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Away Mission Recap

On the planet of New Genesis, Orion flies down and the Hive residents below the floating city hail him. The leader, Mantis, asks if Orion has the books, and Orion demands that they present the crystals in trade. The Hive members discover that the crates of books are holograms and attack, but Orion and his two meta-human henchmen easily defeat them and fly back. Mantis says that the New Gods have no honor and deserve death. As they leave, Mantis's lieutenant Forager isn't so sure of what his leader says.

At Happy Harbor, Brion calls Gregor and demands to know when he can return to Markovia. His brother warns that it isn't so easy, and the Markovian Parliament has proposed a ban on meta-humans as well as the deportation of all Quracis from the country. Brion isn't satisfied, but Gregor says that he's safe in America and promises that he'll bring him home.

Brion joins the others--Conner, Lucas Carr, and Megan--and asks where Dick is, saying that he's been ready to depart for hours. One of the Forever People, Bear, arrives via Boom Tube and greets them. Bear says that there's trouble on New Genesis, and Megan creates a telepathic link with him. The New God explains that the Forever People have been investigating reports of violence between the Hive and the New Gods. There are traces of Earth Human DNA, and Conner figures that it's some of the meta-gene trafficked humans. Wolf is busy sleeping, and Conner tells Megan to go with him while he stays with Brion.

Miss Martian soon summons the team chosen team to Happy Harbor: Static, Thirteen, Blue Beetle, the new Kid Flash, and Wonder Girl. Bear creates a Boom Tube to New Genesis, and the young heroes are thrilled that they're on a mission to space.

Conner, Lucas, and Brion greet Dick, Artemis, Jeff, and Halo as they arrive via teleportation tube. Dick shows Halo all of the information that they have on her and runs the data through the worldwide computer banks.

Miss Martian checks the area where the Bugs attacked, and Kid Flash complains that Dick isn't there to operate as detective. The Hive attack and Forager attacks Mantis, saying that he asked the heroes to come. Bear says that the real Orion is away from New Genesis, but Mantis doesn't believe him.

Conner watches as Brion and Halo go out and walk, and Halo says that Brion seems broken and she wants to fix him. Inside, Jeff says that Jace really cares about the team. When Lucas suggests that they put Brion and Halo on the team, Dick points out that they may not want to be heroes. Megan can't rip into Halo's mind without tearing it apart, and Conner warns that Brion is filled with anger. Outside, Brion demonstrates his powers to Halo. Dick and the others come out and suggests that he demonstrate his abilities for all of them.

Night falls on New Genesis, and the heroes watch as the Bugs prepare for another meeting with "Orion". Orion and his two meta-humans fly down. Megan notices that they're wearing control devices. Mantis presents food and battle gear, but Orion is not impressed. The Martian realizes that "Orion" is using telepathy to fan the Bugs' anger, and recognizes his mind touch. Megan is among the Bugs, shapeshfited into one of them, reverts to her base Martian form, and flies forward to confront "Orion". Orion says that they can't talk there and flies off, and Megan goes with him and tells the team to stay there.

Dick has Brion test his powers on a rock to demonstrate his control. Dick keeps giving him advice and Brion snaps at him and then misses. He becomes increasingly angry and explodes in fire, destroying the nearby trees. He burns off his clothes and Halo says that his body isn't what broken and she'll demonstrate her powers. Artemis attacks her and Halo blocks her at first, and then creates a yellow aura that she hasn't displayed before. She tests her new aura and blasts a tree, knocking herself back with the recoil.

Megan meets with "Orion" and tells her brother to assume his true form. He reverts to his White Martian form of M'comm, and insists that he is Ma'Alefa'ak. Ma'Alefa'ak. says that the Greens are a superstitious and cowardly lot and Ma'Alefa'ak scares them. He explains that if he does a few favors on New Genesis, he'll get help for the White revolution on Mars. Ma'Alefa'ak says that the Bugs need to rise up and overthrow the New Gods, and he's giving them a "push". Megan says that he's an oppressor, and Ma'Alefa'ak invites her to join him. When she refuses, Ma'Alefa'a and his meta-humans knock her out.

Halo heals herself with her violet aura, and Brion says that he cannot stay and asks Halo to take care of herself. She asks him not to go, but he walks away. Dick says that they want to help him, and Conner figures that he needs direction and purpose. When Dick offers to help Brion find his sister Tara, Brion agrees to stay.

Bear and the other heroes arrive and attack Ma'Alefa'ak and the meta-humans. Megan recovers and telepathically engages her brother, while the meta-humans get on their scooters and open fire. Thirteen focuses her magical powers, causing the scooters to malfunction. Once the two meta-humans are down on the ground, the other heroes move in. Mantis and his people watch, and Mantis orders his soldiers to destroy them all. Kid Flash knocks one of them aside, but another knocks him down. As Mantis prepares to blast Wonder Girl and Blue Beetle, Forager knocks his leader aside.

On the mental plane, Megan tells Ma'Alefa'ak that he can't win through hate. She says that she's stronger but has no desire to hurt him, and reminds him of what they meant to each other. Ma'Alefa'ak remembers how the Greens treated them until Megan defended them, and insists that a war isn't worn on defense. Megan says that she's chosen love over anger and shows her brother mental images of her friends. Ma'Alefa'ak asks if she can teach him, but it's only a ruse to lure her in. Megan blocks his attack and then mentally defeats him. Ma'Alefa'ak. says that her love makes her weak, and activates a failsafe to cause the two meta-humans to "self-destruct". He says that it's Forager's fault and promises that he'll crush him if he sees him again, and then goes incorporeal through the ground.

Mantis tells Forager that he has no place in the Hive. Megan tells Mantis that it was a Martian, not Orion, but Mantis doesn't believe her and says that if he sees any of them, he will end them. Once he and his warriors leave, Bear tells Bug that it's no longer safe for him on New Genesis. Megan invites Forager to come with them, assuring him that he doesn't have to leave forever. Bear summons a Boom Tube and the heroes take the meta-humans and go back to Earth. Forager looks at the devastation caused by the fight and then goes with the others.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 13, 2019

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