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Big Shot Recap

The Runaways get outside and Nico worries that Molly has been inside too long. Nico points out that several of them don't have any powers, and Livvie demands answers from Alex as AWOL and his cops drag Molly out and put her in a SUV. They drive off and as the Runaways get into the car to follow them, Alex tells someone to call Karolina.

AWOL takes Molly to a warehouse and says that Flores would have shot her. Flores comes in and tells AWOL that he can go, saying that he's an old friend of Molly's dead parents. Once AWOL leaves, Flores offers to get all of the Runaways home as long as she trusts them. Molly dismisses him as PRIDE's flunkies, and Flores demands to know where the other Runaways are. Molly claims that she doesn't know, and Flores takes out a knife and says that he'll get her to obtain the information. She offers to bet that it won't work, turns on her strength, and breaks her handcuffs.

The Runaways arrive at the warehouse and find Molly holding Flores above her head. She drops him and leaves with the others.

As the Runaways drive back to the Hostel, they drop their burner phones to make sure that Flores can't track them. Karolina introduces herself to Livvie, and Alex says that Livvie will stay with them overnight to be safe. Nico says that Livvie is going home and they argue about whether to take her to the Hostel or not. Alex explains how they found the place and they kiss. Livvie's phone rings, and she says that she has footage from the party that proves Darius' innocence as well as video from the hospital. Alex checks the video and picks up a facial of AWOL. He downloads it and tells Livvie that he has to destroy her phone, and explains that they'll use AWOL to get to PRIDE. Alex insists that he has to take his parents down, and asks Livvie to trust him. She agrees as long as they have no more secrets between them, and asks Alex to meet Old Lace.

A drone flies over the Hostel and sprays chemicals on Old Lace.

Flores meets with PRIDE and complains that they didn't tell them that the kids have powers. He says that the Runaways are coming for PRIDE and are on to Darius' murder. Geoffrey tells Flores to find the kids and they'll take care of the rest, and after a moment Flores walks out. Catherine insists that killing Darius got all of their kids off of the hook, and Victor suggests that they build their own weapons to defend themselves against the Runaways. Tina agrees with Victor, figuring that it's the only way and Robert says that he'll help Victor.

Old Lace returns to the Hostel and refuses to eat. Molly and Old Lace try to get it to eat, and Molly asks Chase to help Gert. When he says that Gert hates her, Molly explains that Gert was afraid that Chase wouldn't support her decision. Chase figures that the two of them are over, and explains that he and Gert were going to figure things out. Molly tells him that he and Gert don't have to be together to make sure Gert is safe.

Chase goes to Gert's room and asks if Old Lace is okay. She snipes at him and he asks if she wants his help, and Gert apologizes. She says that she's sorry that she didn't tell him about the college, and Chase says that he wishes she'll feel comfortable telling him things and says that they're a couple. Gert suggests that they start over and figure out what's wrong with Old Lace, and Chase agrees.

Alex and Livvie are eating when Molly comes in to borrow the crackers for Old Lace. Livvie says that she has to go home to Tamar, and Alex suggests that they stop at a place that AWOL frequents and take the others along without telling them why. Alex says that he'll handle them and asks Livvie to trust him.

The Runaways and Livvie go to the Caribbean restaurant, and AWOL and his men come in to get their food. Molly recognizes him from the hotel, and Chase figures that Alex tricked them. Alex insists that he's got it and goes over to the counter and confronts AWOL one-on-one. AWOL tells him to go, and Alex slides AWOL's plate away and says that he has a deal for AWOL involving Darius' murder. AWOL draws his gun and orders everybody out, and then shuts the security gate. He recognizes the Runaways and tells them to get down on the floor, and isn't interested in negotiating with Alex. Nico uses the Staff to freeze them.

As the Runaways leave, Chase suggests that they let it go and focus on the future. Alex seemingly agrees and takes Livvie home.

Geoffrey tells Catherine that they're going to Tamar's to clean up the mess that Catherine created. He explains that they need to find the kids before Victor hurts them, and says that he trusts Tamar a lot more than he does Catherine.

Robert and Victor create a tranq dart and Robert looks at the Abstract in the lab. Janet comes in and says that she wants in on their planning. Victor affably agrees.

AWOL meets with Flores, who is unhappy that the Runaways escaped him. When AWOL wonders why Flores didn't tell him the Runaways have powers, Flores takes offense and reminds AWOL that he and the others work for him. AWOL isn't impressed, figuring that Flores is using him just like he's trying to use the Runaways. Flores threatens to find someone else and AWOL walks out.

Geoffrey and Catherine meet with Tamar, who says that Livvie and the Runaways had a run-in with AWOL and his men. She warns that they don't forgive or forget and will come looking, and Geoffrey says that he'll handle it and give her some security. Tamar isn't interested and says she only needs security to keep Catherine away from her, but promises to call Geoffrey when Livvie reaches her. Tamar goes inside and finds AWOL there, and tells her that she's taking orders from the people that paid him to kill her baby. The woman says that she'll keep AWOL in the loop as long as he leaves Tamar and her family alone, and asks if they're partners.

Much to his surprise, Robert finds Tina in the surveillance center eating cake instead of upgrading the systems. He warns that Nico could get hurt, but Tina offers him some of the frosting. Robert reminds her that Nico killed Jonah, and "Tina" says that there must be consequences. As Tina walks away, she wobbles briefly and then shakes the frosting off of her fingers.

That night, Geoffrey grabs Flores as he goes to his car, threatens him with his own gun, and demands to know who attacked Alex. Flores stutters out that AWOL went rogue and promises to keep him in check, and Geoffrey walks out.

Alex brings Livvie home and they find AWOL waiting. Tamar says that she's fine and AWOL just wants to talk. Alex figures that AWOL cares about power and saving face, and says that he still has an offer. AWOL agrees to talk privately, and Livvie reluctantly goes with Tamar.

Dale checks on Stacey, who has been in the lab for several hours. He wonders what she's doing, and Stacey says that they have to fight to protect their kids. Dale notices that she isn't wearing glasses and she can't see without them, and "Stacey" says that she's working on something alone. When he starts to come over, Stacey tells him to stay where he is and asks him to go upstairs and make her a snack. Confused, Dale goes and Stacey gets out the drone she used earlier on Old Lace and then staggers and wonders where her glasses are.

Old Lace starts roaring, and Gert tries to calm the dinosaur down. Gert says that their connection is gone.

Alex tells AWOL that he has video of AWOL shooting at a baby and of AWOL at the hotel the day that Darius was killed, and explains that he wants to put PRIDE in jail. If AWOL turns on PRIDE and Flores, then he makes sure the video is never released. AWOL points out that he gets nothing out of the deal, and offers Alex all of the evidence that Flores has gathered on PRIDE. Livvie has been secretly listening and comes in, and says that she doesn't want the deal. Alex says that he'll take it and AWOL leaves. Once they're alone, Alex tells Livvie that he's not seeing the big picture, and Livvie warns him that he'll end up dead himself trying to avenge Darius' murder. She says that Alex played her and his friends, and Alex's parents would be proud. Livvie tells Alex to get out and he leaves.

The next morning, Alex wakes up to hear Livvie telling the others that he sold them out. He joins them and Livvie says that she's telling the others that he lied to them. Alex insists that he hasn't changed his strategy to take down PRIDE, and Gert starts rambling because of her connection to Old Lace. Chase tells Alex to be smart, and Alex points out that they've done a lot worse, calls them hypocrites, and leaves.

AWOL tells PRIDE that Flores kept a file on everything that PRIDE has don, and he'll take care of him if they put him on the payroll.

Flores goes to the Caribbean restaurant to meet with AWOL. He goes to the meat locker in the back, and AWOL draws a gun on him and says that he's found another thug to take his place.

Alex goes inside to meet AWOL but doesn't find him, and goes outside to call him.

AWOL shoots a freon pipe, runs out, and locks the door, and Flores freezes to death.

Alex reaches AWOL, who says that there's been a change of plans and he'll talk to them real soon.

Karolina hears a woman's voice calling to her, saying that she's been searching for her. When Karolina runs out, Nico sees her and asks if everything is okay. Nico wonders if they're talking, and Karolina says that they are now. She tells Nico that she doesn't want to fight, and they hesitantly talk to each other. Karolina goes back to her room and Nico sits back down.

Gert moans in pain, complaining about temperature extremes, and staggers out. Chase and Molly are trying to calm Old Lace down, and the dinosaur finally collapses. Gert arrives and says that she's dying, and Chase offers to take her back to her room if that's what she wants. She collapses and Chase realizes that Gert and Old Lace are both dying.

AWOL and his men pull up to Tamar's house and AWOL tells the others that he's working for PRIDE now and he's got a lead on the kids. They break into the house, grab Livvie, and leaves with her over Tamar's objections.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 6, 2019

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