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The Book of Rebellion: Chapter Three: Angelitos Negros Recap

Thunder drives along the highway, trying to find Jennifer and Khalil while staying in contact with Peter and Black Lightning.

In the forest, a tied-up Cutter emerges from the ground and walks into a nearby barn. She breaks her bonds on a rafter and drops to the floor.

Khalil leads Jennifer to an abandoned railroad car and explains that he lives there. She notices his drawings and he sheepishly admits that he did them. Khalil explains that he needed a place away from Tobias, and Jennifer looks at a sketch that he made of her.

At home, Lynn sits in Jennifer's bedroom and wonders where her daughter is. Jeff calls and says that she should get some rest, and explains that Jennifer and Khalil ditched their car. Lynn figures that she saw Khalil's dad and he said that Khalil has a place where Tobias can't find them. Peter goes to work eliminating Tobias-related locations from the texts that Khalil and Jennifer sent each other before they ditched their phones, and Jeff asks Lynn to stay put unless she has backup.

Khalil makes microwave noodles and they talk about when he asked her to be his girl. He sits down with her and offers her the necklace he got for her, saying that he'd like to give it back to her even if she doesn't take him back. Jennifer says that she'd love to have it back, and Khalil puts it on her neck. Khalil kisses her and says that it's just her. Jennifer says that she's not ready to lose her virginity in a train car: she left home to keep him alive. She doesn't want her first time to be in a train car, and is worried about what is going to happen to them and what her family is thinking of her. Khalil assures her that he'll wait and they hug.

As they eat, Jennifer looks at a bug and says that she wishes it was all a dream. She asks where they're going once they get out of Freeland, and wants to go to Bahia. They joke back and forth,

Lynn meets up with Jeff, Anissa, and Peter. Peter has narrowed Khalil and Jennifer's location down to a two-mile radius, and Lynn says that they should split up into four groups rather than two. They reluctantly agree and Peter divides the map into four parts.

In his penthouse, Tobias has dinner with Todd and says that jazz is underappreciated like Todd. He says that Todd is an encryption expert and can get into any computer system he wants. He takes out the case and Todd figures that they're doing something illegal. Cutter calls and Todd takes her message that she no longer has eyes on Khalil. Tobias curses and Cutter asks for the three locations that Khalil visited according to his implant. Once she hangs up, Tobias says that Cutter has been looking for Khalil too long.

Peter breaks into an abandoned factory in the two-mile radius and yells to Jennifer. The others search their designated areas. Back lightning comes across two men beating an older man, and lassos them away. He then asks the victim if he's seen Jennifer and Khalil, and he hasn't.

Lynn arrives at the rail car and calls to Jennifer, and Jennifer and Khalil hide. She calls out that they'll eventually get hurt or worse and asks her to come back so they can help her. Lynn says that they're not a family without Jennifer, says that she loves her daughter, and walks off when she gets no answer. Khalil tells Jennifer that they can't go back, and Jennifer says that they're fooling themselves and she wants to live rather than just survive. Khalil blames himself for putting her in the situation they're in and it's time for her to go home.

Jeff, Lynn, and Anissa return home and find Jennifer there. They all hug and Khalil comes out. Jeff says that he'd whoop his ass if his family wasn't there.

Tobias shows Todd a jar with a finger in it, and uses it to open the security scanner on the case. There's an ASA computer inside and says that there's a record of property and now Tobias owns all of it except for the clinic. He wants Todd to find out what the ASA was interested in. Cutter comes in and Todd says that he found some holes in her resume. She draws a knife on him, and Tobias tells Todd to give Cutter the list of locations. Tobias then tells Cutter to finish the job fast and she leaves. Once she goes, Tobias tells Todd to get through the firewall and get the information that she needs.

Cutter goes to the rail yard and checks out the train. She finds a photo of Jennifer and recognizes her from the barn.

At the Pierce home, Khalil apologies for getting Jennifer involved in everything. Jennifer says that she made a choice to run with him. Lynn accepts Khalil's apology but says that he's a danger to Jennifer as long as he's around her. Jeff points out that Khalil knows too much about them, and Khalil confirms that he knows Jennifer has powers and Jeff is Black Lightning. He says that he would never do anything to hurt any of them, and Jeff says that Tobias knows Khalil can help put him behind bars. Jeff suggests that Khalil turn himself into the authorities, and Khalil agrees over Jennifer's objections.

Jeff calls in Bill and explains the situations, and asks him to help Khalil. He warns that Tobias will kill Khalil if they don't help him, and admits that Khalil brought Jennifer home safely so he owes it to Jennifer to protect him. Bill warns that Khalil will have to testify, and Jeff says that Khalil wants to see his father worst. When Bill refuses, Jeff says that Black Lightning and Thunder will arrange a meeting. Bill warns that they're still vigilantes but reluctantly agrees to meet at the docks later that night.

Jennifer goes through her room and tells Anissa that they didn't have a choice. Anissa points out that Jennifer ended up being chased by hired killers, and Jennifer says that she had more fun than when she was locked up at home. Her older sister asks if she and Khalil had sex, and Jennifer says that part of her wanted to do it but she didn't, and it seems like it will never happen. Anissa assures her that it's okay and they hug.

Tobias makes a call to ADA Montez and then has Todd deliver a new car to him. He knows that Khalil is going into witness protection and gives Todd with the location where they're picking up Khalil.

Jennifer sits outside her window, and Khalil enters her room. She joins him and they hug, and Jennifer apologizes for everything. Khalil assures her that none of it was her fault, and when he does the right thing Tobias will go to jail and then Khalil can come back and they'll finish what they started. He assures Jennifer that she's the best thing that ever happened to him and they hug.

When Khalil gets to the docks and the Feds take him into custody, Black Lightning and Thunder bring Nichelle. He assures her that it's okay. He tells Nichelle that he's sorry for putting her through it and he'll be back, and they lead her off and load Khalil into a transport van. As they drive off through a tunnel, they come to an overturned car and stop. The driver goes to check it out, and finds Cutter lying on the road. She cuts his throat and gets to her feet, and the other agents order her to put her hands up as they draw their guns.

Jeff gets a call from Bill saying that he's two minutes from the caravan route and something went wrong. As Bill drives there, Jeff tells Peter to have Anissa reroute while he heads there.

Bill arrives and finds all of the agents dead. He checks the transport van and discovers that Khalil is gone. When Jeff calls, Bill tells him what happened. Jeff calls and tells Lynn what happened, and she tells Jennifer. Jennifer breaks into tears and her mother hugs her.

Cutter brings Khalil to Tobias, and Khalil says that it was all his idea and he made Jennifer go. Cutter points out that she had plenty of chances to get away, and Khalil says that he just wanted to get away from Tobias. Tobias says that Jennifer wasn't the one who got Syonide killed or did a half-assed job and ran away. He comes over and rips out Khalil's spinal implant, then drops him to the floor. Tobias tells Cutter and Todd to take out the trash and goes back to his desk.

Later on the street, Holt and his people find Khalil on the street crying in agony, his spinal implant lying nearby. Holt assures Khalil that God will kill him.

Todd gets through the firewall on the ASA computer and gains access to Project MOD. He wakes up Tobias and tells him that he did it, and shows him what he's done. There are files on the pod kids, and the clinic is the first piece of property that the ASA bought and then Holt acquired the church. MOD stands for Masters of Disasters, four super metas that were in four old ASA pods and are somewhere in the clinic. Todd wonders what happens now, and Tobias says that now it all begins.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 22, 2019

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