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teMpted Recap

Detroit, MI: Six Years Ago

Leo, aka Erg, waits in the sewers and Pam finally arrives. They hug and she says that SS has been looking for fugitives, and she got through their checkpoint because she's not a mutant. Pam says that Evengeline is fine but Erg isn't convinced. When Pam mentions where Evangeline is crossing, Erg wonders how she knew where. She finally admits that SS caught her three weeks ago and she made a deal for them. Pam insists that she did it for them, and the other mutants would have been captured anyway. Furious, Erg tells her to get out of his sight and she walks away.


In the Morlock tunnels, Erg arranges a supply run. Clarice is working on it as well, and Glow tells her that she doesn't have to prove anything.

At the apartment, John tells Caitlin that Clarice chose to leave. Reed has checked and confirmed that they lost numerous mutant leaders. John wants to strike back, but Caitlin says that Reeva has infiltrated the government and is working with Benedict. She warns that something is invading Lauren's dreams and she can barely sleep. The mutant leader insists that they have to fight back and not let the two sides drive a wedge between humans and mutants, and they have to act immediately. Marcos agrees, saying that they have to be ready when Lorna has the information about the Inner Circle's plans.

At the Inner Circle HQ, Max, Tico, and Heather practice their powers on statues, destroying them. Lorna tries to get more information from Max without tipping her hand. After the trainees leave, Lorna "accidentally" cuts herself with a piece of metal and leaves to clean the injury up. Sage asks Esme how the other project is going, and Esme says that they're trying something new with Lauren.

Lorna slips through the HQ, making her way to Max's room and breaks in. She searches the place and finds something startling.

Later, Lorna meets with Marcos who complains that she's taking risks. Lorna tells him that she found building plans for major government buildings. They realize that Max and the others plan to wipe out the government and soon. As Lorna goes, Marcos tells her to be careful and they kiss.

At an M&T Distribution Center, Glow, Blink, and the other Morlocks break in and search for supplies. Guards and their dogs come in outside, and Clarice opens a portal so they can escape. As the Morlocks go through, a guard shoots and hits Glow. Another mutant, Mason, grabs Glow and drags her through the portal. Clarice goes with them and closes the portal.

Back in the tunnels, the Morlock doctor Ray is unable to stop Glow from bleeding out. Erg blames himself, and Clarice tells him that they have to get Glow to a hospital. He warns that she'll be arrested and could betray them, and figures that they have to do the best they can with what they have.

Other mutants arrive at the apartment but refuse to help John. Gina argues with John, who says that the Inner Circle wants them to abandon their principles and argue among themselves. Unimpressed, Gina figures that the Inner Circle has already won and leaves with her people.

Caitlin gives Reed more of the serum to keep his powers under control. He says that they have to focus on Lauren. Lauren comes in to get more coffee and says that she'll be okay. She explains that Andy is apparently probing his mind looking for weakness. Clarice portals in and says that she needs Caitlin's help with Glow. Reed warns that Clarice can't take a human down there, but Caitlin insists and goes to get her equipment. Clarice says that she has to make one more stop before she leaves.

In her bedroom, Lauren drinks coffee to stay awake and listens to the music box. Reed comes in and reminds her that he told her to put it away because he feels that it's making her worse. Lauren finds it comforting, but Reed shuts it off and tells Lauren a story about how the song of the Eriking drove a boy to his death. Reed figures that his father was trying to warn him about the darkness in their family. Lauren says that Andrea and Andreas are the only people who could have understand what is going on between her and Andy. She says that the power is incredible and then tells Reed that she's just being stupid.

Caitlin and Marcos go with Clarice, and she figures that Marcos' powers are similar to Glow's. They get to the community and go to Glow. Caitlin recognizes the light-infused blood interferes with clotting. Erg comes over and tells them that they can't have a human there, but Caitlin refuses to go. Clarice pleads with Erg, who finally says that Caitlin can stay.

Lauren looks at herself in the bathroom window then splashes water in her face to try and stay awake. Despite her efforts, she finally dozes off and dreams of meeting Andy. Lauren tells him that it needs to stop, and Andy says that he just wants her to be happy. he claims that he misses the two of them being close when they were kids.

The Frost Triplets stand around the sleeping Andy and echo his words in the dream.

Andy says that he misses Fenris, and Lauren agrees. The Frost Triplets have Andy's dream image offer his hand, and Lauren takes it. Their hands glow and the Fenris energy builds. Lauren chuckles and Andy says that he can meet her there in real life. She says that she can't and runs off, and wakes up in real life.

As Marcos transfuses blood into Glow, she lies on a cot and mumbles under the effects of the morphine. Caitlin tells Erg and Clarice that she needs to get medicine from the abandoned clinics. Erg says that they can't take her with them because she has no powers, and Caitlin takes out a gun and says that she can take care of herself.

Reed checks on Lauren and discovers that she's gone. She's left a note saying that she had to get away. Reed tells John and says that they have to find her before the Inner Circle does.

Lorna talks to Heather and Tico about how big an explosion they can create. Max joins them and asks who was messing with his stuff. heather dismisses him as drunk and paranoid, but Max doesn't believe it and glances over at Lorna. Lorna walks out as Max glares after her.

John uses his power to track Lauren through the streets, and tells Reed that she's walking in circles. Reed figures that she's confused about her role in the war.

Erg, Clarice, and Caitlin go to the clinic and find it still torn up from the Purifier raid. Caitlin tells Erg that humans worked there risking prison to help all people. She finds the centrifuge that she needs and looks for antiplasmin which enhances blood clot formation.

Lauren goes to a bus depot and sees one of Benedict's shows on the TV. SS agents haul a family off of a bus and search their bags. Lauren secretly uses her power to slice open the agents' car and slips away.

Marcos removes the IV line and a morphine-drugged Glow asks how he's been. She flirts with him and Lorna calls him. She says that Max suspects something but she can't run because more people will die. Marcos tells her that they have to get Max out of there and he'll do what he has to. Lorna says that she can hack into Max's computers using her magnetism and find out when Max is on his own.

Once they find the antiplasmin, Caitlin goes to work. Erg spots Purifiers outside and says that they have to go. Caitlin warns that she can't leave until she's finished. The Purifiers come in and open fire, and Caitlin shoots one man down. Erg uses his power to blast two Purifiers back and the trio leave.

John and Reed arrive at the bus depot and see what Lauren did earlier. Reed says that the power of Fenris is irresistible, and John wonders if he's talking about Lauren or himself. he figures that Reed knows more about the power than he claims and they go to search for her.

Once Sage leaves her computer, Lorna uses her power to hack it. She brings up surveillance footage of Max leaving and coming back with a bottle of alcohol, and identifies the name on the bag.

Marcos prepares to give Glow more blood despite the risk to himself. Caitlin and the others arrive and Caitlin administers the antiplasmin.

John and Reed catch up to Lauren, who bars them with a force field. Reed tells her that he understands because he felt it as well. He explains that he found the music box as a boy and was drawn to it, His father knew that Reed liked the darkness, and that's why he tried to suppress Reed's power. Lauren warns that she can't resist it anymore, and Reed tells her that she's not alone and he can help her.

In the training room, Lorna is practicing with her powers when Max comes in, sarcastically applauding. He figures that she didn't cut herself by accident earlier, and notes that Lorna was interested in the hit job they performed a week ago. Lorna draws a knife on him and reminds him that her father was a member of the Inner Circle, making her royalty. She tells him to back off, and Max turns and goes.

Lorna texts Marcos the address of the liquor store. Glow thanks him for saving her life and figures that he has things to do with Lorna. She jokingly figures that Lorna will always have his heart, and Marcos tells her to stay safe before leaving.

Erg tells Clarice that she was right about Caitlin. Clarice tells him to apologize to Caitlin. As Caitlin goes, Erg gives her the M scar on her face making her a Morlock. Clarice hugs Caitlin and asks her to say hello to Zingo, and Marcos promises that they'll pass on her greetings to John as well.

John returns home and lies on the bed with Zingo.

Reed gives Lauren an injection of the serum.

Andy and the Frosts wait on the building. Lauren doesn't show, and Andy says that he can't feel Lauren anymore.

Lorna looks out the window at the Washington Monument.

Marcos is waiting in the back of Max's car as Max gets in after leaving the liquor store. Max manages to grab a gun and shoot Marcos in the side. After a few more shots and bursts of light, Marcos gets out of the now-burning car and walks away as it explodes.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 23, 2019

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