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Exceptional Human Beings Recap

Batman flies to the island of Santa Prisca with Metamorpho and Katana. Oracle takes control of the plane, and reminds the team that it's a dark op, and they drop onto the island. Metamorpho breaks their fall and the group drops into a cavern. They make their way out into the jungle and split up.

In Detroit at STAR Labs, Silas Stone is working in a lab on the Reach device that Young Justice sent him. His son Victor calls from his high school to remind Silas about his football game that night. Silas says that he'll be there and Victor points out that his father said that last time but wasn't. Steel calls Silas, and Silas hangs up to take the call. The hero asks for his report on the Apokolips "Father Box" that they recovered, and warns him to be careful.

On Santa Prisca, Katana and Metamorpho come across two guards and Metamorpho knocks them out by transforming into gas fumes to distract them. The heroes sneak past them and are forced to hide when more guards come up.

In Happy Harbor, Conner and Megan confirm that they have nothing going on that day. They make love in the bathroom. Meanwhile at Owings Mills, Nightwing has Geo Force, Halo, and Forager train, mock-attacking him. He lures Geo Force and Forager into slamming into each other, and Halo suddenly falls to the ground as her aura cuts out. Geo Force assures her that she is exceptional, and Nightwing figures that something is going on between them. Halo burns herself when she touches the lava-hot Geo Force, and quickly heals herself with her violet aura. Jeff and Helga are watching, and Jeff points out that Helga considers the Outsiders "her kids". She says that she wants what's best with them.

Katana and Metamorpho come across Lady Shiva training some of the guards. Oracle identifies Shiva and tells the heroes to stay clear of her. A helicopter arrives and Shiva dismisses all of the guards except one. Oracle tells Katana and Metamorpho to stay on Shiva. They follow her to an underground structure, and Oracle tells them that Batman is already in. The helicopter lands on the structure in the cavern.

Nightwing avoids Geo Force, calls the training to an end, and compliments the Outsiders on their improvement. Geo Force snaps at Nightwing, saying that they should be in Santa Prisca saving Tara. Nightwing warns that the Outsiders aren't ready to go up against the League of Shadows and advises him to be patient. He assures Geo Force that someone is following up on their lead, and insists that he's doing what's best for Brion and Tara.

Deathstroke emerges from the helicopter and Shiva reports to him. Batman watches from hiding, and the guard that came with Shiva--Cassandra--says that she's glad to be back with the League. She points out that there's an empty bunk in her dormitory, and asks what happens to Tara. Deathstroke says that Tara washed out but Granny might find some user for her, and warns Cassandra not to get too attached to anyone. Once he dismisses Cassandra, Shiva insists that she can handle her multiple responsibilities to The Light and the League.

In the high school locker room, Victor listens to two of his teammates banter about superheroes. He tells them to focus on the game, and they laugh at the towel Cisco Ramon when he speaks up. Victor ignores them and walks out.

As night falls, the trio head for the boat leaving Santa Prisca with the latest shipment of Venom. Bane is waiting for Batman and attacks him.

In Star City, Artemis enrolls Violet in high school by filling out the forms online. Violet refuses to use Dhou's last name on the forms, and Will suggests that they use "Harper". He then excuses himself, and across the street Jade watches her daughter Lian. Will comes over and invites her in because Lian needs her mother and he needs Jade as well. Jade says that neither of them need her and figures that they're better off without her. She came to say goodbye to them in her own mind, and advises Will to move on before leaving.

Bane fights Batman and says that he no longer uses Venom, and pins Batman to the dock. Metamorpho and Katana run up, distracting Bane, and Batman frees himself. Deathstroke shoots at them and jumps down with Shiva, and Shiva fights Katana while Deathstroke takes on Metamorpho. The two women bow to each other and then attack with their swords. Meanwhile, Deathstroke confirms that Metamorpho is bulletproof and draws his sword, takes him down with a grenade, and stabs him. Metamorpho transforms into a steel-shattering substance and knocks Deathstroke back.

Metamorpho and katana switch opponents, and Oracle has the plane open fire. It blows up Bane's crates of guns, and the heroes escape onto the plane.

Later at an ice cream shop, the students charge Victor for making the winning touchdown. Victor notices that Silas never showed up and confirms that his father didn't send a text. Bash Bashford arrives and introduces himself as a talent scout for Metropolis University and congratulates him on the game. He says that they like what they're seeing with Victor, and offers him a four-year sports scholarship.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 25, 2019

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