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Home Fires Recap

In Greater Bialya, a group of villains meet. Queen Bee tells them that they have two delicate situations and each of them requires delicate attention. Vandal says that his ally can handle the second tasks.

On the planet Rimbor, Lobo walks through the streets yelling at everyone to get out of his way. A Contract-Bot, Lok-Ron, approaches the bounty hunter with an offer and beams the information into his brain. Lobo accepts the contract and says that some Earthling is going to die.

On Earth, Iris West-Allen is watching a news broadcast about Aquaman making a League press statement. He says that the League and STAR Labs are opening a meta-human youth center and introduces Dr. Eduardo Dorado, Sr., the director. Eduardo states that the center's goal is to help children adjust to their new powers and the world around them. Iris's speedster two-year-olds speed off, and Bart snags them at superspeed. Iris greets Mera and Artur and says that they're the first to arrive. Across the street, a man watches and mutters that twelve more are to arrive.

At Happy Harbor, Connor is watching the G. Gordon Godfrey show while Forager eats and Brion checks the videos from Markovia. Godfrey is interviewing Gretchen Goode, creator of the Goode Googles and better known as "Granny Goodness". Gretchen says that they have modest success with the Goggles, and Godfrey accuses her of turning youth's brains to mush. She insists that she's proud of her product and then talks about how her company has partnered with Wayne Enterprises to support meta-human youth centers. Godfrey yawns, bored, and accuses her of giving money to "meta-freaks". He notes that Bruce declined to come on the show and accuses him of hiding things.

Megan comes out and Connor quickly turns off the TV. He admits that Godfrey is fascinating and they need to know what the other side is saying about them. Lucas comes in and invites Megan to carpool with him, and says that he can come in whenever he wants--if the school board doesn't get wise--to the Happy Harbor high school. On the Internet, Gregor says that Quraci refugees will be given sanctuary in Markovia. He refuses to discuss meta-human policy for the time being.

Will meets with Lynn, who figures that Jeff couldn't give up the superhero business for long. She asks what the deal is with Artemis, and Will insists that there's nothing between them. More hero wives and mothers arrive, and across the street the watcher notes that there are now fourteen on site and four are still to come.

In Owings Mills, Artemis and Halo meet Connor, Brion, and Forager as they arrive via the Super Cycle. Helga and Jeff arrive and Jeff assures them that Helga convinced him to let her come. She calls Halo "Gabrielle", and Halo says that she's "Violet". Helga apologizes to Brion, blaming herself for everything that has happened to her. Brion says that she was Bedlam's victim as well and she wonders what they're doing to get Tara back. He says that Nightwing has a plan to get Tara back and has told them to be patient.

A sniper opens fire on Geo Force and Halo shields him. Jeff leads Helga away, and Forager and Halo figure that it's test. They go after the sniper--Nightwing--but he shoots Geo Force with a rubber bullet. Jeff tells Helga that it was just a test, but Helga goes to Geo Force. Nightwing congratulates Halo and Forager on their performance, and gives Geo Force an F.

"John Smith", Red Tornado's civilian form, arrives and generates miniature tornadoes for the children. The watcher figures that two more need to arrive and then it will be time.

Geo Force complains that he didn't come there for cheap shots, and says that they should go to Santa Prisca to get Tara. Nightwing tells him to be patient, and Geo Force says that surprise tests prove nothing. Lobo arrives and blasts them, and Lobo uses his belt to translate that his contract is to kill Geo Force and the rest of them can go. They refuse and Lobo attacks them, using Connor as a bludgeon. The Super Cycle opens fire on Lobo and Connor punches him back, and Lobo has his cycle open fire on the Super Cycle.

Lobo knocks away Nightwing and Artemis, shoots a grapnel hook into Halo's chest, and pulls her down. Jeff and Geo Force combine their attacks on Lobo, pinning him between them.

Lois Lane arrives with Jonathan, and the watcher realizes that everyone has arrived. He removes his coat, revealing his Atlantean costume, and Lady Shiva steps in and congratulates him on his finding out where the superhero mothers and their children are. Shiva says that his skills are worthy of the Shadow, and Ocean-Master prepares to kill the mothers and destroy the heroes' lives. His visitor says that the Light has vowed to never use the option lightly, and Ocean-Master complains that he spent six years inside of an Atlantean prison. Shiva tells him that the Light assumed he wouldn't give up his quest for vengeance and kills him.

Lobo regenerates his injuries, and Geo Force sinks Lobo into a pool of lava. After Geo Force solidifies it, Lobo breaks free and Forager and a horde of similar bugs attack Lobo. Lobo punches them and realizes that they're holograms generated by Halo. Halo has healed her injury, shields Helga, and manages to cut off one of Lobo's figures. The bounty hunter grabs Forager in his carapace and smashes it open despite the other heroes' efforts to stop him, and then whistles for his cycle. It flies over and Lobo congratulates them on doing better than most before leaving.

The heroes gather around Forager's remains. A shellless Forager steps out of hiding and explains that he shed his exo-shell to fool Lobo, and Geo Force hugs him despite the goo on him. Forager thanks all of them for risking their lives to save him, saying that they're all drones in h is hive.

In Bialya, Shiva tells the humans that the Central City job is done and the heroes are none the wiser. Queen Bee welcomes her as the Light's new enforcer and is satisfied that Lobo helped proved that Superboy and Black Lightning were involved in the Markovian incident. Vandal assures Ultra-Humanite that there are other sources for meta-humans, and now they know that Nightwing has assembled a new team. Klarion, Deathstroke, and Lex Luthor step forward to join the other four members of the Light's council, and Gretchen joins them and says that the plan is in place and they'll deal with the naughty children in their own good time.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 19, 2019

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