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Escape through a Crack in Time (5) Recap

The creature's voice echoes throughout the house, and forces Lead to retreat. He warns Steel that it's going to take everything.

Sapphire manages to grab the book page and toss it into the fire to burn.

The force from the bedroom stops.

Sapphire tells Helen that it's all over. The others enter the kitchen and Steel asks Helen why she said another rhyme. Sapphire explains that it got into the book and then into Helen's mind, and she then burned the page. Steel storms out, and Robert goes to Helen and checks on her. He tells Sapphire that the creature has gotten to the top of the stairs.

Lead continues watching the bedroom and hears the creature's voice, repeating the words "Poor thing".

Steel continues working with the freezer power and calls the others in. Helen suggests that they let it go, but Steel dismisses her concerns and warns that if they let the descendant go, they will lose everything. He goes out and tells the others to come with him, and Sapphire has the children help tidy up the kitchen. Sapphire points out that there were no soldiers this time, and Steel goes up the stairs. Lead confirms that the creature is staying put.

In the freezer, the descendant manages to escape.

Lead confirms that there are no refractions and the creature hasn't said anything other than "poor thing". Steele says that Lead might as well come down, and they go through old books looking for the remaining two light patches. Lead doesn't see them as a concern,

A light patch comes down the stairs and joins one already on the floor.

Sapphire and Helen take some rubbish out, and a door to the workshop opens. Robert checks the freezer and then stares at the image of his father Henry. Henry insists that he didn't disappear, and tells Robert to close the door when Sapphire and Helen come back the house and realize that Robert is gone. Sapphire looks around and agrees with Helen that Robert just went upstairs to help Steel.

After Henry closes the door, Robert complains that it's cold, and Henry doesn't notice at first. Robert says that he wants to open the door, and Henry tells him to go ahead and call to his so-called friends. He says that it will put their family in danger. Henry claims that he and his wife have been hiding because the house is being threatened by Sapphire and Steel. He insists that the Elements have fooled Robert and they're the real danger.

Lead calls down for Robert, and Sapphire realizes that the boy isn't upstairs. Steel comes downstairs and looks at Lead, who calls to Robert at the top of his voice.

Henry tells Robert that he must trust him and offers his hand.

Lead gets no response, and Steel figures that Robert is in the study.

Henry tells Robert to come with him.

Lead prepares to break down the study door.

The light patches reach the base of the stairs and move under the door into the study. Henry tells Robert that he and Sarah need Robert's help, and offers to take Robert to Sarah. Robert finally takes his hand and they disappear. Lead smashes in and Steel comes in and look around the room.

Robert and Henry are still there, and Robert wonders why it's so cold. Henry leads Robert to the kitchen, and there's no sign of the earlier disturbance.

Sapphire and Helen are in the kitchen, and Sapphire senses the presence of something there. She calls Steel in, and he notices that the clocks aren't working.

Robert notices that the clocks aren't working. Henry says that he makes all clocks work and leads Robert away.

Sapphire realizes that the presence is gone. Steel tells Lead to open up the glass lid on top of the freezer, and lead does so. The descendant is gone.

Henry says that Sarah is in the cellar. He leads the bow down the stairs.

Crying, Helen tells Steel that she wants Robert.

Henry take Robert down the stairs, and Robert says that he's been down since they disappeared and he would have seen them. Henry tells him that there are "ways" to hide that Robert doesn't know and offers to show him.

Lead finds Helen and picks her up, asking what Steel did to make her crime.

Sapphire and Steel discover that the cellar door is locked when it wasn't before. Steel calls Lead over to break the door open, and Lead joins them carrying Helen. He smashes the door down.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 20, 2018

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