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Return of the Cybernauts Recap

A man contemplates computer cards with the faces of Steed, Emma, and two other men. He places one of the latter cards into a machine and programs it.

At a country home, a Cybernaut breaks through the front door and makes its way to a study where the man, Russell, is sitting. The Cybernaut advances on him and when Russell tries to open the window, the Cybernaut knocks him unconscious with a single blow and carries him out.

Paul Beresford is meeting with Steed at his estate when Emma comes in. Paul insists that the bust he owns is a self-portrait of the artist, and Emma compliments it on its "ugliness". As he pours drinks, Paul flirts with Emma and says that his business is doing fine. When he asks about their business, Emma says that they're looking for a missing scientist: Chadwick. The Ministry calls for Steed and says that he has a mission, and Steed tells Beresford that Russell has gone missing as well and it will soon be in the news. Paul suggests that Emma stay, but Emma insists on going.

Once the agents have left, the Cybernaut comes in and drops the unconscious Russell on the couch.

Emma and Steed examine Russell's study and Steed asks Emma if she likes Paul. She says that he's charming, witty, and intelligent, and Steed makes it clear he's not as fond of the man. They then wonder what the connection is between Chadwick and Russell. Chadwick is a physiologist who knows more about anatomy than any man alive.

Paul and his assistant, Benson, examine their two captive scientists. Russell is in one cell, and Paul notes that he's an engineer that can solve a problem in any field. All Paul needs is an electronics expert, and Benson says that he's located the man: Dr. Neville. Benson has a card with Neville's cardiogram, and says that once the Cybernaut is programmed with it, it can locate Neville in a city of ten million. Paul puts the cardiogram card into the machine and programs the Cybernaut with it.

Neville leaves his office, and the Cybernaut homes in on him, smashing though a fence. The electronics expert runs to his car but the Cybernaut holds it in place. It then smashes through the roof, knocking Neville out and carrying him away through a field.

Benson is monitoring the outside of Paul's home, as Steed and Emma arrive. Steed waits in the car while Emma goes up, and Benson notifies Paul that he has to get rid of the agents because the Cybernaut is coming back. Emma comes in and says that she left her purse there the night before. Meanwhile, Benson watches Emma nervously through a one-way mirror as she and Paul look for Emma's purse. Paul finally locates it and once Emma leaves, Paul goes to the lab and watches with Benson. Steed is taking a call that Neville has been abducted within the last hour, and they drive to Neville's office to pick up the trail. Once they leave, the Cybernaut arrives and Benson tells Paul that it was a mistake to involve Emma and Steed. Paul says that it's a game of cat and mouse.

The agents examine Neville's car and realize that a Cybernaut is dead and someone has inherited Armstrong's know-how.

Paul has the three scientists brought before him. There's a large bundle of cash at each seat, and Paul shows the men video of Armstrong. Paul explains that Armstrong invented the Cybernaut and it destroyed him. Armstrong was Paul's brother, and Paul offers the scientists 200,000 pounds each for destroying those who killed his brothers. He wants something imaginative and poetic like his brother would have created. Russell refuses and Paul tells him that he's free to go. Despite the fact that Chadwick and Neville are staying, Russell walks to the door. The Cybernaut is waiting and breaks his neck. Paul asks if the other two will be cooperating. Chadwick embraces the money, saying that he's had the same idea before and was paid far less. Neville notes that Paul offers them no alternative, and Paul shows them video of Emma and Steed.

Russell's body is dumped back at his study, and Emma and Steed are called in. Emma goes to check Armstrong's files, and says that she'll meet Steed later at Paul's since he's having them over for drinks. Steed wonders who they'll find to replace Russell.

At the Ministry office of Dr. J.W. Garnett, the Cybernaut comes in and the secretary Rosie approaches him. She flirts with him and it knocks her back and then smashes into Garnett's office. Once it captures Garnett, it takes him to Paul's laboratory.

Steed soon goes to Garnett's office and looks for clues. Rosie describes the Cybernaut and claims that it was inflamed by her, but Steed knows better and describes the Cybernaut's whiplash form of attack.

Paul meets with scientists, and Chadwick and Neville say that they've explained the situation to Garnett and he's seen sense. Paul insists on having Garnett pledge his help, and Neville says that what they discover there may benefit mankind. Emma enters the study and Paul shows her to the scientists via the one-way mirror. Paul tells them to study her well, and then goes in. He discovers that she has a file with Armstrong's photo in it, and Paul claims that Armstrong approached him once for financing. Emma says that he was a madman.

Steed joins them and says that he's expecting a call. He tells Emma that Garnett was abducted and Emma says that Paul knew Armstrong. Steed explains that Armstrong's lawyer is going to call and identify his next of kin. Paul quickly excuses himself and Emma says that she likes Paul. Steed points out that Paul took great pains to meet her, and she figures that Steed is jealous. Meanwhile, Benson gives Paul a card with the lawyer John Hunt's cardiogram. Conroy calls from the Ministry and gives Steed the lawyer's name and address.

Paul has Benson program the Cybernaut with Hunt's cardiogram and send it on his way, and then goes back into his study. Steed says that he has to go and departs.

Benson drives to Hunt's address with the Cybernaut in the backseat. He arrives there before Steed and sends the Cybernaut on its way. It smashes into Hunt's office and the lawyer takes a gun from his desk drawer. The Cybernaut is immune to bullets, and kills Hunt. Steed pulls up outside, and goes in, and Benson changes the Cybernaut programming. Meanwhile, Steed finds Hunt's body and examines it. The Cybernaut knocks him unconscious.

Paul offers Emma a guest room, but she says that she has to go. Meanwhile, Benson returns and checks on the scientists performing their work in their cells. Garnett tells Benson that he needs some equipment for his theoretical idea, and Benson tells him that he'll get what he needs.

When Emma returns to Steed's apartment, she pours him a drink for his headache. He tells her that he's going to the Ministry while she goes over Armstrong's file. At the Ministry, Steed flirts with Rosie and then talks with Conroy, who is going through Garnett's papers. Conroy confirms that all three scientists were "specialists in destruction", and discovers that their cardiograms are missing from their files. He says that Garnett specializes in explosive devices.

Garnett shows Paul a small packet, throws it on the floor, and it explodes in a burst of smoke. He runs out and Paul sends the Cybernaut after him, homing in on Garnett's cardiogram.

Emma is studying Armstrong's file when she hears footsteps in the hallway. She opens the door and Garnett stumbles in. He gasps out a warning and she goes to get water. The Cybernaut smashes its way in and Emma hears the noise. It knocks her across the room and leaves with Garnett.

Back at Paul's home, the Cybernaut places Garnett back in his cell. Chadwick and Neville come up with a plan and Chadwick insists that he's logical and they have to play along with Paul. He tells Neville that when it's over he can benefit humanity as he wishes. Paul comes over and after seeing the plans, says that the agents will not die but will wish that they had. Neville warns that they will need information about the conductivity of their skin, and Chadwick says that they can hide their instruments inside of a metallic object to get the readings. Paul takes out the bust and says that he will get the information.

Steed returns to his apartment and tends to Emma, and deduces that the Cybernaut is using cardiograms to find its victims. Paul calls and says that he has information on Armstrong, and asks Steed to come by. Steed and Emma drive to Paul's home and find a new bust of Emma. Both agents touch it, and Neville and Chadwick get their readings. Paul comes in and says that he was wrong about having information about Armstrong.

Later, the two scientists make a duplicate of Steed's wristwatch and tell Paul that the control box will fit into his pocket. The device in the watch jams the brain, takes over the will while leaving the victim unconscious. Paul wants a practical demonstration, and the Cybernaut brings Garnett in. It holds Garnett in place and Paul puts the wristwatch on Garnett and then has Chadwick demonstrate. Chadwick is able to control Garnett's every move, and Paul takes the control box and finally uses it to give Garnett a fatal heart attack. Neville congratulates them on the successful device and tells Benson to exchange the watch or Steed's. As for Emma, he has a bracelet.

That night, Paul gives Emma the bracelet and asks her to wear it for him the next day.

Benson breaks into Steed's apartment, finds his watch, and swaps it for the control device. Steed comes in and Benson is forced to depart.

The next day, Steed shows Emma the chaos caused by the break-in. He admits that there's nothing missing, and Emma shows him the bracelet.

In his laboratory, Paul activates the control device.

Emma suddenly walks out under the control of the bracelet. Steed comes in and discovers that she's gone, and goes after her… before he can put the wristwatch on. He tries to flag Emma down but she drives away, almost running Steed down. Steed drives after her.

In the lab, Paul and the others monitor Emma's progress toward Paul's estate on a tracking screen. She drives through the gate and Steed realizes where they are. Paul notices that Steed isn't there, and Emma enters the laboratory. Paul stops her with the control box and boasts about the device.

Steed pulls into the driveway and sees Emma's car, and goes inside.

Paul says that he likes Emma's obedience, and Benson spots Steed on the surveillance cameras. They realize that he's not wearing the watch, and Paul tells Chadwick to get a spare. He sends Emma out and Steed runs over to her. She knocks him unconscious and takes him inside, and when Steed wakes up Paul tells him that he was Armstrong's brother. Paul says that it's the time for retribution and Steed will become his puppet.

Benson brings the Cybernaut over to hold Steed. Neville and Chadwick come in, and Chadwick tries to put the spare on Steed. He knocks Chadwick's hand so that the scientist puts it on the Cybernaut. Torn by the conflicting signals, the Cybernaut goes berserk and kills Chadwick. Steed manages to pull the bracelet off of Emma's wrist, and the Cybernaut rages across the lab. Emma grabs Benson as he goes for his gun, and Steed knocks out Chadwick when he recovers. The Cybernaut grabs Pau, and Steed and Emma are unable to break its grip. Emma finally destroys the control, but the Cybernaut breaks Paul's spine with its last convulsion. This time, Steed pushes the Cybernaut over with one finger.

Later, Steed repairs Emma's toaster. When he tries it, it shoots through the ceiling, leaving the toast behind.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 26, 2018

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