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Past Life Recap

Jonah talks about the lives that he lived before his current one.


At a tent revival, a preacher speaks to his congregation and a woman asks him to heal her son. The preacher promises that the faith shall bring new life and touches the boy, and light glows from his hands as he touches the boy's head. The lights flicker and the sick boy opens his eyes and gets up. The congregation praises God and the preacher smiles in satisfaction.


Dr. Jonah enters a lab and tells the preacher that he's a specialist, and the preacher says that he's brave to come back there. The doctor says that medicine knowledge isn't gained by fear and examines the preacher, who says that it's the word part for most of them but mostly for Jonah. He says that there will be a battle for control and eventually Jonah will lose control until it's all his and Jonah. Jonah says that he's only there to help, and the preacher says that he wishes there was another way. There's a flair of light as the preacher tells Jonah that nothing really dies.


Jonah walks through a compound until he finds a man, David Ellerh, sleeping with two woman. He calls to David by name and glows with light, and says that he's been with David for a long time. Jonah says that everything David has been preaching to his cohabitants is all true, and offers to teach David everything he knows and then David can bring his light to the world. David realizes that Jonah is the First Ultra, and Jonah tells him that they're going to build a beautiful future together. Leslie comes in and Jonah shakes her hand, saying that it's a pleasure.


PRIDE shares a toast to killing Jonah, and Dale points out that they made contact with alien life. Catherine says that they should be toasting Nico, and Tina says that any of them would have done the same in her position. They all figure that they should bring their children home.

At the Hostel, Gert tries to get an envelope away from Old Lace. She finally does so as Molly comes in and opens the envelope, and discovers that it's a college education. Gert says that she needs it, and Molly wonders if Gert is going to leave them. She asks about Chase, and Gert says that they're trying to see if there's a Gert-Chase relationship. She admits that Chase hasn't forgiven her for what happened at the hospital. Nico comes in and sees the application, and Gert figures that things will calm down now that Jonah is gone. She says that she heard Nico and Karolina fighting about Nico killing Jonah, and Nico says that it's time to move on like Gert is.

Chase and Alex arrive via the Rolls and Alex tells Chase to stop thinking about their old lives. His friend figures that their parents are on their side now, and Alex warns that their parents are still murderers. Chase tells him to start working on an exit strategy so they can leave the Hostel. Once Chase leaves, Alex checks his phone but discovers that Livvie hasn't called him back.

The news is reporting how Victor is claiming that an experimental weather balloon exploded at the construction site. Meanwhile, Livvie goes the police station and tells the receptionist that she has evidence that someone is innocent of murder.

Soon, Flores shows Catherine and Geoffrey a video that Livvie has which provides Darius with an alibi on the same day that Destiny died. Flores says that the ADA got the video first, and tells his partner AWOL that he can destroy the footage. Catherine tells Flores to "send a "message" when dealing with Livvie.

At the Hostel, Karolina is reading a book about what to do before death. She finds a sketch that Nico made of her and goes to the dining room. She tells the others that what happened at the site was awful, and Molly suggests that they have another funeral. Karolina tells them that she just needs a day off and isn't doing anything, and Alex figures that they all need a day off. He says that he's going to check on Livvie and walks off.

Livvie goes to the medical center and meets with Tamar as she leaves with her new baby. Alex arrives with balloons and Livvie says that she doesn't want to talk to him. He says that PRIDE set up Darius and Geoffrey had him killed, and he wants to help Livvie take them down. Shooters drive by and open fire, and Alex gets Livvie to cover.

At the Church, Frank walks down the hallway and remembers killing Oscar and afterward cleaning off the blood. He goes to Jonah's office and tells Leslie that he killed Destiny's brother and shows her the gun Oscar had, and hopes that Leslie could ask Jonah or PRIDE for help. Leslie says that Jonah is dead and PRIDE is over, and explains what happened. Frank kneels and starts praying, and Leslie tells him to get up and says that she's shutting down the church immediately. She says that their "religion" is bullshit that Jonah fed to David. Frank insists that he's built a congregation, and Oscar's body is in the trunk of his car. He wonders what to do, and Leslie says that she'll call PRIDE's fixer one last time and then he's on his own.

At the hospital, the police take Livvie's statement and she says that the shooter was AWOL. The officer dismisses it as a turf war, and Tamar steps in and says that he's probably right. Once he leaves, Tamar tells Livvie that AWOL is a cop now and he runs with a whole crew of dirty cops. She figures that the shooting was a warning and says that the next time they won't miss so there won't be a next time. Livvie walks over to where Alex is hiding and demands that he explains, and he says that it's time to meet his friends.

Later at Livvie's grandmother's house, the Runaways arrive and Nana B. tells them to meet in the garage. They meet in the garage and Alex asks the others to help him take down Geoffrey for killing Darius. He wants to hack into the hotel surveillance to capture Geoffrey on tape and prove he killed Darius, and tells Livvie that Geoffrey is a murderer and deserves to go to jail.

Geoffrey meets with Catherine after Flores gives him information on the hit that "they" ordered. He says that it went sideway and Alex was there, and confirms that he's okay. Geoffrey tells Catherine to fix it, and says that he can barely look at her after she murdered Darius.

Leslie meets with Flores at a parking garage and pays him to dispose of Oscar's body, and says that it's the last that Flores will be hearing from PRIDE. Flores wonders what he'll do without the payments. Frank is hiding and takes photos of Leslie and Flores together as well as Oscar's body.

Alex and the others go to the hotel, park the Rolls in the street, go in via the service entrance, and break into a penthouse so Alex can hack into the surveillance system directly. Nico takes a walk to clear her head, and Molly asks if she can come with her. Nico agrees and they leave together. Livvie asks Alex if it's his life right now, and he invites her to try out the bed. She lies down and smiles in satisfaction.

Chase loads some of the food into Gert's backpack, and finds her college application. He complains that she hasn't said anything to him about it, and points out that she's keeping another secret from him. A coordinator wheels in a food cart, and Gert and Chase pose as the honeymoon couple. Chase complains about Gert talking to leaving him, and they fight about Gert applying to college and lying from him. The coordinator quickly excuses herself, and Chase walks off.

Karolina approaches Vaughn and he says that there were rumors that Karolina lost the light. He figured that none of it was true, and Karolina says that she needed some time away. Karolina claims that she left something in Jonah's office, and Vaughn says that Jonah has left for another European tour and his things are being shipped to him. He lets her into the office and stands watch, while she goes through Jonah's belongings but finds nothing relating to her family. An automated voice system triggers on Karolina's voice, and she finds a voice recorder. Jonah says that he wanted to tell Leslie his side of the story.

Molly and Nico go through the hotel's service corridors, and Molly tells Nico that she should talk about it. Nico says that she's not the right person to have the Staff, and Molly insists that their powers are gift. They hear the coordinator telling a guard about Gert and Chase in the penthouse suite and how the real couple called to say they were delayed. The guard says that they got a call from the LAPD to watch out for a group of teenagers, and Nico and Molly run off to warn the others.

Alex accesses the surveillance system and calls Gert and Chase in. The lobby tape is wiped, and Livvie suggests that they check the boutique cameras trained on the lobby. They spot Flores and AWOL meeting with Catherine, and realize that she's the one who killed Darius.

Geoffrey goes to Nana B's house and rings the doorbell. She demands to know what he wants, and refuses to let him in. Tamar invites him in and Nana B goes to check on the baby. Geoffrey tells Tamar that the property is hers and her family is taken care of, and gives her an envelope full of money. He says that he's sorry for all of it, and Tamar tells Geoffrey that the deal was supposed to be the start of something. She tells him that she's going to build her own kingdom and advises Geoffrey to watch her back, and closes the door in his face.

Frank meets with Aura and Frances, says that there the most devote members of the Church, and asks them to help the church. He shows them photos of Oscar's corpse and claims that Leslie took Oscar's life and she's the problem.

Karolina listens to Jonah's recording about the millennia that he lived waiting for Earth's technology to catch up with his people's so he could free his family. Jonah says that he inhabited the same body longer than he should have, and she should prepare for what's next.

Nico and Molly get to the penthouse and tell the others that they have to go. They get to the elevator as a security team arrives, and the kids run into the stairwell. Molly uses h is strength to bar the door but realizes that it won't help them, and tells the others that she'll meet them at the Rolls. Once the others leave. Molly removes the pipe and the security team tackle her. They take her to a basement room and lock her in, and Molly easily snaps the handcuffs. AWOL and several other cops arrive and slam Molly back in her chief. Flores is with them and tells Molly that it's nice to meet her.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 5, 2019

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