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Suspicious Minds Recap

The Supergirl clone participates in training exercises above a snowy forest. The Kasnian military watch her and a lieutenant confirms to his superior that their "friend" is working on controlling the clone.

In National City, Kara and Lena are exercising. Lena talks about how long it's been since they hung out and talks about the projects that she's been deep into. Kara mentions that Lena has James to discuss things with, and Lena admits that they haven't made up since Thanksgiving. When Kara hears a distress call with her super-hearing she fakes a cramp and goes off to "ice it".

On the Klassen, a SEAL is making her way down the deck. The ship shakes, knocking her into the ocean, and Supergirl arrives and puts her up on the deck. She sees the corpses of dozens of other soldiers, and confirms that one of them is the officer who sent the distress call. Supergirl finds a bomb, just as a shimmering alien pulls the soldier, McCallister, into the water. She throws the bomb off the side of the ship and it explodes safely.

Later, Haley and her team arrive. Haley is with Alex and Brainiac-5, and Haley says that she's surprised to see Supergirl there since she was fired from the DEO. Supergirl describes what happened to McCallister, and Haley tells that it's a DEO crime scene now and orders Supergirl to go. When Supergirl explains that if she hadn't come there, the bomb would have destroyed the ship, Haley says that she has to find the murderous alien. Supergirl tells her that she's not going to stop being a hero and flies off.

Brainiac-5 goes to see Hank at his new PI office using the name "John Jones", and Hank says that he's helped humans and aliens since leaving the DO. His visitor says that Supergirl will require backup and Hank is the person for the job. Brainiac-5 offers cash in advance, and Hank says that he can't take his money and all Supergirl has to do is ask. He'll let Supergirl know that he's available. As Brainiac-5 goes, Hank notices that he's left a wad of money for him and insists that he take it.

At the DEO, Haley tells Alex that she had hoped Supergirl would stay out of DEO business. She complains that the President shouldn't have dismissed Supergirl without a contingency plan, and tells Alex to find out what the alien is while she questions Agent Wolf and make sure that Supergirl doesn't interfere with them. She figures that if she finds one loose strand, she'll discover Supergirl's secret identity. As they talk, Supergirl texts Alex that the Coast Guard has no record of the ship.

Later, Alex meets with the agents who know Supergirl's secret identity. She asks them to deeply consider the situation they are in together, and one at a time they say that they'll protect Supergirl. Agent Reiff suggests that they use their RTI training or vow to remain silent, and thanks them. Haley comes in and Alex says that they're debriefing from a mission. Haley dismisses all except Reiff. As they leave, Alex tells Brainiac-5 that RTI stands for Resistance to Interrogation, and Brainiac-5 explains that he can withhold the information without RTI. Alex explains about Supergirl's text, and Brainiac-5 says that the SEAL that Supergirl saved was transferred and there's no record of where she was sent. There's also no record of McCallister,

At the apartment, Alex tells Kara what she's learned. She figures that the bomb was set to cover things up, and Alex warns her that Haley is trying to find out who Supergirl is to keep her in line. Alex asks Kara to stay off of Haley's radar, and says that they should talk to Hank and find out if he knows what race the alien is.

Lena comes to James' office and says that she's working but wanted to reconnect with him. She asks what's on his mind, and James tells her that he initially felt justified about her going behind his back. However, when he was with the Children of Liberty he rethought some things, and says that he condemned the woman he loves for selling out but did the same thing when he was in the same position with the CoL. Lena tells him that he wanted to save someone, and James pointed out that she wanted to save him. He tells Lena that he understands what it means to make hard choices and he was wrong, and they kiss.

Brianiac-5 calls Nia and asks her out to dinner at a restaurant. She immediately agrees and he hangs up. Nia calls him back and points out that they didn't make a plan. Haley comes over and tells Brainiac-5 that she needs to speak to him about Supergirl, and Brainiac-5 hangs up on Nia.

Kara visits Hank at his office and he checks his files about shimmering aliens. She finds a reference to the Morae, which have a natural cloaking ability. Hank has never heard of them, and figures that Kara saw the shimmer because of her x-ray vision. General Alfonso Tan did the requisition, and Kara finds another file with Tan's name on him. He was the commanding officer of Project Morae and handed over command of the project in 2012 to McCallister. Hank wonders why they covered up the project, and Kara discovers that Haley was also on the project.

Brainiac-5 emerges from Haley's interrogation and tells Alex that Haley is the worst interrogator he's ever met. He's compartmentalized his brain so that he doesn't know who Supergirl is, and then his compartmentalization ends. Kara calls and Alex excuses herself. She drives to Tan's house and meets with Supergirl and Hank, and they find Tan leaving. Tan tells them to leave and refuses to answer any questions. Supergirl blocks him from leaving and they demand the truth about Project More. Tan tells them that they found the Morae as children so they took and trained them to protect their nation as assassins. The Morae unit had a 100% success rate, and they killed McCallister and are coming after Tan because the President gave the order to destroy them.

Two Morae walk up the driveway and Supergirl can see their outlines. Tan drives off and Hank flies down onto his hood and tells him not to run. The general keeps driving, and Supergirl uses her ice breath to make one Morae invisible and punches it. They lose sight of it and Supergirl is unable to spot it with her x-ray vision. One alien punches her, and Alex fires wildly and hits another one, stunning it.

A Morae gets on the roof of the car, yanks Tan out, and throws him in front of the car. Hank smashes the car over Tan's body and realizes that he's dead of a broken neck.

The recovered Morae gets up, and Supergirl says that she's an alien and the government turned on her. The Morae refuses to go back to the DEO and Haley, and then kills itself.

Later, Alex tells Haley that Tan is dead and says that the Morae killed McCallister and then Tan. She accuses Haley of covering it up, and Haley says that she hadn't been involved with the Morae for years and doesn't know McCallister. Alex explains that the Morae fought back and it killed itself rather than go back to Haley. Haley says that they used trauma to make the Morae fear them and obey orders, but dismisses them as aliens. She tells Alex that it's reality and sometimes reality is messy, and says that the two Morae that are left will come for her. Haley orders Alex to prepare to the DEO for an assault.

Brainiac-5 and Nia meet at a restaurant and Brainiac-5 says that it's a meeting, not a date. Nia is disappointed, and Brainiac-5 wonders why someone as beautiful as her would be interested in him. He admits that he's made a mess of things but says that what he does want to talk about her about is important. Nia tells him to talk, and Brainiac-5 suggests that Nia become a superhero and help Supergirl. Nia says that what happens in Collinwood is more of a one-time thing and isn't prepared to discuss it. Brainiac-5 says that he was arrested and given a choice to change and use his intellect for good. At first he didn't want the burdens of being a superhero, but he choose and hasn't regretted it. Brainiac-5 assures Nia that she's a hero. His phone rings and he excuses himself, and gives Nia a binder with some costume and code name ideas, and asks Nia to think about what he said.

At his apartment, James makes a soufflé for Lena. He points out that Lena is working on a science experiment on her tablet, and Lena talks about how she's came up with a way to give humans superpowers using the Herun-El. Lena needs James as an angel on her shoulder so she can determine the right course, and asks if she has his support. James smiles and says yes, but still looks nervous.

At the DEO, Braianiac-5 reports that the building is hermetically sealed and they can use light amplification to reveal the Morae. He'll then shoot them with a paint gun loaded with phosphorescent pellets, He says that if that fails, they can rely on "Plan S". An agent reports that Haley ordered them to use real guns rather than stun guns on the Morae. Alex calls Kara and says that she was going to stay out of duty, but she can't work with Haley anymore. She insists that she can't be part of a DEO with Haley in charge and is going to resign. Kara tells her foster sister that she's the DEO's moral center and the agents need her. Alex insists that she won't let Haley win, and Kara assures her that she'll always have her path.

Haley goes to see Haley, and finds her questioning Reiff. Reiff apologizes and Haley says that Alex has undermined everything that they stood for to protect Kara. The alarms go off announcing the Morae's arrival. Agents mobilize and Haley tells everyone to lock and load, warning that the Morae won't hesitate to kill any of them. They prepare to open fire, and the power goes out. Haley tells the agents to take the Morae alive if she can, and they open fire.

Alex prepares to move in, and Haley sends Reiff in instead. The Morae take Reiff and two other agents down, and Brainiac-5 manages to shoot one of them with phosphorescent paint. Haley and the others kill it, while the other Morae attacks Brainiac-5 and knocks him over the balcony. The Morae jumps down and Alex orders the team to close ranks. The invisible alien smashes its way through the agents, and Haley sends Alex to check the agents. She goes after the Morae but it disarms her and prepares to kill her. Supergirl arrives and uses her ice breath to reveal the alien, and then throws it into a cell. Alex arrives as Supergirl helps Haley to her feet. Haley tells Supergirl that she knows who she is and she'll do exactly what she saved. When Alex saves, Haley tells her that she's lucky that she's not arrested and Alex's command is now hers. She says that they're going to immediately Supergirl into service and will out her if she doesn't cooperate. When Haley warns that it will go bad for Supergirl's friends and family, Alex punches her unconscious.

Alex locks Haley in a cell and summons Hank. When he arrives, they tell him that Haley found out Supergirl's secret identity. They want Hank to wipe Haley's mind of everything she knows about Supergirl. Hank reluctantly agrees to do it despite his views on it as a form of violence.

The next day, Haley and two agents bring out a cylinder with a Vertullarian inside of it. Brainiac-5 sees it and tells Alex that it's a truth seeker. Haley comes over and says that they'll continue the investigation into Supergirl's identity and promises that by the end of the day, they'll get her.

Alex and Brainiac-5 tell Hank and Kara about the Vertullarian, and Hank suggests that he wipes the memories of the agents who know who Kara is. They've given their consent to let Hank do it. Alex says that she needs to have her mind wiped as well, and Brainiac-5 warns that if the mind-wipe doesn't happen then there's a 100% certainty Haley will learn Supergirl's identity. Kara suggests that Alex quit, but Alex insists on staying and fighting from within. The Kryptonian says that she became Supergirl to save Alex, and Alex assures her that she'll be herself and Kara will be her sister. Kara worries that she'll have to lie to her every day, and Alex says that it's keeping a secret and she's giving her permission as she hugs Kara.

Nia looks over the costume ideas. Her sister Maeve calls about their mother's birthday.

James lies awake next to a sleeping Lena.

Hank wipes the memories of the agents one by one before Haley questions them. Alex is the last one to have her memory wiped, and Kara leaves rather than watch it.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 21, 2019

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