tells Garfield to kill her because she's already dead, and Flash asks if Garfield wants to be consumed by hatred the same way that she is.

Several days later, Garfield and Mavis emerge from a church. Everyone applauds the happy couple, and Barry and Tina are among the spectators. Barry finally admits that he'd miss her and asks her not to go, and Tina says that she already turned the offer down. Julio talks to Barry privately and points out that Barry has been acting weird ever since Barry was hit by lightning and Flash showed up. Barry distracts Julio, speeds by as Flash at superspeed, and then returns in time to point out the superhero running by. Julio quickly says that it was nothing and leaves. Tina saw the entire thing and an exhausted Barry spots a passing pizza truck and runs over to get something to eat.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 16, 2018

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