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Freezing Cold Prestige Drama Recap

In a wintry Fargo, North Dakota, a in a suit approaches a truck and taps on the window. The driver inside asks what he can do for him, and the man in the suit hits him with a frying pan. He drags the driver's body into the woods, takes the truck keys from the driver's pocket, buries the man, walks out onto the road, and is hit by a truck. The car slams into a tree, and Maria gets out and drags the dead man into nearby Fargo. Maria props him up in a booth at a bar and has a beer, then drags him into the woods.

Later, Maria drives back into town and orders coffee. AJ is working as the waiter, and Maria says that something bad happened. She asks him not to tell the team, and AJ tells Pritkin working as the chef that he's taking a break. AJ and Maria drive to where Maria hid the corpse in a snowman.

The next day in the van, Pritkin reminds the team that they've been working undercover in Fargo, based on a tip that a truck was supposed to come by. Angie points out that they don't know why they're looking for the truck. Pritkin finally explains that the contents are classified, the driver's name is classified, and where he's headed is classified. All they know is that it's passing through Fargo and Pritkin can't tell them why the case is classified because it's classified. Angie has infiltrated the local police, and says that a body was found nearby in a shallow grave.

Angie goes out with Sheriff Timmy, and Angie suggests that there was some foul play involved. Timmy figures that it's a straightforward hit-and-dig, but Angie notes that there are two dead guys. She deduces what happened and how the woman who came along got rid of the second body and took her car to a local garage. Timmy admits that it's a possibility and suggests that they have lunch. As they go, Angie sees the car keys on the ground and pockets them.

Monica calls and says that they haven't found it, and the rest of the team doesn't know. She admits that she's missing him like crazy and asks when he can see him, and finishes leaving the voice mail.

Anton arrives at the bank carrying a can of soda and asks to see his safety deposit box. The teller can't give it to him before he has an ID, and the Anton draws a soda dispenser and tells the teller to open all the boxes. The teller quickly brings out the three boxes and opens the right one, and Anton asks where the contents of the box are. He explains that a man was supposed to come there and put keys in the box, and tells the teller to open his mouth. Once the teller does so, Anton sodas him to death.

AJ and Maria take the car to a garage and Maria tries to fake a Fargo accent without success. She asks the mechanic to fix her wrecked car, and he says that he'll do it later. As they go, Maria tells AJ that she killed someone and AJ points out that he was probably a bad guy. He warns her that it's too late to tell Pritkin the truth, and it's no big deal if she keeps it a secret for the rest of her life. Maria shakes and AJ hugs her, and after a moment they kiss.

Angie, Pritkin, and Monica find the suited man's body, and Pritkin confirms that his name is Thomas McSorley. When Pritkin points out that if he had a truck then the case would be closed, Angie points out that they have truck keys so the truck must be nearby. Monica has matched the keys to the missing truck in the dealer's database, and the keychain has a loyalty card to Dale's Discount Meal. AJ and Maria arrive and AJ insists that they were just working the case. Dale's Discount is a mom-and-pop pop-up meat shop in the mom-and-pop pop-up district, and Pritkin sends AJ and Angie to check it out. Maria figures that McSorley was killed when he was eating lunch, and the truck must be nearby.

As Angie and AJ go to Dale's, Angie tells her son that she knows what's going on between him and Maria. Dale shows up and says that they're closed, and hides a corpse he has behind the counter. Meanwhile, Angie tells AJ to be careful having an affair or he could end up with an unwanted child. When Dale comes back, Angie says that AJ is Thomas' cousin, hasn't seen him for a week, and is looking for him. Dale last saw Thomas a few days ago when he picked up a loin sandwich, and says that he eats up at Route 9. Dale starts to get suspicious, and AJ and Angie quickly leave.

At the diner, Maria serves Anton his meal, and Anton says that he knows what she did. He tells her to sit down, and when she does he pours himself some soda from his soda canister. Anton takes Maria out to a garage and demands to know where his truck is, and says that if she doesn't tell him then he'll kill her entire team. He's already captured Angie, Pritkin, and AJ, and Maria draws her gun on Anton. Anton smiles and points out that it will be her second murder and she must be getting a taste for it. After a moment, Maria lowers her gun and says that she doesn't know where his truck is.

Maria glances over at AJ, and Anton realizes that he's her favorite. Anton grabs Maria and threatens to kill her, and AJ tells him the truck is on Route 19. Satisfied, Anton says that he can't let them live and Pritkin tells him to kill him first. He whispers to Angie to grab Anton when Anton kills him, says that he's dying anywhere, and slips her a scalpel.

As Anton prepares to soda Pritkin to death, Angie cuts herself free. Anton says "Viva la France", and Angie realizes that it's Cardin. Monica drives in with the truck, smashing through the door, shoots at Cardin, and he runs off. Angie goes after him and they run through the crates until he comes to a dead-end. Cardin tells her that the plan is already in motion and the Francs are coming, and then smashes through the boxes and escapes before Angie can stop him. The others arrive and Monica says that how she found them was a long and exciting story.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 31, 2018

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