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Bury Another Recap

Tina asks Jonah what he did to Robert, and Jonah says that he merely defended himself. Dale says that Robert went rogue, and Jonah tells them that it doesn't matter because he won't have to see them again after two days. Jonah reminds them that he chose them for their specific skill sets he needed to get his ship out of the hole. He tells them that he'll see all of them at the dig site then once Robert has woken up, and says that Victor will be woken up to resolve ay engineering issues. If they don't go along with it, then Jonah will kill their children. Stacey points out that launching the spaceship will kill the kids and much more, but Jonah insists that the Hernandezes didn't understand his spaceship. He says that he'll leave the Abstract for them along with the encryption key, and he'll tell them where the kids are and the parents can retrieve them.

Geoffrey points out that Jonah didn't give the Wilders a duty, and Jonah says that they've already fulfilled their purpose and he has no further use for them. He walks out at the parents stare at each other.

At the Dean manor, Karolina tells Leslie what Jonah told her. Leslie says that he wanted to tell her daughter the truth, but she loved and trusted Jonah and then discovered what he's capable of. Karolina points out that Leslie put the kids in the box, and Leslie admits that she was willing to do it. The girl says that Jonah trained her in how to use her abilities, and Leslie says that there were other deaths that were meant to keep Jonah alive. Leslie insists that everything the parents did was to protect the kids, but Jonah killed Amy. Karolina doesn't believe her, but Leslie insists that it's true.

At the hospital, Gert lies on a bed at the police arrive in the hallway. Gert calls to Old Lace telepathically and says that that she didn't want to leave her behind, but she was broken and needed to do something. She asks Old Lace to protect the others, particularly Molly. The nurse checks on Gert, who says that she's doing better. He says that Gert's mother is there, and Janet comes in.

The Yorkes stitch up Robert's injury, and he wakes up. Tina goes to her husband and he explains what happened. She says that he never should have gone alone, and Catherine suggests that Jonah looks sick. Stacey suggests that if they do enough good then the kids will come home on their own. Dale proposes that they use the Abstract along with the Hernandezes' research and rule out an earthquake. Geoffrey suggests that Janet can read the Abstract and admits that he hid the fact from the group that he gave it to her. Robert figures that they could do more than figure out the earthquake if they have the translated Abstract. Geoffrey says that he and Catherine are leaving now that their part in it is done. As they go, Catherine warns that it's never over with Jonah and assures Geoffrey that she has his back. However, she wants him to stay on guard and watch his back.

At the Hostel, Alex works with his processor and tells Nico that he's adding parts to turn it into a super-super computer. She asks for more details, but Alex refuses to tell him so he won't be left out again. Nico invites him to take over as leader, but Alex says that she was right about Topher. He points out that Molly has lost a lot, and admits that he's been trying to make it up to Nico for a long time but hasn't gotten anywhere. Nico suggests that she give it another try... with Molly, and Alex agrees.

Nico goes to Molly's room and discovers that she's gone. She runs through the Hostel looking for her, and finds her with Old Lace. She insists that she would care if Molly left, and Molly says that Gert and Chase are gone and walks off. Nico asks Old Lace where they are.

Chase drives to the hospital in response to Gert's call and sees her coming out. She says that she did something bad, and Janet comes out behind her. Janet comes over and tells Chase that she takes ownership for everything that she put Chase through, and is willing to pay any price to get Chase to trust her. Chase says that too much has happened, and Janet figures that he cares about Gert a lot. She's glad that he's found someone, but insists that she and Victor are Chase's family Janet says that Victor will be different when he's recovered, but Chase doesn't believe her. As Chase and Gert get into the car, Janet warns that Jonah needs another sacrifice and she can't let it be Chase. Chase drives off with Gert in the Rolls.

At the Church, Frank addresses his congregation about the Coruscation Ceremony. He invites them to join her as they bring another initiate out of the shadows and into the light. Frank then welcomes Leslie in, claiming that she spent her time in solitude meditating. Jonah watches from the shadows as Leslie tells the congregation that she has watched as Frank has kept their community together and they will go forward as a partnership. The couple kiss as a decaying Jonah watches.

Nico approaches Karolina in their room and finds her practicing her powers. Karolina admits that she prefers solitary practice, and snaps at her there's nothing going on with her. Nico tells her that she's fine with her needing space, and Karolina angrily asks her why she even came in. Surprised and hurt, Nico walks.

Chase and Gert pull into the Hostel and he tells Gert that it hasn't been easy living with her but has been trying to give her what she needed. Chase is angry that she forced him to have to talk to Janet, and Gert tells him that she needed his meds. He says that he would have helped her get her meds but she cut him out, and tells her that she's selfish because she didn't think of him. Molly comes out to greet them and Gert asks them to keep what happened between them. They get out of the car and Chase tells Molly what Gert did.

Karolina asks Alex for his advice about Nico, wondering if it would have been better if he had told Nico the truth about Amy from the beginning. He wonders if she's keeping something from Nico, and then says that when he told Nico the truth then he lost her. Chase comes in and says that they need to have a family meeting about Jonah.

Jonah calls Leslie and Frank to his office and he says that they're more in love than ever. He tells Leslie that it's always been her church and he was wrong to bring Frank in, and Frank says that Jonah is trying to turn Karolina against them. Jonah insists that they turned Karolina against them, and says that Frank is weak. Frank tells him that he was weak but not anymore, and Jonah informs Leslie that his love for her has never dimmed. He asks if she's going to let him die, and Leslie tells him that she's done making sacrifices in his name. If he wants a sacrifice, he can do it himself. With that, the Deans leave.

Chase tells the others what Janet said about Jonah making another sacrifice, and PRIDE isn't on-board with it. Gert insists that some good came of calling Janet, and tells Molly that she did it to protect her. Molly isn't impressed, and Gert says that she didn't have a choice and is surprised when Chase tells them that he's moving to his own room. Gert sarcastically agrees and walks out, and Karolina figures that Jonah will do the sacrifice at the Church. She explains that the hallways will be empty during the ceremony. As the others go to the Rolls, Nico wonders if Karolina is conflicted about losing Jonah and Karolina says that she isn't. When Nico wonders if Chase and Gert had the right idea and things are getting complicated between her and Karolina, Karolina tells her to move out if that's what she wants.

Geoffrey is sparring with his trainer, Jason, and accidentally hits him too hard. He apologizes and tells Jason that he has to go back to work, and he and Catherine are having some issues. As Geoffrey goes to change his clothes, he texts Catherine saying that he's okay. He hears someone in the shower and goes in to investigate, unaware that Jason is dead on the floor out of sight. In the shower room, a decaying Jonah launches beams of light from his fingertips at Geoffrey, and they enter his eyes, ears, and nose.

The Yorkes meet with Janet to check the Abstract to see if Jonah can leave the planet safely. Janet says that she's going to use the Abstract to shut the ship down for good, with Victor's help. Dale points out that Victor is in a coma, but Janet says that she's the only chance they have. Stacey worries about all of the uncertainty and wonders how the girls are coping, and Janet tells them that Gert is fine. She admits that she saw Gert when Gert called her to sign out meds at the hospital, and Gert and Chase are an item. Stacey is furious that Janet saw Gert and didn't tell them, and snaps at her that she couldn't protect Chase from Victor.

At the ceremony, Leslie and Frank have the initiate step into the font. An aurora borealis fills the ceiling.

Jonah drags Geoffrey into his room at the Church.

Karolina generates the aurora and tells the other Runaways to go on and she'll catch up with them. Meanwhile, Frank tells the congregation that they're witnessing a miracle.

Nico and the others go to Jonah's room, and Chase scans it with his x-ray goggles.

Leslie figures that the aurora is more than just her and Frank, but plays along to keep the congregation fooled.

Alex hacks the palm print on the door and they go inside. The Runaways see the comatose Victor and the energy transfer between the two boxes. As Karolina arrives, Molly and Nico open one box and they realize that Geoffrey inside. Chase objects to them rescuing Geoffrey but not Victor, and Alex warns that they can't free him without possibly killing him. Chase hangs behind to say goodbye to his father, and when Gert comes over, Chase says that he doesn't know how much more he can take. Once they leave, Jonah wakes up.

Later at the Hostel, Chase is in the garage upgrading the Fistigons when Gert comes in and asks if he's okay. She finally apologizes and wonders how many times she has to say it, and Chase points out that it's the first time she's said it. Gert admits that she's terrified and Chase says that he is as well, and Gert suggests that they be terrified together. Chase says that they'll talk later and Gert leaves.

Janet enters the chamber and frees Victor from the chamber. She tells him that he's been healed for awhile, and Victor asks what he can do to repay her. Janet says that it's fine and they have a lot of work to do, and they're going to shut down Jonah's ship.

On the streets, Catherine calls Geoffrey and gets his voice mail. She demands to know where he is, and then asks him to call her if something has happened to her.

At the Hostel, Alex wakes Geoffrey up and says that he kidnapped him and now they can call it even. Geoffrey discovers that he's in a straitjacket, and Alex tells his father that he's under his roof now.

Nico is unable to sleep, and Karolina comes in. She sits on the bed and Nico suggests that they sleep together because they can't sleep apart. Karolina says that she's happy to hear that, and admits that she's been lying to Nico. Nico knows, and Karolina tells her that she's been meeting with Jonah and came to care about him despite the terrible things that he's done. She explains about the energy beings and how she went to Leslie, and warns that after she tells Nico the last then things won't be the same. Nico assures her that nothing is going to change, and Karolina says that Jonah killed Amy. Shocked, Nico stares at her and finally says that Karolina did the right thing by telling her. Karolina apologizes and hugs her, saying that she's glad it's finally over, but Nico clearly isn't happy.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 29, 2018

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