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Gimme Shelter Recap

The PRIDE members walk into the police station past the reporters and police officers. Frank turns and starts to give a statement, but Leslie comes back and says that they'll give a statement after they find out about their kids. Meanwhile, the PRIDE members argue about how Catherine called the police and made their children fugitives. Catherine says that their children have been found because of what she did. Detective Flores joins them and says that the children are in the back, and they launched a citywide manhunt. The children being held aren't their kids, and Geoffrey tells Flores not to call until he actually has them.

The kids chase after a bicyclist thief who took Chase's Fistigons, Gert pushing Old Lace in a shopping cart and trying to stay with them. The bicyclist turns and rides out into traffic, giving them the finger. The kids notice a surveillance camera and duck out of sight, and Alex realizes that the thief took his wallet as well. Gert points out that a wheel on the shopping cart is busted, and Molly turns on her strength and carries the cart.

The group comes to a tent city and go in, and see people eating. After they confirm that there's no cameras there, Gert has Old Lace feed herself from a dumpster and they go in and join the line. They discover that the place is paid for by PRIDE, and they argue among themselves about whether they should eat their parents' food or not. Chase says that they don't care about the homeless, and Alex and Nico argue about whether they should split up or not. Gert looks around and then tells Chase that there's so many with so little, and admits that she's never seen social injustice in person before.

As the kids eat, they argue about what they should do next. Alex refuses to say where he got the money, insisting that it's for their protection. He wonders if the others think that he's a mole, and Chase pointed out that Alex voted to leave Karolina behind. Alex assures Karolina that he was going to go back for her, and had no idea at the time that Karolina and Nico were together. Chase complains about Alex's leadership, and Alex invites Chase to take over if he wants.

Alex leaves, and the others see a newscast about the continuing search for them. The reporter is talking to Molly's aunt, Graciela, who says that the media should be looking into PRIDE and has seen proof that they're criminals. Molly admits that she sent her parents' tape to Graciela, and the others point out that now Graciela is in danger. They go to warn Graciela that she's in danger from PRIDE.

At a PRIDE office, the parents come in much to the surprise of the staff. Tina says that the whole thing is a big misunderstanding and their children aren't criminals, and it will be cleared up when they're returned. Meanwhile, the parents say that they're even more committed to PRIDE's cause. The group goes to a conference room to talk privately. Tina assures them that the room is proof against surveillance, and they go to the secret surveillance center. Robert says that he designed the system and it's up to them to find their children, and Tina insists that they keep their efforts off the radar as far as the press, the police, and Jonah are concerned. Leslie says that she wants to hurt Jonah as much as the rest of them, and Tina wonders about the proof Graciela has. Dale and Stacey admit that they may have underestimated Graciela, and Tina figures that someone needs to find out what Graciela knows and deal with it. Geoffrey offers to deal with it, revealing the gun in his belt, and the Yorkes suggest that they tone down the violence and use the mind-wipe drug that they've developed. Tina agrees but insists on her and Robert going with them.

Alex meets with Darius and thanks him for coming. Darius is happy to make Geoffrey suffer as long as Alex is at large, and Alex tells him that they need more money because they got robbed. He offers to do anything rather than go back to his friends empty-handed, and Darius tells him that he has to earn it and he's not going to like it.

The other kids head for Graciela's place and Molly suggests that they take public transport. However, she warns that the train doesn't run until rush hour, which is hours away. They spot a couple getting into an expensive car outside of a restaurant, and Karolina and Chase blend in posing as restaurant patrons, get the car keys from the valet, and drive off before the owners can stop them.

Darius drives Alex to a building and makes sure that he has the gun he gave him, then puts it in a bag and says that it has Alex's DNA on it and he's going to hold on to it for insurance. He tells Alex that he's not safe with the gun, and leads him in and has him wear a plastic coat. They go upstairs and Darius warns that the first time isn't easy, but Alex will be a man. Darius hands Alex a power drill, and they go into an empty room and Darius says that he wants Alex to paint. He hands him a roller and says that his baby is due in two weeks.

Dale and Stacey go to Graceila's house and she serves cookies and then asks what they want. The Yorkes say that they're worried about Molly, and Graciela tells them that she knows nothing about Molly's whereabouts. Graciela figures that they want to know what's on the tape, and agrees to show it to them figuring that they want to know the truth. Once she goes to get it, the Yorkes prepare to inject her with the mind-wiping drug. As they argue, Graciela comes back with a gun and the Yorkes take cover. She shoots the tape apart and asks if they want to be next, and Dale tells Stacey that he dropped the jabber.

Tina comes in with the One Staff and commands Graciela to choke. Graciela dies, clutching at her throat.

The kids drive to Graceila's house and Molly runs up to the door and rings the bell. There's no response, and Nico looks in the window and spots Graciela's corpse. Molly smashes down the door and goes to her aunt's body, sobbing. Nico finds the mind-wipe drug beneath the couch and figures that their parents staged Graciela's death to look like a heart attack. Chase tells Molly that they have to go, and they hear police sirens approaching. Nico takes Graciela's money, saying that it's their reality now, and they leave.

Darius' wife Tamar arrives and complains about Darius' paint choice and the fact that she was at a doctor's appointment. Her sister Livvie took her, and Livvie comes in and immediately agrees with Tamar. Darius says that they'll have to start again, and whispers to Alex that Tamar is hormonal. Tamar overhears him and tells him not to go that way, and Alex agrees with her. Livvie perks up, asking if Alex is Darius' new lieutenant, and introduces herself. She notices that he hasn't done manual labor, and Darius interrupts her to say Alex has work to do.

Darius goes after Tamar, who complains that Darius brought Alex to their house. She knows who Alex is and tells her husband that she wants Alex gone because the teenager is wanted. Darius insists that he can't budge on it and it's best for all of them if Alex stays.

The kids go to a homeless city under an underpass, where Alex told them to wait them. Gert points out that she'd be calmer without her meds, but they're in her bedroom with her parents. Molly is still mourning Graciela, figuring that she needs a funeral, and Nico takes her hand and assures her that Graciela will get one. The kids move on into the homeless city.

Once they pick a spot, Nico sets up a shrine for Graciela and explains that it's Wiccan tradition. The others place their offerings and Nico speaks a eulogy. Other homeless people join the ceremony and place offerings, and Molly talks about how Graciela was kind to her and gave her a chance to see her parents for a little while. The girl says that she has no ones, and the others gather around her and assures her that she has them.

Once the ceremony is over, Karolina sits with Nico and thanks her for giving them all something to believe in. Nico wonders how their parents could be such monsters, and Karolina tells her that they're better and can fix the world that they broke. She kisses Nico, and after a moment Nico rests her head on Karolina's shoulder.

Chase approaches Gert as she feeds Old Lace and Gert says that she was the only one who froze up when Molly needed her. Gert thanks Chase for being there for Molly when she couldn't be, and he starts to kiss her. She quickly draws back and walks away, and Chase figures that Gert hates him.

Gert goes over to Molly and apologizes for not being there for her. Molly says that she's angry and wonders who is going to get justice for Graciela. She figures that they should run at danger instead of away from it, and figures that she can do something about it.

Alex arrives with camping supplies and burner phones, and notices the shrine. He realizes that Graciela is dead and asks Chase if it was PRIDE, and Chase says that it always is.

Victor walks down an empty city street and realizes that he's in 1976: the last day before his father left him. Jonah appears and says that Victor's father was a hard worker and people liked him. Victor goes into the diner where his father worked, and Jonah tells him that he's alive and it's a safe place for Victor's mind to exist while his body repairs itself. He says that he needs Victor to solve a problem for him, pulls up his sleeve, and reveals that his skin is rotting. Jonah tells Victor that he needs another box to save himself, and Victor figures that he's in a box and if he doesn't save Jonah then he won't save himself. He says that he'll do it but he'll need help: his wife, Janet.

Jonah breaks off the connection and discovers that he has a text from a private number asking if they can meet soon.

When Geoffrey and Catherine read Graciela's obituary, they ask Tina what she did. She says that they handled PRIDE's business, and they recovered the tape and managed to reconstruct it. Now they know that Jonah killed the Hernandezes to keep them from warning the rest that about the earthquakes, and Dale points out that it wasn't Jonah. Everyone looks at Leslie, who suggests that the Yorkes tell them what they found. The Yorkes say that there's some form of life in the hole and is sentient, there may be more than one, and they talk. They wonder if Jonah is one of them, and the Yorkes say that they examined the serum and confirmed that Jonah isn't human. Leslie admits that she has no idea where Jonah came from or who he is. She notes that the kids broke the drill and Jonah hasn't mentioned trying to fix it, and they figure that it doesn't matter because Jonah already got far enough. Tina says that they have to kill him, but the Yorkes warn that his DNA is self-healing and it won't be easy. She insists that they have to work together with one voice, and says that she'll take Geoffrey as a co-captain. Geoffrey agrees and after the others leave, Catherine wonders why he's working with Tina when they agreed to leave PRIDE. Her husband figures that the others can take care of Jonah and they'll take care of the others.

The next day, the kids wakes up to the sound of energy blasts. The homeless people run, and Chase recognizes the sound. He leads the others to the source: the thief, who is using his Fistigons. Karolina tells the thief, Mike, that they can help him. He figures that he'll keep them and rides off. The others grab Mike's rental bikes and ride after him, and Gert summons Old Lace. The dinosaur leaps on Mike, and the others run over. Mike shoots at them and runs, and the kids run after him. Karolina falls through an old skylight, and Chase catches up to Mike and takes the Fistigons.

The others look through the skylight and see a glowing Karolina hovering in the air. She's in an old underground manor, and the others find a way into the buried building. Molly finds a grate and rips it off, and they go inside to join Karolina. Nico figures that it's safe... and so are they. Old Lace comes in and Gert tells her to stay while she and Chase go upstairs. There's graffiti and discarded garbage around, and they figure they're not the first ones to stay there. They look around while Molly dozes off after he efforts.

The next day, Jonah stands on a hill and looks out over LA. Karolina comes up and Jonah tells her that there's no need for her to be afraid because she asked him to meet with her. She says that she shouldn't be there, and Jonah assures her that the most important thing for her is to learn how and what she is. Karolina tells him that she needs to know even though she doesn't agree with anything he's done. The earth shakes and Jonah instinctively holds Karolina. Smiling, he says that it's starting.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 22, 2018

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