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Eminent Threat Recap

"Star Girl" Courtney Whitmore does an interview with Garfield Logan, aka Beast Boy, aka Lt. Torque on the show. Gar talks about how he's dating Queen Perdita, and how they met at a funeral for a best friend of theirs. Whitney asks him about his campaign against meta-human trafficking.

In Markovburg, Brion is enveloped by the tar as Jace looks on. On the beach, Jeff tells Artemis that he's back in action but confirms his lightning powers haven't kicked in. Artemis tells the formerly dead girl that she rescued that they're going to rescue their friends and she should stay with the Super Cycle. As they leave, the girl mutters the word "Kill".

Dick sneaks into the hospital and enters the secret Bedlam base. Artemis confirms that they're two minute out, and Dick is unable to raise Conner. Dick sneaks in as Vertigo orders his men to shut down the base and move the transformative pods. He finds the pod with an unconscious Conner in it, and Jace and Ecks experimenting on the unconscious Brion. Vertigo comes in and demands to know what's going on.

Jeff and Artemis make their way up the sewer tunnel. Meanwhile, Vertigo tells Jace and Ecks that "his highness" gave no orders to transform Brion. Jace admits that she lied about having their leader's authorization, but points out that now they have someone with the power to stop Bedlam. Vertigo uses his power on her, saying that she's short-sighted and will deliver Markovia to their leader. Jeff and Artemis listen in, figure that Gregor is "his highness", and they figure that Gregor is giving Vertigo one of the neighboring countries in return for his help, and both countries will end up under the Light's dominion.

Vertigo tells Ecks and Jace that their leader will be there shortly to decide what to do with them. "His highness", Frederick arrives and complains that they can't operate without him. Meanwhile, Plasmus attacks Artemis and Jeff is unable to stop hm. The girl and the Super Cycle arrive and the "Halo-Girl" creates a force field while the Super Cycle blasts Plasmus back. They get in the Super Cycle and blast their way out to get space to fight.

"Baron Bedlam" and the others hear the blast and run to investigate. Bedlam gives a gun to Ecks to guard Jace, and Dick knocks him out. Jace releases Brion and he wakes up. Dick releases Conner and wakes him up, and Jace agrees to show them how to destroy the tar.

Vertigo's henchmen open fire, bringing the Super Cycle down. Meanwhile, Bedlam sees the masked Dick helping Brion and the others escape, and removes a cartridge from a console.

Plasmus tries to get through Halo's force field as she protects herself, Jeff, and Artemis. Vertigo sets off a self-destruct as Bedlam teleports out via a boom tube, taking the captive kids along with him. The team departs via the Super Cycle, while the fire that Jace set goes off. Meanwhile, Frederick goes to the gala and says that he has evidence that Brion is a meta-human working with other meta-humans to destabilize Markovia's national stability.

On the beach, Dick figures that Jace's testimony will be enough to convict Frederick. Jeff angrily notes that they lost eight kids, and Dick notes that they saved Brion, Halo, and the other kids that Bedlam would have abducted. Brion pulls away from Jace and the ground heats up at his touch. He sinks into the ground and manages to pull up, and Jace tells him to calm down. Conner says that he has to focus, and Brion manages to control his new power. Dick picks up Frederick's announcement about Brion becoming a meta-human, and says that it proves Brion is involved with meta-trafficking and possibly abducted his sister Tara. He also accuses Brion of assassinating his parents. Furious, Brion heads for the palace and Dick goes to cut him off.

Vertigo, Plasmus, and Ecks Boom Tube to the beach and Conner goes to get Zion while the others protect Jace and Halo. Ecks splits off multiple copies of himself with his own meta-human ability, and Dick throws a smoke grenade.

Frederick is getting Gregor out when Brion arrives, covered in lava. He attacks Frederick, who knocks him back with superhuman strength, and rips off his artificial skin covering to reveal his stone-like skin. Conner arrives and tells Brion that they have to go, and Bedlam insists that he had to become a meta-human to defend themselves against invading meta-humans. Brion, furious that Frederick is using his reason for himself, attacks Bedlam.

Dick, Jeff, and Artemis use the smoke as cover to take out some of the Ecks duplicates. Henchy uses an energy blaster to bring down the Super Cycle, while two more of the Ecks open fire on Halo and Jace Halo uses her force field to block his attacks. Artemis attacks the Ecks, and Vertigo uses his power on everyone. Artemis manages to knock him out with an electrical charge, and Halo soars into the air using her power. Plasmus grabs her and slams her into the ground, and then walks away. Furious, he summons his electrical powers and attacks Plasmus. Meanwhile, Halo comes back to life as Artemis and Chase run over, and heals herself with a purple light.

Bedlam and Brion continue fighting, and Dick arrives and gets the guests to cover. When Bedlam orders the guards to open fire on Brion, Gregor countermands his order and says that Bedlam has been doing with the meta-human traffickers. Bedlam clearly mastered his powers months before Brion did, and Brion says that they have enough evidence to investigate Bedlam. Bedlam charges at him, and Conner knocks him back. Brion holds him long enough for Conner to punch him unconscious, but the guards train their guns on Brion. Baazovi says that Brion also has much to answer for, and Markovia needs a new ruler more than ever. After a moment, Gregor tells Brion to leave Markovia immediately, and asks Conner to take care of him Conner flies off with Brion, who looks back at his brother.

Black Lightning continues blasting Plasmus and spots the implant in h is neck. He short-circuits it, and Plasmus remembers that he was Ana's brother Otto and the family has a genetic heart condition. One of the Ecks attacks Black Lightning, and Plasmus destroys it.

Dick knocks out the baseline Ecks, and Ecks' energy clones disappear. Vertigo and Henchy depart via a Boom Tube, and a nearby farmer shoots Plasmus in the chest, thinking that he's a monster. Black Lightning says that he killed a kid and says that when he realizes that, he'll regret it. Halo is unable to heal Plasmus because it's too late. Conner and Brion arrive, and Artemis wonders what they do now.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 13, 2019

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