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Comfort and Joy Recap

On a distant world, J'onn sends out a telepathic message to the residents, saying that the Justice League will construct the anti-gravitational device from the instructions the natives provided to stop the collision of their planet with another nearby planet. The League succeeds and as they talk about taking a Christmas break, John walks off on his own. Hawkgirl says that she'll go with him, and J'onn tells Flash that the season has no meaning for him. Overhearing, Superman says that he'll have to do something about that.

Later, John goes snowboarding on an alien planet. Hawkgirl looks on and when he arrives, John talks about how his grandmother took him sledding as a child. He uses his power ring to make a snowman and then demonstrates a snow angel. Hawkgirl is unimpressed, and John hits her with a snowball and says that it's supposed to be fun. She shovels ice on him, and the two of them get into a snowball fight.

Flash arrives at an orphanage and the children cheer their favorite hero. He asks what present they want, and they show him a TV commercial a rapping Rubber Duckie. Flash promises to get them one, and the orphanage director Mrs. Saunders warns him that the toy has been sold out everywhere for weeks.

Clark takes J'onn to his parents' home despite J'onn warning that it's a bad idea. The Kents greet their adopted son and welcome J'onn, He introduces himself and they tell him to make himself at home. Kara isn't there so they give J'onn her room, and J'onn admits that he's never seen the warmer side of Clark. Kara's cat Streaky comes in and hisses at J'onn before running off.

John and Hawkgirl's snowball fight gets more involved, and she finally drops a tree worth of snow on him. He throws dozens of snowballs at her using his power ring, and she finally surrenders. Hawkgirl still doesn't get the obsession with the holidays, and says that she's found one planet where the people celebrate the same way that Thanagarians do after a battle. John insists on going with her.

Flash runs down the street and arrives at a grocery store, only to find people rioting to get a Rubber Duckie because they think that the manager is hoarding the toy. Speeding around town, Flash discovers that every place is sold out. He goes to the manufacturer's office in Japan and the owner, Mr. Hana, gives Flash the last one because Flash is such a great hero.

At the Kent farm, Ma and Pa share stories about Clark and Christmas with J'onn. Ma gives J'onn a present assuring him that his company is present enough. J'onn opens it and discovers that it's a sweater. He puts it on and shapeshifts his build to fit into it.

Hawkgirl has John take them to an alien planet and she goes into the bar where she "celebrates". Everyone there knows her, and Hawkgirl orders two flurgs, chugs one, and belches. She says that one more thing would make the evening perfect, hits an alien with her mace, and then blames it on John. The alien attacks John, and everyone else starts fighting with Hawkgirl cheerfully joining in.

Flash returns to Central City and finds Ultra-Humanite attacking an art museum. Ultra-Humanite complains about all the public funding being dedicated to the "ugly" works of arts, and opens fire on Flash. The villain finally brings him down, but Flash speeds away, removes the battery from Ultra-Humanite's gun, and punches him down. Ultra-Humanite falls on the Rubber Duckie and breaks it. He dismisses it as a crude toy and recommends a good book, and dismisses Christmas as a garish holiday. Flash angrily says that he thinks Ultra-Humanite would be advanced enough to understand passing on good will, and Ultra-Humanite reloads his gun. The hero says that he couldn't feel any worse so Ultra-Humanite might as well kill him, and Ultra-Humanite knocks him unconscious.

When Flash wakes up;, he finds himself in Ultra-Humanite's workshop. Ultra-Humanite is working on the broken toy, and calls a truce in honor of the season and says that he's improving the toy.

J'onn looks out on the snow fields, and then passes through the house in his ghost form. Ma and Pa kiss, and Clark is trying to see through the lead-wrapped present. J'onn goes into Smallville and takes on a human form, and people wish him a Merry Christmas. He watches people gather to celebrate, and telepathically hears a girl at her window thinking that Santa Claus must be real. J'onn reverts to his Martian form, lands on the roof, and pretends to be Santa Claus for the girl's benefit, eating the Oreo cookies that she left out.

Next, J'onn flies to a church where people are singing Christmas choirs.

In the alien bar, the fighting continues and Hawkgirl tells John that it's much better than a snowball fight. The alien that started the fight knocks John into Hawkgirl and charges at them.

Flash takes Ultra-Humanite to the orphanage and insists that Ultra-Humanite pose as "Freaky the Snowman". Ultra-Humanite tells Flash to give them the toy and take him to jail, and Rubber Duckie starts reciting from The Nutcracker. Afterward, Ultra-Humanite ends up in jail. Flash thanks him and leaves him an aluminum Christmas tree. Ultra-Humanite says that he had one like it when he was a child, and dismisses Flash. He then turns on the lights and looks at the tree, as Flash watches and smiles.

After the bar fight is over, John and Hawkgirl sit curled up in the alien fighter's arm. Hawkgirl kisses the unconscious John on the cheek and wishes him a Merry Christmas.

On Christmas morning, Clark wakes up and hears singing. He goes out and joins his foster parents as J'onn sits on the windowsill, holds Streaky, and sings in Martian.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 23, 2018

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