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Chaos Theory Recap

Wailiea Beach, Maui – Six Months Ago

Andrew joins Melinda on the beach and takes a photo of her. She reminds him that they'll be home in 24 hours, and asks what Andrew would say if she didn't go back to S.H.I.E.L.D.. Melinda warns that there are a lot of reasons why things won't work out between them, and she doesn't want to be one of them. Andrew assures her that she won't, and offers a toast to new beginnings. Melinda joins him.

Two days later, Andrew calls Coulson and says that he doesn't know when Melinda will come back. He goes through Jiaying's things that Coulson sent him, and warns Coulson that he wouldn't wait for Melinda to call him. Once Andrew hangs up, he opens a book and Terrigen mists pour out. In a matter of seconds he petrifies.


At the base, Daisy complains to Coulson that Rosalind and the ATCU is putting Inhumans in a stasis. As Andrew tags along, Coulson reminds Daisy that she iced herself to stop from hurting them. Daisy insists that everyone deserves a chance to be who they are, and Andrew warns that just because she was able to control her powers doesn't mean that every Inhuman will. Coulson points out that Lash is a threat and Daisy insists that he's an exception. They go to Coulson's office and he explains that he's meeting with the President off the books to brief him on the Inhuman situation. He'll go in as a consultant for the ATCU and accompanying Rosalind, and says that he wants Daisy to talk to Rosalind and win her over to her side. Andrew says that it might help if Daisy can present an Inhuman caught in the middle. Daisy notes that Joey is due for reassessment and Andrew offers to check in on him.

Andrew goes down the hall, passing Mack as he talks to someone on the phone. Jemma approaches Andrew and he assures her that she did the right thing telling Fitz the whole truth. In the lab, Jemma approaches Fitz and shows him the phone that she had with her on the alien planet.

Melinda and Bobbi fly back to base and Melinda remembers Werner telling them that Andrew was an Inhuman before he went comatose. Bobbi assures her friend that they'll get Grant, and hopes that Melinda will stick around. She mentions Lash and explains that he can transform into a man. They arrive at the base and Melinda goes over Andrew's files. Daisy comes across her and hugs her, and Melinda interrupts to say that she has to talk to Andrew. Much to her surprise, Daisy says that she's at an off-site training facility, the Cocoon.

At the Cocoon, Joey concentrates and uses his ability to shape metal. Andrew imagines transforming into Lash and killing him, and then tells Joey that control is important. Joey says that Daisy thinks he could be an asset to S.H.I.E.L.D., and Andrew reminds him that he'll make the final determination.

In the base locker room, Lance finds Bobbi and they kiss. She assures him that he's all right, and Lance points out that they're one step closer to finding Grant. Bobbi says that it's not a good idea at the moment, and Lance admits that everything he did was to protect her. His ex insists that she doesn't want either of them going after Grant, and tells Lance that he's been reckless and stupid. Lance admits that he's been stupid because he loves her, and Bobbi says that she doesn't want to lose him or themselves to revenge.

Rosalind rendezvouses with Coulson on his plane, and he tells Daisy to show the ATCU leader around.

Fitz removes the chip from Jemma's phone and examines the photos of the planet. There are photos of Will as well, and Fitz angrily slams his fist on the table. As he walks away, a voice log of Jemma plays and he goes back.

Joey tells Andrew that he feels empowered now, and Andrew figures that he's accepted his powers. The young man wants to join Daisy's team of Inhuman agents, and Andrew warns that he could be a dangerous weapon. As he moves toward Joey, Melinda and two guards burst in and she orders the guards to take Joey away. once they're alone, Melinda tells Andrew that they need to talk.

Lincoln meets secretly with Mack and explains that he doesn't want to contact Daisy and put her at risk. His friends are missing or dead, and figures that Lash is in S.H.I.E.L.D.. With Mack's help, Lincoln hopes to prove it.

Daisy shows Rosalind around the plane and shows her the containment pod. She points out that the ATCU shoot at people like her, and Rosalind insists that they're not just throwing Inhumans away. Daisy figures that Rosalind is afraid of people like her, and Constance readily admits that she is. She asks if Daisy could take the plane down or kill her, and says that only a few Inhumans to pose a threat.

Melinda tells Andrew that she's tracked his flight logs and confirmed that he was within 30 miles of at least five Inhuman deaths. She pulled his medical files and discovered that his blood tests are missing, and warns that he didn't cover his tracks. Melinda says that Werner didn't die in the blast and told her what Andrew did. She asks Andrew what happened to her, and he finally draws an icer and shoots her.

Fitz continues watching Jemma's videos as she slowly loses hope. She talks about how they first met and figures that he was annoyed with her following him around. Jemma talks about imagining what they'd have at dinner, and a cottage she once thought that they could live together. She finally shuts down the phone to conserve the battery, but promises that she'll always be with Fitz.

At culver University, Melinda wakes up and finds herself chained to a generator in an empty building. Andrew comes in and apologizes, and admits that he panicked. He says that he needed time to explain and couldn't figure out how to tell her. Furious, Melinda tries to pull free and Andrew warns that instinct will take over like it did in the store. She points out that he killed several men, and Andrew explains that he was exposed to the Terrigen Mist when he found a book with the names of all the Inhumans. Later, he emerged from his stone cocoon and felt like a part of him was unlocked. Andrew was compelled to be near the Inhumans, and had a hunger on his skin. When he met the first one, he lashed out and killed the first one. Andrew ended things with them to protect Melinda, and insists that he loves her... and needs her help.

Coulson receives word of the incident at the Cocoon. Rosalind admits that she may have overstepped with Daisy and assures Coulson that she hasn't told anyone that Daisy is an Inhuman. He tries to put on a tie and Rosalind offers her assistance. As she works, Coulson explains that one of his men cut off his hand to save his life, and Rosalind says that it's important to look ahead. As they start to draw close, Daisy comes in and reports that another Quinjet has requested permission to dock.

Mack comes aboard with Lincoln and Coulson explains that they're working with the ATCU. Lincoln explains that the people with Afterlife were trained to blend in, but Lash keeps finding them. Mack has checked the names of Lincoln's friends, and they believe that Lash is using Jiaying's ledger with genealogy information of the Inhumans to track them down. They realize Andrew is the only one who had access, and Mack saw Melinda access Andrew's flight logs. Coulson confirms that Melinda and Andre have gone missing, and they reroute the plane to the Cocoon. Rosalind goes to tell the President that they'll be delayed, while Daisy insists that Andrew isn't in control and wouldn't hurt Melinda. Lincoln insists that Inhumans can't change form permanently, and warns that Andrew is still in transition. Once the transition is done, Andrew will become Lash permanently.

Melinda asks Andrew if he was going to kill Joey, and Andrew insists that he wouldn't harm him or Daisy. However, he says that Lincoln has a dark side and reminds Melinda of the Inhuman girl she killed in Bahrain. Everyone would have died if Melinda hadn't killed the girl, and Melinda insists that the Andrew she knew wouldn't say that. Andrew says that he doesn't want to do what he's doing, but he has to. He assures Melinda that he hasn't lost himself, and reminds her of the first apartment they had. Melinda figures that the world has gotten more complicated, and Andrew asks her not to give up on him. As they kiss, Coulson comes in and confirms that Melinda is all right. He warns Andrew that he's not alone.

Mack confirms that the containment cell is ready, and Rosalind takes a team in. She reminds her men to only move on Coulson's orders. Lincoln and Daisy move into position and listen as Coulson tells Andrew that he'll be taken care of. Andrew warns that they have an outbreak and he's sorting the good from the bad. Coulson points out that he's not okay, and Andrew insists that they'll soon see that he has a moral responsibility. Lincoln, listening in, warns that Lash will soon emerge and will never let them capture him.

Andrew says that he's only killed those who deserve it, just as the lights short out. Lincoln comes in and Melinda tells Coulson to get out. Ignoring her, Lincoln tells Andrew that he has no right. Andrew says that he has every right and transforms into Lash, and Lincoln blasts him. Lash flees out and Lincoln goes after him, and Coulson tells Melinda that they have to convince Lincoln that their plan is to capture Lash rather than kill him.

Lincoln continues blasting Lash, who turns to smash him into a wall. Once Lincoln is down, Lash prepares to kill him... and Mack opens fire. The bullets bounce off of Lash and Lash runs, calling over the radio for help. he doubles back and attacks Lash, who easily knocks him down. As the Inhuman prepares to unleash a killing energy blast, Coulson grabs him with his artificial hand and tries to get through to Andrew. Lash tries to blast him, and the ATCU soldiers open fire. The Inhuman smashes through them and advances on Rosalind, grabbing her by the throat and throwing her over the balcony. Daisy breaks her fall with a seismic blast and lowers her safely to the floor. Rosalind thanks her for her help as Coulson runs down and confirms that she's okay.

Lincoln finds Lash and radios that he'll get him where he needs to go. He then steps out and Lash sees him.

Melinda finds the dead ATCU soldiers. She finds Melinda as he beats down Lincoln and tells him that he might as well have killed her. As Coulson and Daisy arrive, Melinda says that she was never as kind or empathetic as Andrew. When she gave up on him, she lost something precious. Lash transforms back into Andrew as Melinda says that she won't lose Andrew again but he has to stop. Melinda shoots and knocks Andrew back into the waiting containment cell. It fills with anesthetic gas, and Coulson wonders how Melinda knew the shots wouldn't kill Andrew. She says that she didn't.

Fitz goes through the photos that Jemma took and calls over Lance and Bobbi. The logo on Will's sleeve matches the symbol they found in the castle in England. Fitz figures that the same group that sent the men through the portal centuries ago are still active and sent Will and his team through the portal.

Back on the plane, Mack asks Lincoln if he's going to stick around. Lincoln admits that he can't stay on the run forever. Meanwhile, Rosalind tells Melinda that if they put Andrew in stasis while he's still human, it will slow his transformation. She says that in the same position, she'd take the chance to save someone she loved. Melinda asks Daisy what she would do, and Daisy says that she'd do whatever it takes. After telling Rosalind to do it, Melinda walks away. Once Daisy leaves, Rosalind offers to buy Coulson a drink and he accepts.

Fitz finds Jemma at one of the base windows waiting for the sunrise. He tells her that he may have found something that will let them open up the portal. Fitz says that he saw her recordings and what she said about settling down, and wonders if she meant what she said. Jemma assures him that she was clearheaded when she said what she did, and asks what they should do about it. Fitz says that for now, they should just watch the sunrise.

On the plane, Melinda watches the sunshine and remembers being in Hawaii with Andrew.

Wailiea Beach, Maui – Six Months Ago

Melinda tells Andrew that she never thought she deserved happiness. Andrew assures her that they both do and they kiss.


Melinda stares out the window.

Grant meets with Gideon and asks why he's there. Gideon hopes that Werner doesn't wake up, and Grant figures that Werner is weak like his father. The older man warns that revenge only provides a temporary pleasure, and tells Grant to think on a grander scale. Grant assures him that it will be grand... and he will kill Coulson and eliminate SHILED as a threat. Gideon's phone rings, and he steps away to take the call. It's Rosalind, who apologizes for missing their meeting. She assures Gideon that she'll bring Coulson to him soon, and then hangs up as Coulson comes out of her bedroom. They kiss and go to breakfast together.

Written by Gadfly on Nov 11, 2015

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