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The Railway Station (1) Recap

Night at an abandoned railway station, and a man--George Tully--lights two lanterns and goes in. He hangs the lanterns up and lights candles, and then sets them on the floor in three different spots. He makes himself comfortable in a chair and sets up a microphone to record himself, and then speaks up and asks an unseen presence to identify itself. Tully says that he's a friend and wants to help it. A pigeon flies out of the rafters, and Tully sets up the player and microphone on the stairs going up. He then goes upstairs and calls to the presence, again saying that he wants to help it.

Somewhere in space-time, the Voice assigns Sapphire and Steel to investigate.

Steel steps out of the shadows and asks Tully who he is. The candle Tully is holding blows out, and Tully warns that it could be dangerous. Steel casually walks down the stairs, ad Tully insists that he's in the matter of conducting an investigation. The Element tells him that he's investigating as well and advises Tully to pack up and leave. Offended, Tully says that he's been there for two months. Sapphire telepathically contacts Steel and says that he should see what she's seeing on the platform outside. Tully says that he has a right to be there, and Steel tells them that he has no rights and it's more than just a ghost. Once Steel leaves, a dark presence moves across the station as Tully puts his things away.

On the platform, Sapphire tells Steel that it's summer on the platform, despite the fact that it's late fall outside. She doesn't know the time period or the source, but feels that it isn't malevolent. Steel insists that it has to be, and says that Tully is inside. They go into the office and Steel says that Tully is a ghost-catcher and thinks that what he's dealing with is a ghost. Sapphire says that there's a small railway hotel attached to the office.

Outside on the platform, the darkness moves.

Sapphire and Steel find old newspapers from 1947 and Sapphire wonders why it chose that place. Steel says that it depends on what form it has taken. They continue through the hotel and check the rooms, and confirm that the presence isn't there. As Sapphire passes through a room, her hair and dress change to a 1947 style. She calls in Steel to watch her and repeats her steps, but nothing happens. Sapphire describes the clothes and they realize that they're summer clothes. The Elements hear whistling outside on the platform and catch a glimpse of a human form. They go out on the platform and find summer flowers growing on it. Sapphire wonders if Tully is real, and Steel admits that he didn't do a spot analysis because it isn't his territory.

Tully pours himself some tea from a Thermos. Steel comes in and asks if Tully is playing tricks on with the flowers. Tully angrily denies it and says that the flowers will disappear in a short time. Steel wonders if Tully will disappear as well, and Tully irritably denies it and makes notes. Sapphire comes in and introduces herself, and takes his hand. She telepathically tells Steel that Tully is a human with a life expectancy of 57.03 years, and assures Tully that he doesn't seem like a ghost. While Sapphire leaves the room, Steel has Tully describe the ghost to him as a distraction. She looks around on the platform and behind her, the darkness moves.

Tully says that the presence was like a piece of darkness and checks the thermometer, and asks if Steel and Sapphire have a good working relationship. Steel abruptly tells him that they do, and asks how long the presence has been haunting the station. Tully says that it's only been haunting the station since he arrived, and Steel tells him that he's there to get rid of it.

Sapphire hears a man whistling and goes into the hotel. The whistling follows her and she walks up the stairs.

Tully insists that contacting the ghost is important, but Steel doesn't care and says that it isn't a ghost. When Tully asks what else it could be, Steel explains that it represents negative energy and cranks like Tully only increase the danger by interfering. Tully figures that the presence has been hurt in some way and "he" needs help. Steel picks up on the fact that Tully believes the presence is a "he".

Sapphire goes to a window as the whistling continues. The number 11 appears on the window dirt repeatedly, and a batch of flowers appears on a nearby table.

Tully insists that he can just tell that the ghost is a man. He says that there are heavy sounds of the things that the ghost carries, and figures that it's a traveler or a member of the station staff, and he cares about the place. Tully notes that the ghost decorates the platform with flowers and couldn't represent a danger.

Sapphire hesitantly touches the flowers and her hair and dress briefly change. She picks them up and goes downstairs, the whistling following her. Sapphire goes out onto the platform and she catches a glimpse of a figure walking away, and more flowers appear on the platform. She telepathically calls to Steel, saying that something is happening there. Sapphire also picks up a strong feeling of resentment, and describes the sound of a band approaching.

Tully hears the band, and on the platform it becomes daylight to Sapphire as her hair and dress transform.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 20, 2018

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