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The Railway Station (4) Recap

The sweater reverts back to a jacket, and Steel puts it on and walks out. He looks around the hotel and checks a room, and then goes back in the hallway and sees Tully and Sapphire laying where the fell outside of a door. Steel enters the room and says that he's the one responsible, not Sapphire and Tully. The Soldier is sitting there and insists that everyone has to die. Steel tells the Soldier that he doesn't belong there. When the Soldier insists that he's real, Steel suggests that he shake his hand or talk to him. When the Soldier doesn't move, Steel says that he and his friend belong in the darkness and they're all dead. The Soldier insists that they won't be for long, and Steel holds out his hand and walks toward the Soldier. He disappears before Steel can touch him, and Steel turns on the lights before walking out.

In the hallway, Steel remembers what the soldier said and walks forward. His clothes transform and he finds himself in a submarine. Tully wonders how deep they are, and the submarine tilts as it goes down. Sapphire tells Steel that she can't breathe, and he picks her up and tells her not to talk and save the air. A voice echoes his words, and he sets Sapphire down and then goes back for Tully. There are men back in the corridor, wearing civilian clothing, and one of them begs Steel to help them. Steel reaches out to the leader, but then draws back and walks away.

Steel finds himself back in the present with Sapphire and Tully, and Sapphire is conscious. She says that Tully needs air, and Steel points out that Sapphire determined Tully's lifespan earlier and he has more time so he won't die there. Sapphire figures that Steel is enjoying it, and when she points out that he got more than he bargained for, Steel notes that it worked.

Downstairs, Sapphire makes Tully comfortable. Steel wonders why civilians were on a submarine, and wonders if they called to him as ghosts or living people. He figures that they don't intend to be ghosts in the present, and tells Sapphire to wake up Tully. Sapphire does so and Steel irritably asks him what he did when he first came there. Tully says that Steel antagonized the Soldier, and Steel admits that he intends to antagonize him even further to find out what he is and why he's haunting the station. He sarcastically asks if a priest would consider the ghosts or bad, and Tully said there was no danger until Sapphire and Steel arrived there.

Tully walks out and Sapphire goes after him. He complains that he has no say in anything and would never make the ghosts angry. Steel comes out and asks what Tully did two months ago when he came there. Tully explains that he had a one-man sitting to summon the ghosts, but it wasn't successful. Steel suggests that they try it Tully's way with Sully as the medium. Tully warns that since Steel antagonized the ghosts, it would be dangerous.

Later, Steel tells Sapphire that he heard someone open a wooden door in the middle of the room. Tully arrives with the séance equipment and sets up, and the Elements say that they're sure they want to do it. The ghost hunter lights a candle, puts on a cross necklace, has them join hands, and begins. Sapphire goes into a trance and Steel insists that he needs the Soldier's name. She begins convulsing and tells Steel that the Soldier doesn't like it from them. Steel repeats his demand, and Tully tells him that they can't be coercive and to leave it to him.

Once Steel agrees, Tully says that he only wants the names if the ghosts wish to give them. A voice begs for the trio to help them, and Sapphire wakes up and says that the ghosts said that there would be trials. Tully asks what types of trials are involved, and Sapphire says that they were told and then moans in pain. She talks about the Channel and they were told that they'd be back by 5. Tully realizes that she's talking about sea trials for a submarine, and Sapphire warns that there's resentment there. The ghosts talk through her, saying that sailors get paid to take risks but they were just paid for a day's work with no supposed risk. They never came back at 5 or any other time, in 1938, and say that they're civilian-attached workers. The ghosts insist that the wreck never should have gone to sea, and refuse to give their names. They say that they don't need the trio's help and leave, although one hesitates but the Soldier glares at him until he goes.

Steel tells Tully that they don't know enough, and he wants the name of the Soldier. He tells Sapphire what they need, and she says that he won't communicate. Steel tells her to find someone who once knew him in his past, and Sapphire warns him that it's a long way back. She says that it's a warm summer's day with flowers, but there's no one there. Sapphire finally locates someone. Sapphire gasps and the Soldier shouts "No".

Written by Gadfly on Jan 8, 2019

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