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Seeing Red Recap

Dr. Ambres returns to Orlin's home with supplies, and Orlin comes up behind her and asks if anyone followed him. She says that no one did and that it's been week since he's encountered Flash. He says that his injuries are fine and asks how Grace is, and Ambres says that she's stable and CCPD haven't moved. Orlin tells her that he needs to see her, and Ambres tells him that he should be angry after everything he's suffered at the hands of the meta. She shows Orlin a police file and says that she has a friend who feels the same way that they do and wants to help eliminate the metas. As he looks at the names, Ambres tells him that it's time to get back to work.

In an alleyway, Norvock and Bork stand before a reinforced concrete wall. Bork punches the wall, shattering it, and Cicada drops down behind them and drains their powers. Cicada lets Bork hit Norvock, knocking him down, and then prepares to kill Norvock. As Norvock runs, Bork grabs Cicada and after a brief fight Cicada kills him.

The next day, Barry and Nora examine the crime scene. Barry recognizes the wounds as the same type that were on Cicada's victims. Iris calls about the murder of another meta and they figure Cicada is on a killing spree.

At STAR Labs, Caitlin is working on a board and arguing with Killer Frost. Ralph comes in and discovers that she's wearing the neural enhancer. Caitlin explains that she's working on Cisco's meta cure but Killer Frost takes over and messes with her equations, and she won't say why. Cisco is at the Tannhauser black site to concentrate, and Caitlin explains that she needs meta DNA that hasn't bonded with dark matter yet. Anyone who qualifies has been killed by Cicada.

Sherloque tries to work out why Nora is hiding her interest in altering the timeline. Iris calls him to the cortex, and the team determines that Cicada has killed three metas in the last twelve hours. Sherloque figures that something will bring Cicada to them. A dark matter sensor goes off and the team leaves.

A depowered female meta, Keisha Moore, is fighting Cicada. He slashes her stomach and she staggers away. Flash hits him with a lightning bolt and Elongated Man hits him with a blaster while Killer Frost uses her own powers to freeze the villain to the wall. She then reverts to Caitlin to tend to Keisha's injury. Cicada breaks free and uses his dagger to knock down Flash, Elongated Man, and XS. He grabs XS and beats her, then throws her down and jumps away before Killer Frost can tag him. Flash goes to the unconscious XS, and the team take her to STAR Labs.

Barry and Iris are sitting at Nora's bedside. Caitlin explains that Cicada shattered Nora's spine and her speed healing hasn't kicked in because Cicada flooded her body with dark matter radiation. Nora wakes up and realizes that she's paralyzed. Iris tells her that Cicada broke her back and they don’t know when Nora can heal. Cecile arrives and Barry tells her that Nora isn't good, and he tells the others that they have to stop Cicada. Sherloque suggests that they concentrate on the victims and any connection that they have. They realize that all of the victims were former criminals, and Barry finds a CCPD meta list with the victims in the same order that they were killed. Sherloque figures that Cicada got the list from a police officer.

At the station, Singh tells his officers that Cicada is at large and wants them to find him. Barry and Cecile arrive and talk to Singh privately, and explain that a police officer is supplying Cicada with information. Barry snaps at Singh, and Singh and Cecile both say that Singh should look into it on his own. Cecile finds Barry out, and he tells her that he has to do something before Cicada kills all of the metas. She suggests that they use the list to find the metas and get them out of Central City. The Feds can give the metas protection and Cecile plans to call in favors while Barry gets them somewhere safe.

Sherloque listens as Caitlin tests Nora's mobility. The dark matter has left Nora's system and her spine has started healing, but slower than usual. Once Caitlin leaves, Iris tells Nora not to give up. Nora wonders what happens if she never gets better, and asks to be left alone for a bit.

Ralph hears a crashing noise and runs in to see Frost destroying the glass board with Caitlin's equations. Barry joins them and tells Frost that they need to get the metas to a safehouse. She says that she knows where they should start, and Flash takes her and Elongated Man to a seemingly abandoned gymnasium. Frost freezes the boxes until Norvock emerges from hiding. Norvock is relieved to see Frost and Flash explains that they need Norvock's help to round up the metas. They convince him to help as long as he's the first one on the transport.

At the station, Cecile asks Singh to help her set up the road blocks to get the metas out of the city. Singh agrees and walks off, and Cecile sees Officer Jones walk by. She asks if he's all right and he insists that he's fine.

The metas gather at the gym, and one of them wants to kill Cicada before he kills them. Flash warns that they can't and says that they can go but he won't help them. Norvock speaks up, saying that he saw Cicada kill Bork. Frost walks out with Norvock and says that it seemed like he wanted to save the metas. Norvock explains that he used to be a good guy working the Central City reptile cage. He was pulling a snake off of a kid when the dark wave matter hit, and Norvock ended up with a snake in his head. Norvock has vowed not to put anyone else before himself. Once he leaves, Elongated Man comes in and says that he feels sorry for Norvock, figuring that he's terrified. He asks if Frost is worried about Caitlin making the cure.

Flash arrives with another meta and says that he's find everyone except Peek-a-Boo. A meta gives him an address, and Flash speeds there. Peek-a-Boo is working the bar and he says that she's endanger and he wants to take her somewhere safe. She tries to teleport away but her powers fail as does Flash's. Cicada comes in and Flash gives her a breach device to escape. Flash attacks Cicada with a chair but he easily subdues Flash while Peek-a-Boo tries to get the device to work. The speedster goes to Peek-a-Boo, activates the device, and they escape just in time via a breach.

Back at the gym, Cecile picks up their terror via her mental powers. She realizes that Flash intends to kill Cicada to stop him, and warns that she's felt the same anger from Cicada and if Flash lets it, it will consume him like it's consumed Cicada. Cecile realizes that she felt the same rage at the CCPD from the person who made the list, and tells Flash to stay there while she hands the officer.

Nora manages to flex her toes, and Sherloque comes in and assures her that she'll soon be healed. He asks to see the archives from the Flash Museum, and then suggests that Nora take him to the future to see it in person. Iris comes in and hears him talking as Nora says that she isn't sure if she can take him into the Speed Force. Outside, Iris tells Sherloque to tell him why he's investigating Nora. Sherloque finally admits that he's investigating her a little bit. Iris says that the track he's doing down is the wrong one and goes into the room where Nora is on her feet.

Elongated Man tells Frost that he's in favor of the cure and so are some of the metas. Frost says that Caitlin didn't ask for her and if she decides to take the cure, it will erase Frost. She wonders who will protect Caitlin if she's gone. Before Elongated Man can answer, Norvock comes in and says that it's time. As they go, Elongated Man tells Frost that Caitlin wants to protect Frost as much as Frost wants to protect her.

Cicada meets with Jones and asks if he tipped the metas off. Jones insists that he didn't and wants all of the metas gone. He knows from a contact in the Feds that the metas are being picked up that night and gives Cicada the location.

At a roofing company, the metas wait to be picked up. The helicopter arrives but Cicada throws his dagger at it, knocking off the landing gear. He strips the metas of their powers and walks in, and thanks Flash for bringing his victims to him. Flash has Elongated Man take everyone out the back and attacks Cicada hand-to-hand.

Once they get out of the dampening field, Peek-a-Boo teleports to the helicopter on her own. Elongated Man stretches up to the helicopter and then pulls the metas up one at a time.

Cicada overpowers Flash and Frost creates an ice dagger. She cuts Cicada's shoulder, and Flash recovers. Cicada slams down his dagger, knocking them both back, and then throws his dagger at Frost. Caitlin tells her to duck and she does so, and the dagger just misses her. It goes out through the wall and flies toward Norvock... and Elongated Man pulls him out of the way just in time. Surprised, he says that Elongated Man saved him.

When Cicada recalls his dagger, Frost freezes it in mid-air. Flash regains his powers and attacks Cicada.

In the Cortex, Iris picks up high amounts of energy from Flash's suit. They realize that Flash isn't going to stop until he kills Cicada.

Furious, Flash advances on Cicada, saying that he's never going to hurt his daughter again. XS speeds in and tells Flash to stop. Cicada manages to pull his dagger to him and he leaps out through the roof. XS apologizes for letting him get away, and Flash says that she brought him back.

Later the Feds process Norvock and the other metas. The satellite hasn't detected Cicada's dagger, and Nora asks Barry if he's okay. They figure that Cicada's inside man told him what was going on.

Singh calls Jones into his office. Cecile is there, and she reveals that the list was printed from Jones' hard drive and he accessed it on his computer earlier that week. The DA figures that a meta took control of Jones' mind, so he embraced the anger and let it fuel his actions. Jones tries to run but officers are waiting and easily grab him. Furious, Jones says that the metas have no respect for human life and don't deserve to live. Disgusted, Singh tells his men to get Jones out of there. Once they're alone, Singh suggests that Cecile knew that she's was reading Jones' mind. She laughs it off, claiming that she's been in touch with her feelings since she gave birth.

Caitlin goes to her lab and discovers that Frost has gotten her a new board. Frost says that she thought Caitlin was trying to be stupid, and Caitlin assures her that she will do everything she can to protect her. Frost directs her to the DNA sample that she needed. Ralph comes in and Caitlin realizes that the sample is from Cicada.

Sherloque analyzes the handwriting in Nora's journal and discovers that a second person wrote there. He wonders who the mastermind is behind the scenes.

At their loft, Barry, Iris, and Nora have tacos and Nora insists that she's fine. Barry tells his daughter that they love her and wants her to know it, and Nora hugs them. Once she speeds off, Iris says that Barry and Nora are back to their old selves. Barry tells his wife that it all made him realize how much he cares for Nora. Iris isn't surprised, knowing how big a heart that he has. Barry figures that since Cicada is father, the key to defeating him is appealing to his heart by saving Grace.

At his home, Orlin goes through a book of newspaper clippings about the heroes and focuses on articles about XS.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 23, 2019

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