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Enter Zoom Recap

Flash and Dr. Light square off against each other, and Light is ready to fry him. He charges forward and she blasts him repeatedly. Flash collapses and Light tells him that Zoom always wins. She then removes his chest unit as the hero passes out.

72 Hours Earlier

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Light huddles in her pipeline cell and tells Flash that she doesn't want to kill him even though those are Zoom's orders. She admits that she was going to kill Linda and leave her body, and Zoom would think that Light was dead. Flash refuses, pointing out that she'd never know when Zoom is coming for her, and asks how she was supposed to contact Zoom. Light explains that she was supposed to get something from his corpse and throw it through the breach to confirm the kill. Then Zoom would take her back to Earth 2. Flash says that he wants to find Zoom and he has no choice if he wants to stop him before more people die. After a moment, Light agrees.

Back in the main lab, Barry explains his plan to have Light send Zoom his new emblem. They can trap Zoom when he comes for Light, but Caitlin doesn't believe they can trust Light. Harrison says that before he left Earth 2, he created a serum to dampen Zoom's speed. All they need is Cisco to create a weapon to deliver it, but Caitlin worries that Zoom is too fast. Listening in, Joe says that they need a plan and it's the best they have. Patty texts to say that she needs them back at the station. Caitlin approaches Jay and asks why he's supporting Harrison, and Joe figures that they need to let Harrison play his hand and see what he reveals of his true plans. The detective asks Cisco to use his "vibe" power on Harrison and leaves.

On Earth-2, Harrison is complaining to an employee when Jesse comes in and says that she's taking a day off from college. She asks if it's true what Flash said about Harrison creating the metahumans. Harrison admits that it is, and insists that Jay is no hero. Jesse figures that he dislikes Jay because he knows what he did, and Harrison insists that he's changed the world. He tells her to get to school, and a disgusted Jesse walks out.

At the station, Patty greets Joe and has worked up a file on what Light could do. Joe tells her that the Light case is closed but refuses to tell her why. Once he leaves, Barry comes over and Patty explains that Joe shut her down. She wonders if it's because she and Barry kissed, and Barry assures her that it was a good kiss. Patty asks for a reminder soon and walks away.

At the news office, Linda approaches Iris and asks if Flash has said anything about Light. Iris says that Flash is working on it, and Linda admits that she wants to help rather than sit around and worry.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco returns to the lab and discovers that Light's cell is empty. Her empty uniform is inside, and Cisco opens the door. An invisible Light shoves past him and Cisco sounds the alarm and orders a lockdown. Caitlin discovers that none of the security protocols are working, and Cisco finds an outside door open. Flash arrives and realizes that their captive has escaped.

The group gathers inside and Cisco explains that Light hacked into the fiber optic system. Harrison complains that they didn't listen to her, and Joe focuses on what they should do next. Barry has had Iris take Linda to the house, and Caitlin and Cisco confirm that they've isolated the composite and modifying the dart that Arrow used to take down Reverse Flash. Harrison irritably demands that they all go back to work, and Joe figures that it's a good thing that Light escaped so they wouldn't try and trap Zoom. Barry disagrees and says that he'll find another way to get Zoom. In the hallway, Joe approaches Barry and demands to know what's going on. Barry says that Zoom won't stop sending more super-villains against him, but Joe suggests that they find Jay and get his help. His foster soon reminds him that Jay didn't want to help and walks out.

Cisco approaches Harrison and congratulates him on his work. He pats him on the shoulder and Harrison asks what he's doing. He figures that Cisco is vibing from him and asks what he found out, and Cisco insists that he got nothing. Angry, Harrison tells Cisco to stay away from him and goes back to work. Cisco joins Caitlin and says that he didn't get anything. He refuses to touch Harrison again, and Caitlin insists that he keep trying.

Harrison is working in his office listening to a news cast about the revelation that the Hood is Robert Queen. The newscaster announces that a metahuman has attacked the science building, and Harrison calls Jesse. He gets her voice mail and leaves a message as the newscaster reports that the metahuman abducted a female student. The video shows Jesse's phone.

Harrison continues preparing the speed neutralizer.

At the station, Patty approaches Joe and finally says that it's his fault that Joe is shutting her down. She says that she kissed Barry, and assures Joe that it's great. Joe assures her that what she does with Barry is their own business, and promises that he could care less. Patty then asks if there's anything he wants to tell her, and Joe says that there isn't.

Barry returns home and finds Linda making supper to relax. Once she goes back to the kitchen, Iris warns that Linda is angry and she'd be a threat if she had Light's powers. Barry gets an idea and points out that they have Light's suit. Iris agrees with his idea that they should have Linda impersonate Light and draw Zoom out, and says that they should let Linda decide.

Later, Iris takes Lind to S.T.A.R. Labs and Flash arrives. He says that he needs Linda's help.

Later, the team set up in the lab warehouse and Linda puts on Light's suit. Cisco has set up targets and rigged up a pair of glove to fire light blasts. Joe isn't impressed with the idea, but Cisco insists that Flash's suit can take the blasts. They begin by having Linda shoot at targets, and she goes out of control before Flash steadies her. Cisco adjusts the gloves and Laura continues her training. She soon gets the hang of it and laughs in triumph... and almost blasts Cisco.

Back in the lab, Caitlin worries that Linda can't pull it off. Harrison agrees but Barry is sure she can pull it off. Cisco has found a place on the docks near the breach that will be deserted. Caitlin is sure the speed dampener will work and Harrison goes to tune up the light gloves. Joe talks to Barry privately and warns that Linda isn’t ready. He wonders who Barry really wants, and figures that Barry isn't the one who didn't get Reverse Flash in the end so now he's going after Zoom. Joe says that Barry had better be sure why he's asking Linda to help him.

At the house, Flash visits Linda and she says that she can't do it. The hero assures her that she's one of the strongest women he's ever met, and says that he has to trust her. Barry removes his mask and reveals who he is.

At the workshop, Cisco apologizes to Harrison and thanks him for his work, and offers him his hand. When Harrison doesn't take it, Cisco pours some oil in the equipment and Cisco briefly touches him. He hears a woman crying and sees Jesse in a cage. Zoom is there and questions her about why Harrison went to Earth-1. The vibe ends and Cisco walks out.

At the station, Patty asks Joe why they're not doing anything to find Light. He says that it's complicated and asks her to trust him for a few days. Joe assures her that he's not dirty but asks her to trust him. Patty agrees because she trust shim, but points out that he doesn't trust her. Once he leaves, Barry comes over and Patty asks him to dinner. Barry says that he has something going on with Joe and asks for a raincheck for the next night.

That night at the docks, Linda in the Light suit calls Flash out. He arrives and they stage a fight, and Linda fires a blast. Flash collapses more or less on cue and comes at her, and she blasts him repeatedly. Flash collapses and Linda tells him that Zoom always wins. She then removes his chest unit as the hero apparently passes out.

Linda tosses the chest emblem into the breach, and calls on Zoom to take her home. Joe and Harrison are nearby in a sniper position with the speed dampener. Nothing happens, and an hour later Flash starts fidgeting. He finally gets up, figuring that Zoom isn't coming. Iris assures Linda over the radio that she did great. Harrison angrily walks off, and Barry tells Joe that he was right about it being about the Reverse Flash. However, he wants Zoom because of what their Harrison said on the video: that he still won because Barry wasn't happy and never would be in the future. Barry admits that there's been a void in him ever since the night when he went back in time and didn't save his mother. Joe says that he raised Barry and that their Harrison was messing with Barry's mind. He tells Barry that he's responsible for his own happiness, and he should go out and get it.

Barry goes back to the station and immediately kisses Patty. She wonders why, and Barry says that getting to know her makes him happy.

At the news office, Linda is sitting at her desk when Iris comes over with two beers. Linda says that she can't write about the greatest story she's ever discovered, and Iris admits that she's never got used to keeping a secret that big. As Linda goes, Iris wishes her a good night. Zoom is waiting outside and speeds away with Linda.

Cisco and Barry put the emblem back on the uniform, while Harrison goes over the footage of the docks. Iris calls and tells Barry that Zoom took Light, just as Harrison's watch alert goes off. Cisco confirms that Zoom is on the roof, and Flash speeds up to confront him. Zoom tosses Linda over the edge of the building, and Barry speeds down and catches her. As Linda runs off, Zoom arrives and Flash prepares to throw a lightning bolt. Zoom catches it and throws it back at Flash, stunning him. Harrison says that Barry isn't alone and loads the dampener gun.

Outside the lab, Flash takes a syringe of the dampener serum out of his boot and asks Zoom what he wants. The villain says that he wants everything, and Flash speeds up the building as Harrison comes out. Meanwhile, Cisco tells Caitlin that Flash is going to negate Zoom's advantage by fighting him freefall. They race up into the air and fall, and Zoom manages to grab the syringe. When they land, Zoom beats Flash without mercy and he goes down. Harrison arrives and fires a dart at Zoom, who catches it in mid-air. Zoom insists that he's the fastest man alive and drives the dart into Flash's chest. He tells Harrison that he's next and speeds off with Flash to the news office. He slams the hero down on a desk and tells the reporters to look at their hero, and then speeds to the station. Zoom tells the police that the days of the Flash protecting Central City are over. Singh, Joe, Patty, and the other officers open fire but Zoom easily catches the bullets and drops them on the floor. He then speeds off with Barry.

Zoom runs through the city to S.T.A.R. Labs and enters the lab. He yanks off Barry's mask and Harrison admits that he made a mistake. Zoom then drives his hand into Flash's chest, says that he wasn't fast enough... and Cisco shoots him with the dart. The villainmanages to runout and Harrison screams in frustration Caitlin administers CPR to Barry.

Later, Caitlin stabilizes Barry while Joe blames Harrison and promises that he will die if Barry died. Cisco asks Harrison who Jesse is, and explains that he saw Jesse as Zoom's prisoner. Joe wonders if Harrison made a deal with Zoom to get Jesse back, and Harrison says that the only way to get Jesse back is to capture Zoom. He tried and failed to capture Zoom on his earth, and hoped he could capture Zoom with Barry's help. Harrison admits that he was wrong and walks out. Barry wakes up and Caitlin warns him that he's bad. Caitlin and Cisco assure him that Linda is fine, and Barry says that he can't feel his legs.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2015

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