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Heading to the Legal Beagle Recap

At the officers of Hagar & Marmaduke, two lawyers discuss what the "poor suckers" are being exposed to. A law clerk, Raul Chamgerlain, overhears them and goes in to get a file. He succeeds, despite several interruptions by his fellow staffers, and leaves with the file. Raul heads outside for a mailbox, but a man posing as a security guard suggests that he hand it over to him. The man is waiting in the mailbox and grabs Raul.

Pritkin tells the team that his parasitic illness has progressed faster than expected, and has Monica do the briefing. She explains that Raul was mailed to death, and Hagar & Marmaduke represent Veggelon, the largest industrial farming company in America. The EPA had Veggelon investigated when Veggelon released a new pesticide, and the study vanished. Raul had the goods on the law firm but was killed before he could go to the authorities. Pritkin explains that the government is paid by the giant corporations, and Veggelon has unleashed the pesticide on Wyoming, Virginia. People there are already experiencing health issues and the law firm has squashed their complaints, to the SFD is going to take them down. Angie is happy to hear that they'll be the good guys.

The team heads to Wyoming and Maria motions AJ into the head. She starts kissing him, and AJ says that it feels wrong. Maria assures AJ that the others don't know, while they stand outside the head and listen. Inside the head, Murphy comes out while Hoffman drives.

At Hagar & Marmaduke, the lawyers are dispositioning Deborah Blatt, one of the people affected by the pesticide. Conney Sparzner comes in and says that she's representing Blatt, and the lawyers point out that Ms. Blatt appears to be okay despite the pair of arms growing out of her neck. Connie Conney assures Ms. Blatt that they've got it.

On the van, Monica says that the pesticide is dangerous to humans. Pritkin wants to drink some to kill the parasite but Monica warns that it's too dangerous. AJ and Maria are going undercover at Hagar & Marmaduke, Monica at Veggelon's processing facility, and Angie will continue posing as Conney.

At Hagar & Marmaduke, the lawyers discuss how they will disqualify the evidence. AJ asks them to explain the strategy behind their defense of Veggelon, and the lawyers wonder who they are. They introduce themselves with their cover identities, and one attorney, Ellen Marmaduke, gives them their assignments.

At Veggelon, a factory worker explains Monica's duties. She tells Monica never to touch the carrots with her bare hands, and Monica asks her if she knows about the dangerous pesticides. The factory worker doesn't.

Pritkin meets at the hospital with Dr. Randy Zaius, who confirms that he has a parasite. Zaius says that only a more powerful parasite can kill a parasite, and gives Pritkin an old egg sandwich to treat him. Once Pritkin finishes his snack, they begin the treatment by introducing a tongue-eating sea louse into Pritkin's body. Zaius can't get the jar with the louse in it.

At Hagar & Marmaduke, AJ discovers that Dorothy has been involved in over 200 lawsuits and figures that Angie is on the wrong side again. Maria says that they can't tell Angie because she'll drop the case against Veggelon and they'll get away with using the illegal pesticide. AJ finally agrees.

Later, the lawyers meet with Judge Sweeney and ask her to dismiss the case. Angie objects, and the other lawyer, Samuel Hager, presents a medical report that Dorothy had the same symptoms before she was exposed to the pesticide. Angie points out that it's a blank job application for Best Buy, and Samuel admits that Veggelon is ruined. AJ finally speaks up and Sweeney judge that Dorothy is a fraud. Sweeney starts to dismiss the case, but Angie drags AJ to the side and asks why he's tanking the case. AJ insists that Dorothy is a criminal, and AJ tells her that it's on. Angie then insists to continue the case and Sweeney agrees.

Back on the van, Pritkin complains about Angie and AJ's behavior. Angie insists that it doesn't matter who Dorothy was before because she has a case now. AJ says that Dorothy is abusing the law, and Pritkin reminds them that they're a Special Division Force and Perry has lost interest in the case. Angie is angry that they're obliged to Perry's whims, and turns to Monica for support. Monica says talks about how Angie took her baby and then sent him away, and now the baby is all grown up and is still Angie's. She looks over at AJ, who tearfully tells her that he didn't know her. Pritkin tells Angie to let it go, but Angie refuses to move on.

Back in the judge's chambers, Sweeney dismisses the charges as garbage. Afterward, Monica joins Angie as she drinks on a balcony and Angie says that it felt good fighting for innocent people. Monica tells her that AJ was her son once and maybe the world can be a better place for him. She introduces her uncle Leonard Scholls, who says that Angie needs a class-action suit with binding arbitration. The court has to hear it immediately.

The next day, the disguised Angie brings all of the plaintiffs in and the lawyers hand over money from a big pot.

Monica calls Perry and says that everything went according to plan. Veggelon is going to go bankrupt, leaving Wyoming over to French development. The team bought her story about her baby.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 31, 2018

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