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Trouble the Water Recap

The Past

At a church, Reverend Potter preaches to his congregation and says that every sin will eventually find them out.

A young Pilgrim hacks wood outside a house. A woman, Rebecca, waves to him from the upstairs window and Pilgrim smiles.

Pilgrim sits in the congregation and listens to Potter's sermon. Potter talks about how an angel blessed the water so that it would heal. He then calls up two of their patrons, Anderson and Eliza Schultz, and thanks them for their contributions to the church, the town, and the state. Eliza talks about loving their neighbor and talks about how together they made the town a brotherhood.

Afterward, Pilgrim emerges from the church. Anderson says that they need him back in the choir, and asks how Pilgrim's wife Rebecca is feeling with the new treatments. He says that the results are groundbreaking and Pilgrim thanks him for his contributions. Anderson then tells Pilgrim that he has become aware of a matter that will require special attention, and Pilgrim says that he is eager to accept and prove his faith. The older man says that one of their own has been thrown to the lions, and Eliza comes over with Pilgrim's two sons and assures him that them and Rebecca will be well-looked after while he's gone.

Later at home, Pilgrim packs his clothing for the trip. Rebecca is in bed and asks how long he'll be gone and where he's going. Pilgrim refuses to say where he's going but says that he'll be gone a couple of days and kisses her hand. Michael removes his shirt to change, revealing old tattoos on his chest, arm, and back.


Pilgrim watches the sheriff's station as Evans leave. Inside, Frank stands in a cell. In the adjoining cell, Marlena says that shit is going to rain down. The drunk in the cell asks if they're married.

Amy listens to Deputy Ogden talking about the seminar he went to where her learned to question suspects. She asks for a Coke, pointing out that she's a victim not a suspect, and offers to change his life for a dollar. Amy notes that he has a horseshoe hanging the wrong way, and convinces him to give her a dollar. She asks if they've learned anything about what happened, just as Hardin comes over and says that he pulled her record and learned that she has prints under a number of aliases. The sheriff asks what really happened, and Amy insists that she's the victim. Hardin says that he's going to treat her as an adult and lock her up with Marlena, and Amy begs them not to. Hardin asks for a reason, and Amy says that she was trying to kill him and Frank saved her. She admits that Frank tied her to a bed as well, and says that Frank and Marlena are both crazy and she got in the way.

Hardin goes to the cells and tells Marlena that her prints turned up that she and the corpses at the motel are former military and security contractors. As for Frank, he has no record according to the system. Hardin figures that he's military but there's no record of him in the military. Marlena applauds and figures that he's playing hero to get votes, and promises that if he lets her go then her people won't kill him. As Hardin goes, Frank warns him that trouble is coming. Hardin asks why, and Frank says that the people playing Marlena will want everything "cleaned up".

Krista tells Billy that he's averaging less than two hours of sleep a night. He says that he doesn't take the pills because he was trained to sleep anywhere. Krista figures that he's afraid to sleep because of the nightmares, and tells him that he has to expose himself to the nightmares to control them. She looks at his dream journal and says that they're gently trying to unravel his nightmares. Billy yells at her to help him, and the Federal guards come in. Krista waves them back and Billy yells at her that she's not doing anything. When he grabs her, the guards move in and Billy takes them both out, beating them with their own nightsticks and then tasering one of them.

Billy takes Krista out, holding her by the arm and wearing a hoodie to cover his mask. An alarm goes off as Billy gets out, and asks Krista why she didn't scream. Krista says that she didn't want him hurt and it's not too late to put it right. Billy takes off his mask and says that there's no way to put it right, and runs off.

Marlena asks if Frank is really just wrong place wrong time, and Frank says that it is. She wonders why he got involved, and warns that it's going to have to play it out.

Deputy Dobbs tells Hardin that two men are there for extradition. It's Ferrara and Pilgrim, and Ferrara says that the paperwork is coming through and he's there to get Frank and Marlena. The lieutenant says that they're wanted for major homicides in a drug deal gone, and they were using Amy as a mule. Hardin notices Pilgrim looking around and says that he can't release them until they're arraigned on Thursday. Ferrara says that it won't work for them and asks to look through their belongings, but Hardin refuses. He notices that Ferrara looks nervous, and Pilgrim asks Hardin if he took an oath. Hardin says that he did, and Pilgrim says that he promised God that no one would get hurt if they don't have to. Pilgrim sees Amy in the squad room, says that he who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind, and walks out with Ferrara following him.

Outside, Pilgrim tells Ferrara to go. He waves and the station lights go out. Inside, Amy tells Hardin to do something right now. The phone and radio are out as well, and in the cells Marlena says that the waiting is over.

Hardin gets some guns, and Dobbs tells Deputy Murphy that they turned away Ferrara and Pilgrim. Amy begs Hardin to let her go before they come.

Pilgrim and his men come through the woods toward the station, rifles ready.

Dinah arrives at the hospital and talks to Krista. The doctor says that she's unhurt and is waiting for a detective to give her statement. Dinah says that it isn't her case, and insists that Billy planned the whole thing. Krista says that Billy responded to emotional triggers, resulting in escape and avoidance. Dinah doesn't believe it, and asks if Krista knows anything that will let her bring Billy in safely. Mahoney comes in and says that he banned Dinah from coming there because it might interfere in any case they brought against him. He points out that the case is under NYPD jurisdiction and suggests that she leave. Mahoney then tells Krista that he's there to take her statement. Disgusted, Dinah says that Krista sympathizes with Billy and leaves. In the hallway, Dinah makes sure that she has Billy's dream journal that she picked up in the room. She then calls Frank's number.

Hardin enters the cells and tells Frank that he needs him to start talking.

Amy steals a Coke can out of a machine, and Hardin brings Frank out and handcuffs him to a table. Frank figures that the phone lines are cut and the radios are jammed, and Hardin knows that he's in trouble. Hardin wonders what he's dealing with, and Frank describes what happened when Marlena and her team came after Amy at the roadhouse. The sheriff wonders why Frank got involved, and Frank says that he didn't run because he wanted to see what was coming. Amy has nothing to say, and Hardin realizes that Frank used Amy as bait. Frank tells him to give the men what they want, which means Frank, Amy, and Marlena. Ogden offers to go get help, and Frank advises against it. Hardin tells Ogden to get clear of the jammer and call the State troopers.

Ogden runs for the car outside and starts the car, and one of Pilgrim's men shoots him with a sniper rifle. He yells that he's hit and Hardin runs over and gets him back to the station. Hardin sees Pilgrim standing and watching across the street, but tells Murphy and Dobbs to get Ogden inside. Pilgrim walks over and tells Hardin that Ogden will be dead in a few hours if he doesn't get to a hospital. He advises the sheriff to do the right thing and hand over Frank and the others, and walks away.

In the station, Dobbs and Murphy check Ogden's wound and Amy gives them her jacket to stop the bleeding. Murphy warns that they're not equipped and suggests to Hardin that they send Frank out as they barricade the door. Amy secretly takes the keys from Ogden and shows them to Frank. Frank tells Hardin that he should set him loose, promising that he'll follow Hardin's orders. When Hardin refuses, Frank says that the deputies are amateurs and Hardin needs all of the help he can get. Murphy objects and Frank confirms that she's never fired her weapon in the field.

In the cell, Marlena tells the drunk, Bruce, that he ask them to let him out before her people take the whole building down. Bruce says that his brother Ogden locked him up for being drunk and yells for him.

Pilgrim's men open fire on the station, shooting through the windows. Everyone inside takes cover, and the officers shoot back. Dobbs cowers on the floor, and Frank yells that it's a diversion and the attackers will come through the back door. Pilgrim's operators break through the door, free Marlena, and charge into the squad room. Amy uses the keys to free Frank, and he grabs a gun and opens fire.

Marlena gets a gun from one of her rescuers and opens fire on Frank and Hardin as they come in to stop the intruders. She escapes successfully, and Hardin tells Frank that he can't let him run. Frank points out that Hardin's gun is empty, but turns and goes back into the station. They go back to the squad room and Hardin tells Murphy that they're trusting Frank. Bruce runs over to Ogden, and Frank warns that they're too many people outside. Hardin asks Dobbs if they should turn the prisoners over, and he says that Ogden needs a doctor. The sheriff says that he can't live with himself if he hands over Frank and Amy, and Ogden stands up and agrees with Hardin. Bruce grabs a shotgun to stand with his brother, and Frank asks Amy if she's doing okay. Amy figures that they're going to kill them.

Marlena asks Pilgrim to let her kill Frank and says that once she does, she'll be out of the country by dawn. Pilgrim gives her a gun but when she turns her back, he chokes her to death, whispering Bible verse.

Frank tells Ogden to put pressure on the wound, warning that he'll bleed out if he keeps standing. Ogden refuses and Frank asks him if he wants to die. When the deputy says that he doesn't, Frank tells him that he did good but now it's time to sit back. Ogden looks at Hardin, who needs in agreement, and the deputy sits down with Bruce's help. Bruce promises that anyone who wants to kill his brother will have to come through him and asks for a badge. Frank warns Hardin that Ogden doesn't have much longer and warns that the attackers won't stop until they're all dead. He suggests that Hardin let him go and asks for black tape.

Pilgrim's men open fire on the station again, providing cover so two of them can throw Molotovs in. They run up but Frank shoots the bottle in their hands, shattering it and setting them on fire. He then goes into the forest, gunning down the attackers one at a time from behind. When two men come over to check on one of their downed teammates, Frank kills them. A sniper draws a bead on Murphy through the window, but Frank gets to him and kills him.

Hardin and the others stare out the windows as Frank kills Pilgrim's men, and Hardin figures that it's all good as long as Frank is on their side.

Pilgrim finishes off one of the men that Frank gut-shot. He goes after Frank and prepares to shoot him. A Homeland Security helicopter arrives and Dinah calls to Frank to surrender. Frank gets a brief glimpse of Pilgrim before he fades back into the shadows.

The helicopter lands at the station and Dinah comes over to where Frank is sitting and waiting. She tells him that Billy escaped.

The EMTs tend to Ogden, and Amy comes over and thanks him for putting his life ahead of people he barely knows.

Dinah tells Hardin that Frank is part of a Homeland investigation and would like it if Frank was never there officially. Hardin goes over to Frank and admits that he'd let Frank go even if Dinah wasn't there. Frank chuckles and says that he could use a ride, and Hardin tells him that officially Frank was never there. When Frank says that he has to take the girl to finish some business, Hardin understands.

Frank and Amy go to the helicopter and Frank insists that Amy come with them. Hardin gives Frank his gun and the film canister that Amy had, and Frank tells Amy that they're going to NYC.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 20, 2019

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