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The Force Wakes Up Recap

Pritkin questions Angie, asking if she wants water. Then Joe questions Angie killing the real Angie and taking her identity nineteen years ago. Pritkin asks for a minute alone with her, and then tells Angie that he needs her on his team but needs to know the true. "Angie" says that there never was an Angie. She worked at the DMV out of high school, and then became someone else. She created the person she wanted to be and took the name from an eye chart. A real Angie Tribeca existed but died in a meet-cute accident.

Once he has Angie's story, Pritkin swears that Angie will never go to jail. Angie soon goes to jail and Pritkin apologizes profusely before saying that he'll see her in twenty years.

20 Years Later

Angie is released from prison and a man pulls up to pick her up. He gasses her unconscious and when she wakes up, Angie finds herself in a darkened warehouse. Pritkin steps forward and says that he left the force years ago, and explains that they've been recruited into the special forces division, a top-secret unit founded by the Vice President to take on cases outside of the scope of traditional law enforcement. Monica and Hoffman's grandson Hoffman will be working in the division. Maria Charo, a genius at applied technology and reading body language, will also be on the team. Pritkin insists that they need Angie on the team, and introduces the last member of the team: the man who picked Angie up. It's Angie's son, Angela Geils Jr and explains that AJ is the son that Angie abandoned when he was 2.

Later, Pritkin informs the team—Angie, Monica, and Maria Charo--that Pierre Cardin is the French ambassador to the U.N. and is a voice against Frexit. Cardin is going to Minnesota to undergo scrotum rejuvenation at the Mustard Clinic. Someone plans to kill him during the surgery, and the team is going to go undercover to protect him. Monica hands out watches while Angie goes over to where AJ is writing on the table. AJ explains that Jay is busy with his own precinct, and Angie insists that she sent AJ to the best boarding school in the country. Her son says that it closed after six months because the science teacher was doing experiments on the kids. AJ was taken in by a family of accountants when he made basic math errors, and ran away from home and lived on the streets until he was 22. He got PTSD from the circus. Angie says that she thought she was doing best for him.

The van pulls over and Angie says that she's going to walk the rest of the way. Pritkin warns Angie that the head surgeon is a cocky womanizer, and when Angie arrives in Minnesota she gets up the next morning. The head surgeon, Autumn Portugal, is there and asks Angie how she slept, and Angie points out that they were drunk and hooked up at a gas station. The woman says that she's a surgeon at Mustard, and Angie suggests that they part ways and never meet again, wishes her a good life, and leaves.

At the hospital, Angie finally arrives to join the other interns and AJ complains that she's last and tells her to get her head in the game. Angie tells him to drop the attitude, and admits that she's wearing tissue boxes because she couldn't find her shoes. Pritkin arrives posing as a surgeon and tells them half of them won't make it through their first day, and the intern that does best will work with Autumn. AJ vows to get that surgery, and a nurse calls them to an emergency Ferris Wheel accident.

In the ER, Autumn runs into Angie and says that it's an interesting predicament. Angie says that they'll just do their jobs, and Autumn admits that she keeps picturing Angie naked. She suggests that they get over it at Friday night at 6:30, and Angie insists that they're not doing it. Once Autumn leaves, Pritkin tells Angie and AJ that Cardin came in via the back entrance. The trio go to Cardin's room and find a nurse, Jacqueline Margot, with a razor. AJ draws his gun and Margot explains that she's shaving Cardin for the procedure, and AJ leaves. Cardin introduces himself and Margot goes to work shaving. A lot. Cardin explains that France has an impossible standard of male beauty, and the only people he's to come in contact with are Margot and Autumn.

Back in the van, Monica reports that Cardin is a diabetic according to the tampered lab report. Margot worked in the lab, and Pritkin tells Angie and Charo to tail Margot and find out if she's who she says that she is. Angie suggests that AJ go with Charo because she hasn't shot anybody in 20 years. AJ complains that Angie was trying to protect him, and she denies it,.

The two cops follow Margot to an underground fighting arena and Margot defeats her opponent. Afterward, AJ and Charo talk to Margot and she admits that she went easy on her opponent because he's her nephew. Margot refuses to talk about Cardin, and Charo figures that Margot comes from a decent middle-class family and she got a divorced. The nurse breaks and says that she killed all of them: she marries old men in the ICU and kills them for the insurance. Margot doesn't know anything about Cardin, and confirms that the lab reports aren't the ones that she signed. She also tells them that they moved Cardin's surgery up to the night rather than the next morning. Margot confirms that Autumn picked Angie to assist her.

In the OR, Autumn takes Angie in alone, claiming that Cardin is concerned about his privacy so they'll be operating alone. Cardin hasn't had anesthesia, and Autumn and Angie kiss. Autumn prepares to administer insulin, and says that she did the labs herself.

AJ runs into a room and finds a woman giving birth as Pritkin delivers.

Angie draws a gun on Autumn and asks who she's working on. When Autumn says that she never got Angie's real name, Angie says that it's Doreen Spittlesworth and pistol-whips her unconscious. AJ and Pritkin arrive and Angie says that she stopped Autumn just in case. Cardin starts bleeding to death, and AJ admits that he knows what to do because it was in the homework. Angie says that she's proud of him, and Pritkin takes Autumn to the van while Angie assists AJ in saving Cardin's lie. Cardin pees out, and AJ works desperately to clamp it. He never learned how to make a knot, and Angie shows him how to do it. Cardin stabilizes, and Angie tells AJ that he did it by himself.

AJ goes back to deliver the baby, and the team leaves. At the station, Angie interrogates Autumn and sums up the case until she talks. Autumn says that her real name is Sara Crouton with the CIA, and Angie just let a French spy loose in the U.S.A. Angie knows from Vice President Joe Perry that Cardin is just a spy, and Autumn tells her that Joe is under congressional investigation... and the one who sent Angie to prison.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 30, 2018

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