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Radio On Recap

The Runaways sleep in the newly found "Hostel", and an earthquake shakes the structure. They wake up and take shelter, Gert taking refuge under a table as beams fall down. When a pillar falls on the table. Molly runs over and catches it before it can crush her foster sister. Nico notices that Karolina is gone.

Karolina asks Jonah what he meant by something starting, and he says that she'll be meeting her family very soon. Jonah tells her that she has to master her powers and asks for the neutralization bracelet. He assures her that the power comes from within her and she doesn't need anything to control it, and Karolina lets him remove the bracelet. She glows with light energy and Jonah talks her through turning it off without concentrating about it. The light goes out, and Karolina says that she wants to do it again.

The Runaways confirm that Karolina isn't in the Hostel, and Old Lace runs off to eat some of the bugs that Chase found. Karolina returns and they ask where she was. She claims that she just went for a walk, and Karolina hugs her. They figure that it's not the earthquake that Molly's parents' feared, and Karolina says that it just might be an earthquake. Nico says that they need the Staff of One to destroy the site for good, and Molly and Karolina offer to go with her. Chase says that he needs to get the Hostel back on the grid to fix the Fistigons, and Gert says that she'll stay with him. Alex tells the others that he needs to get to his job, and they wonder what he's talking about. They demand answers and Chase threatens to beat Alex. Molly tells Alex that if they're going to be different from their parents, they have to be truthful with each other. Alex says that he's working with Darius and walks off.

At the PRIDE surveillance center, the group analyze the earthquake and Dale thinks that they should free. Leslie hasn't heard anything from Jonah, and Janet doesn't know anything about what Jonah is going to do with Victor's technology. Robert says that someone has to stay and monitor the security feeds, and Geoffrey says that he and Catherine will do it. Tina tells him to call her if they find anything, and once they're alone Catherine asks her husband how the co-chair thing is going.

Leslie meets with Jonah with Victor's plans, and he confirms that she has everything he asked for. Jonah knows all about her grad studies, and assures Janet that she's valuable to PRIDE. Janet puts the specs in her purse and asks how she knows that Victor is still alive. Jonah takes her to the chamber that he's keeping Victor in to heal, and she says that she looks peaceful. When Jonah points out that she's the one who shot Victor, Janet says that a healthy is her best chance of getting Chase back. Janet takes the plans out and suggests that they partner, but Jonah tells her that he and Victor are in communication and the position has been filled as he takes the tablet with the plans.

Karolina, Nico, and Molly go to the Minoru smart house and Nico tells Karolina that she can bypass the surveillance. They go in the back and Molly rips the lock off of the fuse box. Karolina removes her bracelet and fires a burst of light energy into the computer system, opening the garage doors. Molly stands guard while Nico and Karolina go in. Robert steps out and secretly watches them as they go.

In the surveillance room, Geoffrey and Catherine agree that they're not succeeding. Catherine suggests that they cancel the APB and grab the kids when they emerge. She goes to talk to Flores after assuring Geoffrey that they'll find Alex. Janet calls Geoffrey and Geoffrey wonders what she wants.

Alex goes to Darius' home and offers to help with their moving. He insists that he doesn't have an ulterior motive, and Darius tells him that Alex isn't going to get together with Livvie. Alex assures him that he's not interested in Darius' sister-in-law and wants to get her computer parts, and Darius agrees once Alex helps him with Tamar's record collection.

Chase goes through boxes of components to find parts for the Fistigons, and finds an old Rolls Royce. He runs to tell Gert, but she snaps at him to get the power up like he said he would hours ago. Taken aback, Chase assures her that he can do it and Gert tells him to do it. Chase asks what her attitude is about, and Gert says that their lives have fallen apart. He wonders if she's talking about the Hostel or their relationship, and says that they thought on the night of dance that the world was going to end. Chase points out that they're together in a home or sorts, and says that they can do it however she wants. Gert is surprised that the two of them are a thing, and Chase hugs her. She admits that the lack of her medications are making things harder for her, including sex. Chase jokingly says that he's not thinking about sex and goes to power up the Hostel, and Gert kisses him and says that maybe she'll come to help him.

Nico discovers that the Staff of One isn't in the study where it was before. Robert comes in and Nico storms out. He follows them and insists that he doesn't want to hurt them, and asks Nico to come home. Nico says that it's too late for that, and Robert insists that he'll find a way to make everything okay again. She tells her father that their family can't be put together, picks up a wooden sword from its display, and asks where Tina is.

Robert glances out at the backyard, and Nico and Karolina go out there. Tina is waiting with the Staff of One, and Molly hears them talking and comes to investigate. Karolina and Molly attack her and she blocks them with the Staff. Nico attacks with the sword, and Nico holds all three of them off. When she kicks Nico to the ground, Robert goes to his daughter and Molly knocks her down. Nico knocks Molly into the pool and freezes the water over her.

Karolina runs over and blasts the ice, melting it until Nico hits her with the Staff. Nico yells at her mother, saying that she's a monster like she was when she killed Amy. Shocked, Nico melts the ice and Molly swims to the side. Nico says that Tina loves the Staff's power more than she loves, and Tina tells her to never question that she loves her. She gives Nico the Staff, insisting that it's not a trick, and after a moment Nico takes it. Tina says that they can all go, but if they do then when they see each other again they will no longer be mother and daughter. Nico leaves with the others, and Robert asks Tina how she could do it. Tina says that she didn't think Nico would refuse, and Robert picks up Karolina's discarded neutralizer bracelet and wonders what happens to the staff in Nico's hands.

On the street outside, Molly passes out on the curb. Nico realizes that Karolina isn't wearing her bracelet, and Karolina says that she can control her powers without it. When Nico blames Karolina for turning her back on Tina, Karolina tells her to be pissed at Tina rather than her. Nico says that they all have to learn to fight as a team, but Karolina tells her that they're not superheroes and not good at it, apologizes for letting Nico down, and walks away.

That night at the surveillance room, Janet meets with Geoffrey after he gets the book with the inscriptions about the ritual to power up Jonah. She tells Geoffrey that they don't know what Jonah is and it's time for them to get a lot more curious. Geoffrey points out that she won't be able to translate it without Jonah's help, and Janet says that she'll worry about that.

Chase wires up the Hostel to the grid and throws the switch, and a nearby transformer blows out. The lights go out in the area, and Chase insists that he can fix it.

Tamar puts on a record as the group eats dinner together. Darius gives Alex money and says that it's a down payment for Alex's future work. Tamar goes to lay down, leaving Alex and Livvie to clean up the meal. Livvie asks about his life in Brentwood, and offers him a hush puppy. She then takes Alex to her room and puts gel on his hair. She offers to give him cornrows and Alex agrees. Livvie notes that the police will have harder time finding him, and assures Alex that she's no snitch and doesn't believe the news stories. She says that there's only one way to know if he's a good guy or a bad guy, and kisses him.

A power truck traces the blackout and comes to investigate. Gert insists that they can't run, but the only plan she can come up with is to have Old Lace eat the workers. Chase goes to distract them, and Gert goes into the Hostel to get Old Lace. The two workers come in and Gert hides, and the workers figure that squatters are there. As they call it in, Gert mentally has Old Grace growl and then come. When the dinosaur emerges from the shadows, the workers panic and run out.

Chase sets off the alarm on their truck, and Gert comes out. Chase shows them the fuses that he swiped from the car and uses them to get the power on. It works and Chase kisses Gert, and then goes in to find a blender that works because he has some protein powder with him. As they hold hands, Nico, Karolina and Molly come in and confirm that Nico isn't there. They hold a house meeting and Nico says that the next day they'll work out how to function as a team.

Nico goes to the room she's chosen and use the Staff of One to turn on the radio and change the channel. Karolina comes in and apologizes for their fight early. Nico apologizes and says that Karolina was amazing earlier, and she was upset because Tina hurt Karolina. She says that she never wants to feel that powerless again, and Karolina comes in and says that it's going to be their room. They hug, Nico looking hesitant.

Gert checks on Molly in her room and asks through the door if she's okay. Molly opens the door and insists that she's fine, and Gert offers to sleep in the room with her. Her foster sister says that she wants to be alone and closes the door.

In her room, Molly pulls down her ski hat to cover her face and goes out the window.

Janet works on translating Jonah's book.

Catherine returns to the surveillance center and says that Flores can't clear the kids without an alternate theory. They need to frame someone else for the murder, and Catherine says that they don't have to frame an innocent person.

After Livvie finishes braiding Alex's hair, they go outside to sit and talk. Alex says that he wants to see her again, and Livvie suggests that they meet tomorrow. They kiss while Darius watches them from the house. He's on the phone to Geoffrey and says that he has a deal for him, and Geoffrey is going to like it. Geoffrey says that he needs to find his son, and Darius tells him that he can help him.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 23, 2018

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