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Behind the Scandalabra Recap

At a bar in St. Louis, a woman, Gillian Kayhill, goes to a bar and Emerson Lake-Palmer flirts with her. Gillian sits down with him and she makes it clear that she's not married, and feeds him some nuts. They end up at a hotel room and kiss. The next morning, Gillian wakes up in the bed and discovers that Emerson is dead.

Pritkin tells the team that their docket is free for the next two weeks so he's sending them on R&R for two weeks. Perry comes in and tells them that there's a major breaking scandal in the government and he needs the SDF. Angie agrees to do it before going on their break, and Perry tells them that he needs them to cover up the scandal. He makes it clear they do whatever he tells them, and explains that a Cabinet member had an affair with a younger man and he's dead. Perry finally admits that Gillian is a good friend as well as the Secretary of the Interior, and says that she made a good woman. When Angie objects, Pritkin tells her that they serve at the pleasure of the Vice President.

The team goes to St. Louis and sneak up to the hotel room where Gillian is waiting. She recognizes Pritkin and he says that he's dying. Pritkin has her tell them what happened, and Gillian admits that she loves young men. AJ and Monica get rid of the body, Maria and Hoffman scrub the scene, and Angie questions their involvement. Angie wants to sit the case out, and Pritkin warns that if she does then he'll be compromised. He explains that he became the youngest lieutenant in LA and had an affair with Gillian when she was on the Mayor's staff. As a result he got promoted and now he wants his reputation to remain intact.

Back at the van, Monica examines Emerson's body to determine the cause of death. Maris suggests that they determine his state of mind at the time of the murder. She has Monica pretend to be Gillian and flirt with Emerson's corpse. Monica gets into it and daydreams him being alive and kissing her, and Maria figures that Emerson knew his killer and it wasn't Gillian.

Angie and AJ ask the hotel clerk to wipe all evidence of Gillian's stay in the hotel. Once they do, they convince the bartender to "forget" Gillian was there. They trade extortion threats with the head of security guard, and he finally gives in and erases the tapes. They go back to the van and tell everyone that they're done. Monica points out that Emerson was poisoned via the nuts, and the team figures that someone is trying to frame Emerson. Emerson was Perry's body man, who is at his side at all times. Angie suggests that Pritkin talk to Perry, but Pritkin isn't there.

Pritkin and Gillian are in somebody else's hotel room tossing their clothes out of a suitcase. Gillian suggests that they have sex, but Pritkin points out that her husband is in the room and she doesn't need another scandal. A reporter pretending to be room service knocks at the door, and Pritkin tries to get Gillian out. Reporters have covered the place and ask Gillian about a video, and Pritkin figures that there's only one person who can scrub a video from the entire Internet. However, Diane Duran is already there.

They go to the van and Diane wipes the Internet. She warns that she can't do anything about the reporters, and Monica reports that the poison used was a spy poison. Angie figures that they should pursue it, and Pritkin tells AJ and Maria to put a lid on the reporters while Angie and Diane figure out where the poison came from and Monica gets her braces removed.

AJ and Maria break into a reporter's apartment and hide in the air vent, trying to find something on him, and AJ discusses what they're doing after their affair in Fargo. Maria avoids the conversation and AJ goes off, while the gimp in the reporter's apartment objects.

Angie and Diane talk to Glen-Allen Mixon, former director of the FBI. They explain that Emerson was poisoned with a government spy poison, and Diane turns on the charm. After two hours of sleeping, Glen-Allen whispers to Diane the information, and Diane whispers it to Angie who is waiting in bed. She calls Pritkin, who spits coffee out of his ears when he hears it.

Later, Gillian holds a press conference to resign because of the scandal. Perry is in bed with Monica, and thanks her for his help. Now he can acquire the Midwest but refuses to tell her because he cares about her too much. Monica points out that he said that they'd get married if she pinned the murder on Gillian, and it's been hard on her. Perry promises her that she'll be the First Lady of a brand new country but won't say which country it is because he cares too much to tell her.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 31, 2018

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