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The Railway Station (5) Recap

The submarine crewman hear the Soldier shout "No!", and he calls to the Darkness saying that they're summoning him so it had better help.

Still in a trance, Sapphire hums a song, tells the students to return back to their desks, stands up, and looks around. Steel says that it's gone wrong and he wanted the name of the Soldier, not a child. He tells Tully to get Sapphire back, and Tully calls her back while warning Steel that she has to come back to them on her own. Steel asks Sapphire to come back to the table, and Tully stops him when he tries to go to her. Sapphire says that she doesn't want to be there and asks if they're sitting in judgment. She looks around the room and says that she knew it once and wonders why it's in such a state. Tully explains that it's the railway station, and Sapphire says that she knew it when it was tidy.

Steel reminds Tully that they need the name of the Soldier, and Tully asks Sapphire to tell her about herself. She says that there's a power there that's using other things, but not her because she doesn't have a grievance. Steel asks her to explain, and Sapphire says that she can feel it but doesn't know what she means. She can't describe the power that she feels around her by explains that it's very dark, darker than anything. Sapphire says that she doesn't want to talk to Steel because he's different, and Tully asks what the name is of the spirit that is possessing her. She agrees to tell Tully but not Steel, and whispers it in his ear. When Sapphire walks away, Steel gives Tully a pad and piece of paper to write down the name.

Tully asks if Sapphire was at her school teaching, and Sapphire says that she's there and doesn't want to be. The Soldier is nearby, listening, as Tully asks who Sam Pearce is. Sapphire talks about how Pearce was always late for school, and was hard to keep in class in the summer. The Soldier cries and echoes Sapphire's words describing his life as a child, describing the flowers.

Tully asks what happened to Pearce when he grew up, and Tully says that he went away to France to fight in the war.

His clothing reverts to his village garb, and Pearce keeps talking about his childhood summer.

Tully tells Steel that they should get Sapphire back, but Steel insists that it's not enough and calls to the spirit possessing Sapphire, Eleanor. He asks for more detail about Pearce, and "Eleanor" says that he didn't quite die in the war. Sapphire refuses to talk to Steel, and Steel tells Tully to find out more. Tully asks Eleanor when Pearce died, and Eleanor says that he should have come home, and he died when he was shot just before the armistice, on the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day on the 11th month. Steel realizes that the reference is to the four 11s that he saw on the window, and tells Tully to get Sapphire back now that they have enough information.

Pearce tells the other ghosts that they've found him, and says that the Darkness is coming to help. The Darkness moves forward, enveloping them,

Sapphire returns to the circle and Tully tells them to close their eyes. She does so after a moment when Steel tells her that she can go back.

The Darkness spreads through the station.

Tully tells "Eleanor" to think of the village where she lived. She remembers the village and the school where she taught. As she thinks about the classroom and her children, the Darkness spreads up the hallway toward the room. Steel calls to Sapphire, and Eleanor has no idea who Sapphire is. The Darkness enters the room and Eleanor says that the sun is gone. Steel opens his eyes and sees the Darkness, and warns Tully. Tully doesn't know why Sapphire isn't bad, and tells Steel to stop when Steel grabs her in an effort to wake her up.

The Darkness blots out the candle that Tully lit, and then envelops Tully as he clutches at his cross. Steel pulls him outside with Sapphire, and Tully says that Steel broke the circle and Sapphire will be left out there between one life and the next.

Crying, Pearce remembers the battlefield.

Tully shouts that Steel could have lost Sapphire by breaking the circle. Sapphire tries to reach Sapphire telepathically and she begs him for his help. They duck into another room and Steel sits Sapphire down.

Pearce and the others appear on the platform... along with Sapphire.

Suddenly apologetic, Steel tells Tully to look after Sapphire while he checks on the Darkness. He goes out onto the platform and sees the ghosts briefly before they disappear. Continuing on, Steel searches for the Darkness and goes back to the room where they held the séance. The Darkness is gone, and Steel hears someone whistling on the platform. He goes out and finds Pearce, and calls to him by name. Pearce disappears, and goes back inside and addresses the unseen Pearce. In the Darkness, Pearce listens as Steel wonders what was written on Pearce's gravestone or if there was enough left of him to bury. He asks if Pearce has been back to take a look, and asks if Eleanor took a look at Pearce's gravestone. Steel says that he doubts Eleanor would bother because she was too old and probably too good for him.

The other ghosts reach for Steel and ask him to help them, and then disappear. Music starts up and Pearce appears. He addresses an unseen commander, saying that Group sent him and since the commander's flight is one man short, Group thought Pearce could fill in on his last flight before he went home. The unseen commander tells him no, and Pearce walks out. Steel walks hears whistling and follows it.

Tully hears the whistling and goes out into the hallway, leaving the entranced Sapphire alone.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 10, 2019

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