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Hostile Takeover Recap

In the warehouse, Livvie yells that they can't hold her. AWOL comes in and says that she can't see a lawyer, and points out that no one knows that she's there. He tells her that he needs her help to bring the Runaways home, and Livvie has to tell him where they're hiding. When Livvie refuses, AWOL calls his man Mitch and shows her a video of Tamar and the baby. AWOL tells Mitch to take the baby and waits for Livvie to talk.

In the Hostel, Old Lace roars as the Runaways keep him confined. Alex arrives with stomach medicine for Gert, who is moaning in pain and complaining about how cold she is even though she doesn't have a temperature. Old Lace goes quiet, and when they check the closet they discover that he's collapsed and is turning white. Alex checks the Internet for the symptoms, and tells Chase that it's going to be okay. Chase doesn't believe it and tells Alex that he needs his help despite Alex's recent betrayal. Alex says that he knows what it feels to do the right thing and having it screw up, and insists that he wanted to make their parents pay. He admits that he doesn't know what he's doing, and Chase says that he doesn't as well.

A motion sensor that Alex set outside goes off, and the others come in as Alex brings up the surveillance cameras and spots AWOL and his men pulling up. Nico uses the Staff to camouflage the Hostel exterior, and AWOL drags Livvie out. She says that the Hostel was right there, and Mitch finds one of the cameras. Chase tells Alex that he has to provoke AWOL into coming in, but the others figure that they have to rescue Livvie since AWOL must have forced her to betray them.

At the Church, Frank asks Vaughn if he's seen Leslie. Vaughn finally tells Frank where Leslie is: at the dumpster. Frank goes there and finds Leslie throwing away all of the Church books. He says that he wants the books even if she doesn't, and says that with Jonah gone the Church can save lives. Leslie refuses to be part of something she doesn't believe in, and Frank tells her that she's only taking away the teachings because she knows that he needs them. She asks if he really believed that they could be a family again now that Jonah is dead, and when Frank agrees Leslie tells him to choose his family or the Church because he can't have both. Once Leslie walks away, Frank collects the books from the dumpster.

AWOL drags Livvie over to the camera and she says that Alex has to come out or they'll kill her and her family. Alex says that he has to go out, but the others warn that AWOL will kill him if he goes out. Molly uses her strength to pin Alex to the floor.

In the lab, Janet worries that they're using a brain scrambler on one of their kids. Victor insists that it's a sonic beam that stops Nico from thinking of a spell. He stares at his wife admiringly and says that they have to get the devices done. Janet drops a piece of equipment and breaks it, and starts to clean it up. Victor tells her that it isn't necessary, breaks another instrument himself, and tells her that he needs her to relax. They kiss and undress to have sex.

Molly holds Alex in a chair, and Chase says that they have to negotiate with AWOL. Alex insists that AWOL isn't bluffing, and Nico warns that she has never held a spell so big for so long. Chase gets on the intercom system and tells AWOL that they want to negotiate, and claims that he's holding a weapon on AWOL and will shoot if he comes closer. AWOL says that he's in charge and can handle it without PRIDE, and Karolina tells him to take the gun off of Livvie. Once AWOL does, Chase says that he'll give him all of the footage in return for Livvie. AWOL says that Nico has to bring the footage, and Alex tells them that AWOL won't kill Livvie because he loses his leverage. He insists that he can get them out of the situation if they listen to him. AWOL tasers Livvie and promises that he'll pull her apart piece by piece, and Chase gives in. Alex warns that they can't give AWOL the footage and have to get help for Gert and Old Lace, and they need a hostage of their own.

Chase tells an unconscious Gert that she has to go. She doesn't respond, and Molly warns that Nico can't hold the spell much longer.

After they have sex, Victor returns to the lab and discovers that Janet is gone. She comes in and Victor has no memory of what they did. Janet suggests that Jonah mind-linking with Victor might have damaged Victor's mind, and suggests that he needs to see someone. Victor says that he has to lay down and tells Janet to deal with Tina when she gets there.

Vaughn brings Aura and Frances to Leslie, and Vaughn listens from the door as the women say that they've there for Leslie in her "time of confusion". They insist that the Church is a family and keeping it intact is the only thing that matters. Leslie tells them that the Church is a scam and she's shutting it down starting with Runaway Program. Aura snaps at Leslie, saying that they won't let Leslie do what she wants. Frances says that the Church is its people, not its leadership, and the two women walk out.

Chase drives away in the Rolls and Nico drops the camouflage. Alex steps out and says that he'll surrender, and AWOL tells him that he decides how it ends. He prepares to open fire on Alex, who jumps down into the Hostel through the skylight. AWOL comes down and finds Karolina levitating Alex. Nico seals off the Hostel, cutting through AWOL's rappelling rope so he drops to the floor.

Chase drives into LA with Gert and Old Lace, and assures the unconscious Gert that he's got it.

"Tina" is admiring the metal equipment in the lab as Janet looks on. When Tina finds a loose bra, she sarcastically says that Victor must have been working. Janet wonders if Tina is being sarcastic because of Janet having an affair with Robert, and Tina looks surprised. She demonstrates one of the weapons that Victor has developed, flirting with her as she does. Janet figures that Tina is messing with her and walks out as Victor comes in. They realize that they're not who they appear and hug.

AWOL wakes up and discovers that the Runaways have put him in a straitjacket. Alex threatens him with one of the Fistigons, but AWOL says that his men have an intent to kill and tells Alex that PRIDE has money and real resources. He promises to kill Livvie, and Alex kicks him down and tells him that he talks a lot when he's scared. AWOL figures that Alex is bluffing, and Alex uses the Fistigon on him. Karolina and Molly pull him away and Alex says that he doesn't know what happened and walks away.

Karolina goes after Alex and asks if he was going to kill AWOL. Alex admits that he lost it and says that they might have to make a decision to kill if they want to escape. He reminds Karolina that if Nico hadn't killed Jonah, he would have taken Karolina and done anything to him.

Nico starts to lose her concentration, and AWOL tells her to drop the shield and she'll be all right. Molly tells Nico to focus, and AWOL says that she's not strong enough. AWOL's men start battering through the door, and Molly tells Nico that she's the strongest of them. Nico says that there's something wrong with her and the Staff told her that it was right to kill Jonah. Molly tells Alex and Karolina what's happening, and Karolina blasts AWOL as he continues taunting Nico. Alex tells AWOL to stop them, and he orders his men over the radio to hold the ram. Nico warns that she can't hold it anymore, and Alex tells her that they're going to let them in.

Gert wakes up in her parents' lab, and they say that they're glad to have her back. Old Lace is in a cage nearby, and Chase is standing nearby. Dale thanks Chase for bringing Gert there, and Stacey takes off her glass and takes out the antidote. She tells Chase that it's none of her business and explains that she sent a drone with a germ warfare agent that was poisonous to Old Lace but shouldn't have affected Gert. Dale asks if it was worth making Gert sick to bring her home, and figures that "Stacey" is someone else. She warns that she only has enough antidote for Gert, and Chase warns that Gert's symptoms are psychosomatic because she's feeling what Old Lace is going through. Dale agrees with Chase that they have to save Old Lace, grabs the syringe with the antidote, and administers it to the dinosaur. Stacey tells Chase that he knows nothing about Gert, and Chase walks away.

Alex and the others set up a barricade on the stairs and he tells Nico that she'll use the Staff to take out the guns, and then they'll fire from a safe zone while Molly rescues Livvie. Karolina asks Nico if she's okay, and Nico looks at her in surprise. Nico lowers the field and the cops come in and free AWOL. Nico passes out from the strain and Alex tells the others that they have to run as he fires at the cops with the Fistigon. Meanwhile, Molly runs out and knocks out Livvie's guard, Mitch.

In the Hostel, AWOL and his men corner Alex and Karolina. As they prepare to fire, Livvie's unconscious body rises to its feet and the Staff flies into her hand. The skin around her eyes turns black, and Nico yells at the intruders to get out. They all disappear, leaving their clothing behind, and Nico reverts to normal and collapses into Karolina's arms. Molly and Livvie arrive and see the empty uniforms.

Old Lace recovers and Gert does as well. She kisses Chase and wonders how they get out, and Chase says that Dale might let them leave. He hopes that they'll change their ways after seeing Gert sick. Gert insists that people don't change and the sooner that he realizes it, the better.

Alex talks to Livvie privately and tells her that Nico is okay. He admits that he doesn't know what Nico does, and says that she's safe. Livvie tells Alex that she needs to go home, and explains that she couldn't let AWOL kill her nephew and her sister. Alex says that Livvie has him if she wants him, and Livvie says that he needs to protect his family and she needs to protect his. With that, she walks out.

At the Church, Vaughn takes Leslie to where the Church members have prepared a reconditioning chair. Frank is there with them and tells Leslie to sit down. She tries to leave and discovers that the door is sealed and she's been locked out of the security system. Vaughn waits outside as Leslie yells in protest as they strap her into the chair.

Victor puts up posters with the alien writing on them. They say that anyone who survived the ship's destruction should seek out Victor or Tina so they can be reunited.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 6, 2019

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