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The Flash & The Furious Recap


Nora tells the imprisoned Eobard that he's lucky she came back at all. He tells her to ask her questions, and Eobard admits that he killed her grandmother in front of Barry. Eobard says that the murder changed the destiny of Barry, Nora, and himself, and tells Nora that he was inspired by Barry like Nora is, and wanted to be the Flash. Nora says that he'll never be the flash, and Eobard admits that realization broke him and led him to do the evil things that he did. She asks why Eobard didn't tell him what he did, and Eobard thought that Iris had told her. Nora says that he doesn't trust Eobard anymore, and Eobard reminds that he taught her how to travel and be with her father. Eobard says that thinking of himself won't be his legacy and asks to help Nora, but she refuses and speeds away.


At STAR Labs, Iris tells the others that GCPD is staking out Grace's room but Dwyer won't go there as a result. They have no way to find Dwyer, and they can only trace the dark matter in his dagger when he uses it. Ralph is visiting his mother, and Nora arrives with Barry's suit for Cecile's first day back in court where he's going to testify against Weather Witch. Joe is visiting Wally, Nora suggests that she comes with them.

Once Barry, Iris, and Nora leave, Caitlin tells Cisco that she's going to take the shards out of his hands. As he leaves, Sherloque says to himself that he'll solve the mystery for free. He works decrypting Nora's future writing.

The trial against Jocelyn, aka Weather Witch, begins. The judge welcomes Cecile back to his court after her maternity leave, and she gives her opening statement about Jocelyn using the meta tech to harm the citizens of Central City. Cecile glances over at Jocelyn and wavers, and Iris asks if she's okay. The DA dismisses it as nothing and continues.

Caitlin takes the shards out of Cisco's hand and reverts to Killer Frost to suture the wound using ice. Once she reverts back, Caitlin says that it's easier to change back to Killer Frost then it was. Cisco says that he's enjoyed not having his powers recently.

A woman, Raya Van Zandt, watches a newscast about Jocelyn's trial. She then steals a Lamborghini using a piece of meta tech and drives off.

As Cecile questions a witness, Barry gets a text and says that he has to go. Cecile comes over and says that he's on the stand in thirty minutes, and Barry says that he'll be back in 30 minutes to testify.

The police chase Raya through the streets and she easily evades them. Cisco is tracking the car and reports the location to Flash and XS. He speeds ahead and reaches for the driver's side door, but a burst of energy blasts him back. Flash stands up and discovers that he can't stop vibrating as XS arrives.

Barry and Nora go back to STAR Labs and Barry phases part way through the floor. Nora warns that she can't keep counter-phasing forever, and Cisco and Caitlin tell Barry to vibrate through the floor so he falls into a powerline cell and it negates his powers. Cisco directs them to the correct location and Nora lets Barry go, he phases through the floor, and Cisco activates the power dampener in the cell. Nora speeds down and makes sure that her father is okay.

Later, Cisco and Caitlin check the readings and tell Barry that Lamborghini was infused with dark matter, causing him to phase uncontrollably. Caitlin figures that the effect will fade away in a day, and Barry says that he has to testify. Nora offers to testify, and goes to the courtroom. She tells Cecile and Iris that Barry presented her paperwork to the court so she's qualified to testify as a CSI. Cecile reluctantly agrees and tells Nora to follow her lead. Once she leaves, Cecile tells Iris that she's going to pursue a lighter sentence because she feel ways of remove coming off of Jocelyn and she doesn't want to turn out like her father Mark.

Nora takes the stand and Cecile has her describe the effects of the weather on the airport that Jocelyn attacked. Cecile points out that no one was injured and points out that Jocelyn avoided hitting the passengers with her lightning bolts. Nora is surprised and Iris nods at her to leave the stand. Jocelyn's lawyer Lee comes up and tries to get Nora to admit that the staff corrupted Jocelyn. Nora says that there were little kids in the hanger and describes the power of lightning. She stands up and says that Jocelyn can't be trusted. Jocelyn tells the court that she's guilty and should pay for what she did.

That night at STAR Labs, Cisco tells Caitlin that he ran a biomechanical analysis on the shard and his hand. He discovered that the dark matter was removing his powers, and figures that they can make a meta-human cure. Cisco points out that Caitlin wanted to get rid of Killer Frost, but she says that many metas have used their powers for good. They argue and Cisco figures that they helped create many of the metas and should cure them, but Caitlin tells him that not everyone wants a normal life.

The police transport Jocelyn to Iron Heights, and Raya pulls ahead of them and then brakes ahead of them. They stop and Raya gets out walks over to the police van. She takes control of the van with a key fob, locking the doors, and then opens the back and lets Jocelyn out, saying that she's her ride.

Back at STAR Labs, Iris has video of Raya using the meta-tech fob. She can use it to control engines by remote. Iris notices that Raya salutes the policemen, and discover Raya's identity. Raya is a former jet pilot and mechanic, dishonorably discharged and had the code name Silver Ghost. Iris goes to have Joe get a copy of Raya's military record. Nora insists that bad people don't change and figures that Jocelyn set the whole thing up.

Raya welcomes Jocelyn to her garage and says that it's the future base of the Young Rogues. Jocelyn tells Raya to take her back, and Raya explains that ARGUS is protected by an advanced security system and she needs Weather Witch's lightning to burn it out. Once Jocelyn takes it out, they can break in and get something that will make them unstoppable. Jocelyn explains that she plans to turn herself in, and Raya tells her that they're both criminals and people will figure that Jocelyn is like her mother. She tells Jocelyn to find out and comes back when she learns it.

Sherloque brings Barry some pop and asks him about the symbol language he wrote when he came out of the Speed Force a year ago. Barry says that Gideon couldn't translate it, and Sherloque asks if it was a future language. He says that it doesn't have anything have to do with Cicada and gives him a book that the Legends dropped off to help Barry pass the time.

As Sherloque goes, an alarm goes off. There's a hurricane in Central City and XS speeds to the hurricane. Jocelyn is waiting and tells XS that she needs her help. She insists that Raya isn't her friend and didn’t help her escape, and wants to turn herself back in. Jocelyn wants to show people that she's not the people they think she is, and wants XS to vouch for her. She offers to show XS where Raya took her and asks for a chance.

At the CCPD, Major Morgan gives Raya's file to Iris. XS speeds in with Jocelyn, who thought that XS was going to help her. The police take Jocelyn off, and XS says that she doesn't trust criminals and speeds away.

Later, Iris returns to STAR Labs and finds Nora running around the pipeline. Once she stops, Iris says that Barry also runs when something is on his mind. Iris tells her daughter that according to the DoD file, there's no connection between Raya and Jocelyn. She tells Nora that everyone deserves a second chance and Barry gives people more second chances than anyone she's ever met.

Cisco is distilling dark matter ore from the shards, and Frost comes in and ice-blasts them. She asks what he's doing. She tells him that she and Caitlin are doing fine, and figures that Cicada got into Cisco's head. Cisco insists that it isn't about him, but Killer Frost says that Cisco is trying to save them all. He agrees, saying that he wants a family and doesn't want them to wonder all the time if he'll make it home. Frost tells him that he doesn't have to choose between being a meta and having a family, but Cisco says that he's not Flash and he just wants to be him, and now there's no chance of a cure.

Barry is pacing his cell reading the book with Nora comes in. She explains that she's having a hard time believing that some people can change, and asks if Barry thinks bad people stay bad. Barry explains that Len was a bad person but turned out to be a hero, and figures that anyone can change. Nora asks about Eobard, and Barry says that part of being a hero is seeing the good in people and figures that even Eobard could change.

A police officer is leaving her car, and the lights and sirens go off in all of the cars. She calls it in, and inside, Jocelyn sets in her cell and hears the officers talking about the situation. Once they leave, Raya comes in with the Weather Staff, frees Jocelyn, and says that she's giving her a second chance when no one else will.

Weather Witch and Silver Ghost go to the ARGUS base and Weather Witch shorts out the power junction to the security system. The door opens and they go in to find a stealth automobile produced by WayneTech. Silver Ghost takes control of it using her fob, and they drive off in the car.

Iris gets a report about the car's theft, and Nora suggests that they track the dark matter in Weather Witch's staff. Nora takes Caitlin aside for a second after Barry warns his daughter not to touch the car when they're phased.

XS intercepts the car and tells Weather Witch that she needs to talk to her. Silver Ghost fires a missile at CS, who easily avoids it. However, it explodes as it passes her and Silver Ghost backs the car up and then drives away. Frost steps out, and the women discover that there's an ice wall up ahead. Silver Ghost uses the car system to phase through the wall, and the phasing jams the tracking.

Weather Wizard warns Silver Ghost that XS will come after them. XS activates the car's camouflage system, basically turning it invisible. Cisco sends an overall transmission for XS, and XS tells Jocelyn that she's asking her for a second chance. She says that it's not who Jocelyn is. Jocelyn uses the weather staff, secretly icing up the road, and Iris tells XS that the car is heading toward her. XS loses control of the car, and Jocelyn teleports herself and Silver Ghost out of the car. When Frost arrives, she says that she didn't ice the road and XS realizes that Jocelyn did it.

Later, the 24 hours expire and the team release Barry from the cell. He confirms that he's no longer phasing uncontrollably, and Nora tells Barry that Jocelyn saved her life. Cecile takes Nora with her to find Cisco, and Barry tells Iris that there's nothing like being a parent.

Cisco is working on equations when Caitlin hands him a parka. They teleport to her father's old lab and points out that he created a meta-gene and suggests that Cisco use the research to do the reverse. Cisco points out that she's helping him make a meta-human cure, and Caitlin says that she won't stand in the way of letting him have a normal life. She still thinks that it's dangerous, but suggests that they never force a cure on anyone. Cisco agrees and says that they're there to make a choice, and they hug.

In 2049, Nora visits Eobard and admits that she doesn't trust him... but will give him the chance to change her mind. He warns that it will take time and he doesn't have time, and a timer on the wall counts down from 51 minutes. Nora says that she wants to believe there is good in him, and Eobard asks for the chance to prove it. She agrees and asks what's next.

Sherloque enters the time vault and accesses Gideon. He asks the AI for the files from Nora, and Gideon says that Nora deleted all entries.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 16, 2019

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