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Escape through a Crack in Time (6) Recap

The group goes into the cellar and Henry hears them. He tells Robert not to listen to them and they'll soon be safe. Steel tells Helen to stay behind and goes downstairs with Sapphire. Meanwhile, Henry points to an empty section of floor. A light patch appears, and Henry says that Sarah is there but Robert has to look hard. He angrily tells Robert to look, and Sarah appears and greets Robert, her back turned to them. Robert wonders why Sarah doesn't look at them, and she turns to ace them. Her eyes glow red and she advances on Robert, who calls to Sapphire to help him as Henry holds him in place.

Sapphire and Steel search the cellar, and Lead stays with Helen, and Sapphire senses where Robert is. Robert realizes that he's trapped just like Sapphire was earlier in the painting, and figures that he can do the same thing. The Elements can hear them, and Sapphire tells Robert that they're quite close to him. Lead tells Robert that he's doing all right, and Robert describes that he's outside at night at the point where the cellar was being built. The burly tells Element to whistle him a tune, and sings along with him. Meanwhile, Steel wonders why the creature has chosen the time when the house has been built. He hears Lead singing and clapping, goes over and motions to him to stop.

When Sapphire and Steel return, Robert says that the light patches appeared as his parents. Sapphire says that they're going to make the light patches appear, and should tell them when he sees them. She concentrates and the light patches appear on either side of him. Sapphire figures that something is wrong because it was too easy.

Steel has Lead keep singing with Robert, and a third light patch appears. Helen comes down, while Robert sees the two soldiers arrive carrying a coffin. Helen's body is inside, while the real Helen joins the others. Robert says that he's fought it and won, and they can all come in. Steel prepares to go in despite Sapphire's warnings, and Robert tells Steel not to listen to her. Helen begs Steel to help him, and Steel says that he will but he needs a minute.

Hesitating, Steel apologizes for how he treated Robert when he first arrived but he was upset about what happened on the Mary Celeste. He asks Robert what his parents' name was, and Robert and Sarah appear to whisper their names to Robert. Steel then asks what the policeman's name was who came earlier, and Robert says that he doesn't know. Robert keeps repeating the words "I don't know", but then says that his name is Brian Trulaney and he's back. Steel tells him that he's not back there, and asks what part of the past the creature is projecting. Robert says that there's a tombstone behind him but Steel tells him not to move and look.

Sapphire uses her abilities to see that the name is Jed Mace and the stone is his marker. They realize that it was the first stone laid, and Robert is a half day later in time. The group step outside and Steel figures that the creature entered through the roof but sent the light patches to the stone in the cellar. Steel says that he's going to bring it all into the timeframe that the creature has chosen, and all they need to get it down there is a nursery rhyme and a human as bait. Sapphire realizes that he means Helen, but Steel says that he'll let Sapphire choose the rhyme to use.

Once Sapphire chooses the rhyme, Helen goes upstairs and recites it as she walks away from the bedroom and down the hallway.

Lead tells Robert that they'll be coming in soon to get him.

Sapphire watches as Helen walks toward her, and the bedroom doors and "Sarah" opens the bedroom door and tells Helen to come back. Helen realizes that it's not her mother and continues toward Sapphire, who telepathically tells Steel that the creature is coming.

Lead checks on Steel, who is immobile. When he touches Steel, his hand freezes from Steel's subzero temperature.

Helen continues following Sapphire down to the basement, reciting the nursery rhyme. They descend to the cellar, and the refractions follow them down. The three Elements go with Helen into the alternate time reality where Robert is, and set her on the wall. The refractions enter the reality, and Steel freezes the name plate and tells Sapphire to take it back half a day. Sapphire does so, and Lead pulls out the marker and crushes it.

Robert is studying and listening to the clocks. He goes upstairs and discovers Helen and his parents gone. When he goes back to the stairs, the Elements are waiting and say that they forgot something. They give Robert Helen's doll, and Helen, Sarah, and Henry appear. Robert says that he found the doll on the stairs, and Sarah tells him to give the doll to Helen and go back to his homework. He does so, smiling, and as he goes downstairs he hears Sapphire's voice in his head, telling him goodbye.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 20, 2018

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