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Air Force Two Recap

The news is running reports on wanted fugitives Angie and AJ, and how Perry foiled their plan to steal the Louisiana Purchase. Their last known location was at a convenience store. At a convenience store, Angie is buying rope and DNA removal equipment, and beer. The clerk realizes that their fugitives and goes for a pair of scissors, but Angie beats him with a rock. They grab the beer and AJ trades a crowbar for a car so they can make their getaway.

Angie and AJ go to a motel room and toss Cardin on the bed. AJ admits that the SDF was a sham, and Maria was playing him the entire time. Angie says that she abandoned him to make his life easier, and tells him that she learned that humans are rotten to the core. She assures AJ that he's got her and she's never going to abandon him a second time. Angie says that Jay sent his badge to AJ via the mail for his birthday, and gives him the hotel Bible as a birthday present.

In the van, Perry tells the team that he wants Angie and AJ found after they flawlessly framed them for stealing the Purchase. No one responds, and Monica assures him that they've narrowed the search radius to 25 miles and frozen their credit cards. As Monica and Perry make out, Maria figures out that something is going on between them. Pritkin insists that they have to return the Purchase and create a new country in the middle of the U.S. with Perry as President. Perry tells them to track down AJ and Angie while he meets with the President of France.

Angie and AJ watch via a bug in the deli platform, but Perry eats the bug. AJ figures that they have to sneak aboard Air Force Two, take Perry hostage, get the Purchase, and notify the President. Angie figures that one of them can get through security using Cardin's face. AJ finally realizes that Angie means that they'll take Cardin's face off.

Later, a disguised Angie goes to the airport. Perry greets him and "Cardin" says that Angie put up a fight and was amazing. Monica arrives and "Cardin" says that he beat his captors. They board and on the plane, Secret Service agent Susan complains about the bathrooms at the Jefferson Memorial. "Cardin" goes to look for gluten-free blankets, while Perry orders beer. In the cargo hold, Angie opens the crate where she hid her gun and pulls AJ out of a dog carrier, and they split up to go after Perry.

AJ knocks out the attendant and dons her uniform, and then makes his way through the plane knocking people out and taking their clothes. He finally knocks out Perry and takes his place, but then wakes him up and says that he's coming with him. The Secret Service agent is busy sleeping, and AJ takes Perry forward.

Pritkin and Maria find the motel, and locate Cardin without his face.

AJ takes Perry to the VP's suite where "Cardin" is waiting. Angie explains who she is, and AJ says that they'll use Perry's head to convince the pilots to land in DC. Monica comes in and tells them to drop their guns, and Angie shoots her. AJ runs to Monica and thanks her for raising her for three weeks, and Monica dies. Intimidated, Perry says that he'll convince the pilots to change course.

In the van, Maria notices on the radar that Air Force Two is changing course. Pritkin calls Perry and asks if everything is okay. AJ holds a gun to Perry's head, and Perry insists that everything is okay. Pritkin tells Perry to send the distress call, and Perry insists that he's not under duress. That's the duress code, but Perry insists that he's not sending the duress code. Once Perry breaks the connection, Pritkin deciphers the word-for-word code Perry gave him and has Maria call Monica.

In the suite, Monica wakes up when she hears the call. She goes to the cockpit with a gun and tells AJ to drop his gun. "Cardin" shoots Monica, but Susan shoots Angie. AJ shoots Susan, and Angie says that Susan just winged her. The plane goes down, and AJ shoots the real pilots when they arrive. Perry surrenders as long as they save his life, and AJ takes the wheel and assures Angie that he can land the plane.

Once the plane crashes, Angie and AJ find Perry and arrest him. Madame President Priscilla Filcox arrives and Perry claims that he captured the "terrorists". The President knows better and tells AJ to arrest him. Perry takes AJ hostage and explains that Angie is his insurance policy. Angie says that she taught AJ that humans were rotten to the core and shoots AJ in the chest, and the Secret Service agents capture Perry. AJ realizes that Angie deliberately aimed for the badge.

Pritt, Maria, Hoffman, and Murphy arrive. The President says that she assigned Pritkin to tail Perry until he slipped up, and appoints Pritkin Secretary of Defense and Angie the Vice President. Angie thanks her but says that it's time for her to retire, and Maria leaps in to take the offer. The President accepts, and Monica runs over with a backpack. She confirms that Angie knows they were working against Perry, and Angie says that she just wants to be as far away from rules and structure as she can.

Later, Angie begins teaching an elementary class on U.S. History and Principal Pritkin calls her to his office.

Written by Gadfly on Dec 31, 2018

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