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Last Waltz Recap

A homeless woman looks up at a billboard for the Church. A teenager offers her some food and after the homeless woman takes it, the teenager walks on smiling. The homeless woman takes on the shape of the teenager, looks up at the billboard, and leaves.

In the reconditioning rooms, the Church members chant as they surround the strapped-in Leslie. Frank says that her plan to close the Church is wrong, and the others leave. He tells Leslie that she's not going to let him ruin their lives' work, and promises that he can stop her. Leslie defies him to take her to the Crater, and Frank tells the others to prepare the van.

Stacey and Dale bring the imprisoned Gert and Chase breakfast. Gert points out that Stacey poisoned and kidnapped him, and Dale supported her. Dale says that they think that the teenagers running away has gone on far enough. Chase drinks the orange juice and as Gert tries to stop him, he passes out from the drugged beverage

Alex finds Molly going through the cops' belongings, and he says that he found nothing about Chase and Gert in the hospital databases. She sets up a snowball with a birthday candle and says that her birthday was the day before, and Alex offers to sing her "Happy Birthday". Molly insists that she doesn't need a quinceanera, and Alex figures that Chase took Gert to the Yorkes.

Karolina brings breakfast to the sleeping Nico, who wakes up. When Karolina asks if she's okay, Nico tells her to go. Karolina walks out and hears the same voice as before calling to her. Alex and Molly find her and they head out to find Gert.

Frances and Aura drive Leslie to the Crater, and she shouts at the initiates that the Church is a lie. Everyone ignores her and goes back to work, and a woman, S45E2R, greets her. S45E2R asks Leslie to sign a contract agreeing to indoctrination. Leslie refuses and explains why Frank sent her there. Ignoring her, S45E2R tells Leslie that she's now LK3D5E. Leslie insists that her name is Leslie and demands some water, and then passes out from exhaustion and dehydration.

Dale administers sodium thiopental to a tied-up Chase, and "Stacey" says that Dale is bugging the shit out of her recently. Chase wakes up and the Yorkes ask him where he and Gert have been living. He refuses and rambles about loving Gert and Molly, and Stacey irritably tells him to get on with it. Tina comes in and says that her voice controls the security system, and says that PRIDE sent her to check on the Yorkes.

The teenager arrives outside the Church and tells Vaughn that she's looking for Karolina. She asks for something that Karolina touched, and slips away when Vaughn isn't looking.

S45E2R massages Leslie's forehead as she wakes up, and asks if she's willing to surrender yet. Leslie jerks away and says that nothing S45E2R can say will make her change her mind. S45E2R tells Leslie that she's a disappointment and David would be disgusted if he could see Leslie. Leslie says that her father believed in the truth and would want the Church destroyed if he knew what Leslie knew. S45E2R says that Leslie doesn't have an army big enough to destroy the Church, and her new baby couldn't handle the stress. As Leslie stares at her in shock, S45E2R walks away.

As Tina waits, Dale tries to get Chase to tell them where the Runaways are. Chase talks about how he and Gert got into a fight and then they're back together, and talks about their sex life. Tina finally has enough and demands to know how Chase got there. The Yorkes refuse to tell her, and Chase passes out. When Tina prepares to text PRIDE, Dale yanks the phone away. They're both shocked when Stacey draws a gun and orders Tina to the basement.

Janet meets Victor at the hospital where he's getting a checkout. Victor says that he's fine and there's no sign of the brain tumor, and wonders if they made a mistake killing Jonah. Janet says that PRIDE was impressed with the new weapons. She wonders if they should try an emotional appeal, but Victor dismisses her concerns. Janet tries to flatter him into figuring out where their kids are.

Alex, Karolina, and Molly arrive at the Gert house and see the Rolls parked outside. Molly insists that Gert is being held against her will because she'd never leave Molly on her own, and they sneak around to the back.

Chase wakes up in the cell in the basement. Tina is there with Gert and Chase, and says that Chase talked about his and Gert's sex life. She starts eating the breakfast pancakes, reveling in the taste, and says that she knows something about PRIDE. Gert finally asks her what's going on, and Tina says that they're declaring war on the Runaways and they should run while they still have time. When the girl wonders if Tina is worried about Nico, Tina suddenly goes silent.

Alarms go off as the teenagers break in. They order the Yorkes down on the floor, and they agree and tell Molly that it's good to have them home. Molly says that her parents would never hurt Gert and Old Lace. The girls hear Old Lace roar and go down to free Gert and Chase. When Tina tries to leave, Molly tells her that she's not going anywhere. Alex brings the Yorkes down and locks them up with Tina, and Molly frees Old Lace. The teenagers head out to the car, and Old Lace stays behind to growl at the Yorkes. Tina runs off while the dinosaur is distracted, and Dale grabs a tranq gun and knocks Old Lace out.

Gert is unable to establish mental contact with Old Lace, and Alex says that they have to go before the other parents arrive. After a moment, Gert relents and figures that Old Lace will find them as they drive off.

Nico pounds at the wall of the Hostel with the Staff, and then begins a Wiccan ritual. She vows to never hurt another and then puts the Staff in the wall and says that she's severing her ties with it.

At the Crater, Leslie slips into a file room and finds S45E2R file. There's a picture of the woman when she was younger with a baby, and Leslie finds it. She locates S45E2R in a meditation chamber and says that she didn't tell anyone that she was pregnant because she didn't want to face it. Leslie's greatest fear was failing as a mother again, and is sure that it's S45E2R's as well. She tells S45E2R that she forgives her, and figures that they made the older woman leave because she wanted to protect Leslie from Jonah. S45E2R meditates, and Leslie calls her mother by her name: Susan. Susan tells her daughter that she wasn't supposed to say her name and now she has to call the guards, and walks out to get them.

Dr. Novaks' office calls Victor to reschedule the appointment, and he hangs up. Janet comes in and discovers that Victor is using a landline, and he explains that he's going to push a signal to thousands of landlines at once, and then use vocal recognition to rule out everyone but Chase. Janet compliments him and Victor kisses him.

The Runaways return to the Hostel and Chase tells Molly that it's going to be okay. Molly doesn't believe them, pointing out that they've all suffered tragedies and she's the only one crying. Gert admits that she thought the Yorkes were better than the rest of PRIDE, and Chase says that he thinks they'd all take it back if they could. Alex says that they can't let their parents rob them of everything good, and insists that they have a quinceanera for Molly. The teenagers agree, and Nico comes in and agrees as well despite Molly's half-hearted protestations.

The Runaways use the money from AWOL and his men to go clothes shopping for Molly, and Alex and Molly buy party supplies. As they pick out money, Molly says that she's going to dance with her escort when the time comes to waltz. Chase and Alex arrive and Chase boasts that he's flexible, and Molly asks Chase to be her escort. He says that he'd be honored and accepts, while the teenager approaches Karolina and says that she's Xavin. Karolina has no idea who she is, and Xavin says that she's been looking for Karolina and touches her arm. Karolina stares at her in recognition, and when Gert calls to Karolina and she looks away, Xavin disappears. However, Karolina can hear Xavin in her head saying that it was nice to meet her.

That night at the Hostel, Alex and Chase set up for the quinceanera and Alex explains that it signifies when Molly becomes a woman. Chase says that the Yorkes were nice to them, and points out that their parents still love them. Alex isn't convinced, and Chase wonders if it's worth it to fight them anymore. He says that they can hide but they don't win, and Alex tells him that he's going to bring his parents to justice no matter what.

Karolina and Nico do Molly's hair and makeup, while Gert tells her foster sister to say that she can't be improved on.

Victor begins his calling subroutine.

Chase is in the garage putting on his suit when the landline rings. He answers it and the computer shows a match. Victor picks up the phone and talks to Chase, saying that they need to talk in person. After a moment, Victor tells Chase that Janet doesn't know that he's really sick, and he wants to see Chase before time runs out. He asks Chase to come home. Alex comes in before Chase can respond, and once he leaves, Chase discovers that Victor has hung up.

Molly comes down to the quinceanera and Gert greets her foster sister. She tells Molly that she got a hero as well as a sister. They all applaud and Chase says that they're a family and her parents would be proud of her, and dedicates the dance to them. They waltz together and then the others join in,

At their home, Dale and "Stacey" drink martinis and Stacey figures that Tina will tell the rest of PRIDE what happened. Dale says that he's not sure that he forgives Stacey for her poisoning. Stacey casually dismisses his concern, and they hear Old Lace roaring. Dale warns that it's not good and suggests that they put Old Lace down because she's dangerous. Stacey refuses, saying that Gert loves it and they know it's connected. She explains that they can use Old Lace to trace it to Gert. and then they kill her.

Gert finds Chase on his own and says that he was great with Molly. She asks if Chase wants to sleep over in her room, and he tells her that he's leaving. Gert figures that he's a coward and was always going to leave. Chase explains that Victor is sick and they can't beat PRIDE, and Gert tells him that she could make a scene or argue but none of it would matter because he wants to go. She says if that's how he feels then he should go, but he's not going to sneak out.

When Chase tells the others, Molly breaks into tears. He says that he's going home and explains that when he arrived there he was a dumb kid. He's grown up because of all of them, and learned that he doesn't have to go along with the groove. Being at the Hostel doesn't feel right to him anymore, and there's someplace else he has to be.

Chase walks into the city and meets Victor and Janet on the street. Janet hugs her son, and Victor comes over and welcomes him home.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 6, 2019

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