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Penguin, Our Hero Recap

At city hall, Oswald limps out and listens to a choir singing his praises. He walks downstairs and the choir follow him, still singing. Oswald goes to his office and feeds his dog, and Penn tells him that they're production is steady. one singer passes out and Penn tells Oswald that everyone was working through the night in the bullet factory and they've been shorthanded since people started defecting. he says that the defectors have fled to a place called Haven in Jim's section, and the gangs are too disorganized to try and take the bounty on Jim's head. Oswald is furious that people love anyone but him, and two Street Demonz break in and attack him. He shoots back and wounds them, and the survivor says that Oswald has been hitting their street gangs and putting up tags identifying himself. Oswald points out that if he wanted them dead, he kill them, has the ganger taken away to be tortured, and tells Penn to make sure no one gets in or out or it's Penn's head.

Selina lies in her bed sleeping, and dreams of when Jeremiah shot her. She jerks awake, stands up, and climbs out the window after donning her black garb. After a moment, Selina leaps off the roof.

The next day, Harvey tells Jim that they have refugees coming in from every territory in Gotham. He warns that the gangs will come looking for them, and Jim says that they won't turn anyone away. Harvey asks if he's getting any sleep, warning him that they can't have him fall apart. Jim insists that he's okay and walks away. Bruce tells him that he's repurposed the water purification system from Wayne Enterprises tech. A refugee yells that he hasn't had his rations yet and starts fighting with another refugee. Jim tells them to break it up, and when everyone stares at him, he says that everyone is welcome there but there are rules. One of them is that they leave the fighting outside because they have to show the government that they deserve help. Refugees nod in agreement, and Jim walks away. Bruce tells him that his speech worked and he's giving them help. He says that Will has been having nightmares and asks Jim to talk to the boy.

Bruce and Jim go over to Will's bunk and assure him that he's safe. Jim gives the boy a can of pineapple and tells him to hang in there, and says that he'll check on him later.

Selina walks into Haven and Bruce sees her. She insists that she doesn't need rest and she's never felt better, and now she wants to find Jeremiah. Bruce tells her that he has never found him, but Selina figures that one of the refugees has to know something. When Bruce warns that Jeremiah has had months to fortify himself, Selina asks if he's scared and Bruce reminds her that Jeremiah shot her trying to get to him. She asks him for his help, and Bruce says that they'll bring Jeremiah back there and stand trial. Selina smiles and then kisses Bruce, and says that she was hoping she could count on him.

Bruce and Selina find a refugee who has heard rumors that Jeremiah is in the Dark Zone at the other end of the island. It's ruled by people who lost their minds since the bridges came down, and Jeremiah is gathering followers. The man worries that if they go to the Dark Zone then Jeremiah is the least of their worries. He shows them his friend, who has the word "kill" carved repeatedly into his chest.

Oswald gets out of bed and hears the maid Olga singing. He yells for Penn and his staff, and Olga says that everyone has defected to Haven, even Edward the dog. Furious, Oswald wakes up the ganger and tells him that their interests are allied and he's decided the man can live. He frees the ganger and tells him to contact the Loy Boyz and the Undead. Oswald will provide the bullets and together they'll visit Haven.

At the station, Harvey tells Jim that border guards have reported that Oswald and the gangs are heading for Haven. Jim hopes that they still have one friend because they don't have enough bullets.

Bruce and Selina go to the Dark Zone and Selina jokes about the last of activity. When Bruce smiles, Selina asks why and he says that it's good to see her like her old self. he says that he had a reason to stay, and they see a man in a car with his throat cut. Another man runs down the street and Selina pulls Bruce to cover. The bomb attached to the man explodes, and a gang of asylum patients run down the street. As Selina and Bruce turn, a gang of mutants come up. Bruce says that they're looking for Jeremiah, but the mutant leader doesn't care. Selina attacks him while Bruce fights the other gang members.

Jim orders everyone inside as Penn leads a group of singers. Gang members roar in on their vehicles, and Oswald arrives and Jim tells him that he shouldn't have come there. Jim insists that everyone is there of their own free will, and Edward refuses to go over to Oswald. When the dog refuses, Oswald tells Jim to return his people and give an apology or they'll destroy the community. Jim refuses but Oswald figures that he's low on ammo and bluffing. The GCPD open fire and the gangers take practice.

Bruce takes down the mutants, and Selina hamstrings the leader and then beats him, demanding to know where Jeremiah is. he finally gives a location and says that they don’t mess with him, and Selina continues beating him. Bruce tells her that he's had enough, and fires a grappling gun to snag her wrist when she keeps beating the leader. Selina shrugs off what she's done and walks off.

Oswald tells the gangs that Jim is bluffing, and tells three of them to march. Three gangers walk forward and the GCPD wound them but then run out of ammo. Oswald steps out and tells Jim to do what he said. Jim finally tells his men to put their guns down and sets down his own revolver.

After the sun goes down, Bruce and Selina approach Jeremiah's location. Selina says that the mutants had to know she was serious, and points out that the leader was trying to kill her just like Jeremiah was. She asks whose side Bruce is on, and he says that he's always on hers. They approach a ticket booth with a poster of Jeremiah inside, and Selina says that she's going to tear his throat out. A woman goes into the nearby church, and Bruce and Selina go in. Ecco welcomes the "pilgrims" to the Church of Jeremiah Valeska where they can become their best selves. Bruce tells Selina that they're going to go in together, but Selina refuses.

Ecco says that Jeremiah awaits a show of faith and two men stand up. She tells them that Jeremiah only wants the most faithful followers and they can prove themselves up the stairs. The two men and others go up the stairs, and Ecco tells the rest to get out. Selina approaches Ecco and says that she wants to meet Jeremiah, saying that she's witnessed his work firsthand before and will never forget it. Ecco gestures her up the stairs and Selina goes upstairs while Ecco whispers to one of the ushers. He goes upstairs and Ecco removes her mask and smiles.

Oswald locks up Jim and his men, and tells him that the government has abandoned them and he is the one in power. Jim tells him to do his worst to him but leave the refugees out of it, but Oswald refuses and leaves. When Oswald goes down, the gangs say that they're taking Penn. Oswald drags Penn away and the gang leader shoots Penn dead and says that they're taking the bullet factory. Dying, Penn says that everyone hated Oswald. Oswald tells the leader that he'll pay for it, and the ganger hits him and then locks him up with Jim.

Harvey goes to Sirens to find Barbara. She puts a knife to his throat, and Harvey says that Jim needs her help. Barbara asks if Harvey is tired of playing sidekick, and Harvey tells her that he and Jim are fighting for the same thing. She lets him go and asks what he thinks his life was dead if he hadn't met Jim. Harvey says that he'd be dead or wishes that he would, and mentions Oswald. Barbara says that he should have lead with that and leaves.

Jim tries to free himself, and Oswald complains that Jim is the reason for his situation. Will leads two gangers in and says that he thought there was a stash there. Jim tells Oswald to act normal, and Will kicks a blade to Jim. Oswald grabs it, and Jim says that they need to take the gangs out or they'll come after Oswald. After a moment, Oswald kicks the blade to Jim and they kneel together to pick it up.

Bruce sneaks upstairs and finds the corpses of dozens of pilgrims.

The new pilgrims enter a room covered in blood along with Selena, and Ecco reveals a table of six-shooters. She explains that they all get one gun and one bullet, and says that it's a show of faith. Selina picks up one gun and invites Ecco to try her. Ecco steps back and each pilgrim points their revolvers at the next person in the circle. The woman tells them to pull the trigger, and they all do so.

Selina blocks the hammer of the gun pointed at her head. When Ecco comes over and says that she had high hopes for Selina, Selina tells her that she's not a mindless idiot willing to get shot in the head for nothing. Ecco tells the pilgrims that Jeremiah and his methods may look like madness but they'll be their salvation. She tells the survivors to leave and be reborn.

Bruce slips through the church after hearing the gunshots.

Selina tells Ecco that she's not willing to play her psychotic games. She says that she's played the same game and says that the bullet is still inside her skull. She puts the gun to her head and pulls the trigger repeatedly, each time clicking on an empty chamber. Ecco tells Selina that Jeremiah wants all of his followers to die and reborn, and aims the gun at Selina and addresses her by name. She says that they all know about Bruce's life, and figures that Bruce and Selina aren't willing to embrace their true selves. Selina tells Ecco that Jeremiah taught her that she hates having a gun pointed at her face. She disarms Ecco and the two women fight. Ecco grabs the gun and finally knocks Ecco down, and aims the gun at her head. The woman says that she knew Selina had it in her. Bruce arrives and tells Selina to drop the gun, and Ecco tells Selina that she doesn't have what it takes. She breaks free and manages to escape through a gate. When Bruce grabs her and says that they need to get her patched up, Selina handcuffs him to gate, says that she's going to do it her way, and leaves.

After they free themselves, Jim and Oswald get guns and capture the gangers. Oswald guns them down and Jim calls on his men to come out. Edward walks over to Oswald, and the refugees start chanting Oswald's name since he shot the gang leader.

Back at Haven, some of the refugees complain that Jim promised that they'd be safe. He tells them that it was a hard day but they survived and got guns and ammunitions. Jim insists as long as they survive, hope survives. Will steps out and agrees with Jim, and Jim says that there's work to be done and wounded to be cared for. The refugees go and a cop reports that they have Oswald outside. Before Jim goes out, he tells Will that he did a brave thing. Will says that Jim saved him and his friends and he wanted to help, and Jim asks him to be his deputy in Haven, and gives him a badge.

Outside, Jim meets with Oswald and says that he did the right thing and is free to go. Harvey and Barbara arrive and Barbara prepares to shoot Oswald. Jim tells her that Oswald is safe within Haven. He refuses to get out of the way, but before Barbara can shoot, Haven explodes. Jim gets to his feet and stares at the wreckage.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 18, 2019

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