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Rescue Op Recap

In Al-Qawiya, Jaqqar Marlo emerges from a bar, playing his Funny Monkeys VR game. Black Spider drops down from the roof and introduces himself as a member of the League of Shadows. He tells Marlo that it's his last night on earth. Marlo runs and ducks into an alley, but a woman in the shadows drops a giant rock on him. Black Spider arrives and congratulates her on the good job.

In Gotham City, Barbara is playing the Funny Monkeys game when Dick comes in. She easily flips him to the floor, and Dick says that he meant to do it. They kiss and are interrupted when an alarm goes off.

In Happy Harbor, Brion and Halo are walking on the lawn and Halo realizes that she's hungry for the first time. Brion gives her an apple and Halo revels in the taste. Forager comes out with Megan, Connor, and Artemis and Megan explains that she telepathically downloaded English into Forager's brain. She introduces Forager to Halo and Brion, and Halo knows all about the New Gods. However, she has no idea how she knows the information. Brion is excited to meet his "real" alien for the first time, and Forager says that he's in exile from his home.

Megan wonders where Forager will stay, and Conner and Artemis say that they already have full houses. She suggests that all three of them get their own place and transforms her bio-ship into an RV as Jeff comes out. Jace calls and Brion asks if Tara is still alive. The doctor says that she was and tried to protect her for as long as she could, but Frederick took her after her metagene was activated and he shipped him off. Jace figures that Tara has some kind of geoforce like Brion and Frederick.

Dick arrives and explains that Marlo was killed by a meta-human who dropped a boulder on him. He suggests that Tara is with the League, and Jace figures that they're using a control implant to force her to kill. Brion insists on rescuing Tara, but Dick warns that they don't know enough yet. When Brion insists, Dick says that the League is based on Infinity Island, and it's run by Ra's al Ghul, a member of the Light and one of the most dangerous men on the planet. Brion agrees to play it Dick's way and goes to check out the RV with Halo and Forager. Jace asks Jeff to keep her apprised and signs off.

The trio enter the RV and the bioship modifies itself to provide what they need. Brion calls Jace and says that he's going after Tara, and the doctor says that she'll be ready to help her. He claims that he changed the others' minds. Halo and Forager offer to help him, figuring that their members of Brion's "hive". Halo takes them to the Sphere and it agrees to take them to Infinity Island.

In the house, Barbara calls Dick and sys that Halo's real name is Gabrielle Daou and she was born in Quraci. She was working as a servant in the Markovian Royal Palace. Dick tells the others, and they go to the RV to tell Halo only to discover that they're gone and so is the Sphere.

Sphere arrives on Infinity Island and head for the castle on the island. As they go in, Halo suggests that she uses the name "Violet" after her violet aura. Brion realizes that something is wrong because there's no one there. They find Sensei meditating in the garden, and he knows who Brion is. He tells Brion that Tara has gone astray, and says that he won't find his sister there. When Brion persists, Sensei stands up and says that he doesn't need an army because he trained them. Unimpressed, Brion uses his geoforce powers.

The team flies to Infinity Island in the bioship.

Sensei tells Brion that he's there to make a fool of himself, and suggests that Tara may choose not to be found. Brion attacks him and Sensei throws shuriken into his lava form. He dodges Brion's lava blasts and throws Sphere back at the heroes when it charges at him. Sensei grabs Violet and threatens to kill her if the others don't stand down. When Halo prepares her yellow aura, Sensei breaks her neck. Furious, Brion unleashes more lava while Sphere opens fire.

Two ninja emerge from the shadows and take down Sphere and Forager, and then Brion. Sensei has them locked in a cell with implants in their necks, and Sphere chained to the wall. Halo uses her violet aura to heal herself. Ra's al Ghul and Sensei watch via a hidden camera, and Sensei insists that Halo was dead.

The team arrives and breaks into the cell, removes the implants, and frees Sphere. They head out into the main room and finds the League members waiting for them. Nightwing says that they just want to leave, but Sensei tells them that their trespass must be punished. The two sides fight and Miss Martian telekinetically throws Sensei back. Ra's steps out and tells Nightwing that Batman would be disappointed. He says that they can go, and Brion demands that they hand over Tara. Ra's says that he's no longer head of the League or part of the Light. Nightwing assures Brion that Ra's is no liar, and Tigress asks who is running the League. He refuses but says that it isn't her father.

Once the heroes leave, a woman emerges from the shadows holding a baby. The red hooded ninja that fought in the battle mutters Dick's last name, and Ra's realizes that some of his memories have returned and is satisfied.

On the bioship, Gregor apologizes for causing the situation. Nightwing tells him that they're not happy with Brion stealing Sphere, disobeying orders, and endangering themselves. They suggest that they remain outside of Young Justice as "outsiders", and Nightwing says that they'll find a way to make it work. Artemis tells Halo her real name, and Halo remembers being approved to enter Markovia and a Markovian telling her to go home. She tells the team that her name is Violet.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 13, 2019

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