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Nightmare Monkeys Recap

Klamulon soldiers move in as Tork says that their first mistake was killing his friend. He transforms into a gorilla and attacks the soldiers, then beams up to the ship. On the set, Gar's co-star Paul Sloane congratulates Gar on his performance. Gretchen comes over and assures Gar that the dailies are spectacular, and says that at Good World studios she handles everything. She compliments Garth on his mother's one-season TV show , and says that the chemistry between Paul and Marie was special. Paul notes that there was a lot of talent there, and notes that he and Rita Farr were Gar's godparents. Gretchen says that Marie and Rita would be proud of Gar.

The producer, Steve Dayton, comes over and asks for a word with Gretchen. She quickly excuses herself to talk with Paul, and Gar sarcastically calls Steve "Mento" and says that Gretchen probably won't come back. Steve asks if Gar will be there that night, and Gar says that he has a date.

At Happy Harbor, Megan summons everyone and Forager introduces Victor. Victor is surprised that they're not freaked out by his appearance, and Forager tells them what happened. Helga is surprised that Violet could open a boom tube, and they realize that Simon released a burst of energy while dissecting a Mother Box at Bedlam HQ. They figure that the Mother Box's soul energy merged with Gabrielle Dhou, transforming her into Violet. The energy wiped Violet's mind so she had to relearn everything anew. Brion assures her that he's okay with Violet being a "new" person, and Victor asks what it has to do with him.

In a hotel room at Beverly Hills, Perdita tells Gar that she's sorry that she's running late because of a trade conference. He notices a pair of Perdita's Goode Goggles and Perdita says that she got them as a gift and hasn't tried them yet. Gar puts them on brings up an episode of Space Trek 3016. He plays himself and fights the Klamulons. A mechanism in the Goggles secretly pricks Gar and the Goggles glow with energy similar to Victor's.

Violet figures that she adjusted Victor's technology rather than healing him. Victor wants to go back to his normal life, and Nightwing advises patience. Sphere rolls up to Victor and turns into the Super Cycle, and Victor transforms into his Father Box self and fires at the Super Cycle. Conner intervenes as they blast each other, and Violet immobilizes Victor. He reverts to normal and apologizes, and Violet calms the Super Cycle. She figures that the tech within Victor took control, and she cleansed her. Nightwing tells Violet and Victor to stay close together, and Victor refuses to meet with Silas.

Perdita tells Gar that she's ready to go clubbing. The Goggles "program" Gar to go to a location in Encino, and he insists that he needs to go there. The Goggles burn out and Gar finds himself in character as Tork in the show. Images of other heroes are on the bridge.

Artemis asks about the alien words Violet said when she was cleansing Victor. Meanwhile, Conner and Megan discuss about how the one mission with Nightwing turned into them taking in strays. Megan points out that they haven't spent much time together since the mission to Markovia, and Conner figures that they need a secret base.

The Klamulons board the cruiser and Gar opens fire on them. The Klamulons "kill" the heroes, and the captain--Kid Flash--wonders if he or Gar will be next. Kid Flash's death appears on the viewscreen, and Gar's monkey appears on his chair. It runs off and Gar--now his younger human self--runs after it. Meanwhile, Kid Flash turns the channel to a Doom Patrol Go! episode. Gar as Beast Boy enters the show, chasing the monkey.

Ion the real world, Perdita tries to get through to an entranced Gar. She takes off the Goggles but it changes nothing, and he passes out.

In Doom Patrol Go!, Rita Farr--Elasti Girl--arrives and introduces her Patrol teammates Chief, Robotman, and Negative Woman. Steve is also there as Mento, and Rita says that Marie was her best friend and she could never take her place, but will try to be a good mother to Gar. The Doom Patrol then go on a mission to die, despite Gar's attempts to stop them. Gar says that he can't lose a second mother, but the Doom Patrol goes off to die.

Miss Martian appears and tells Gar that he can live with his fake sister. Mento tries to sneak off, saying that he's going to steal Gar from Megan and use his shape-shifting abilities to make money on his show. Gar insists that he didn't have a chance, and Gar's monkey brings up an episode of Hello, Megan!

Perdita calls Megan and Conner in as the EMTs arrive. Megan refuses to let the EMTs take Gar to the hospital, and Conner dumps them outside in the hallway. Once they're alone, Megan confirms that Gar is in a psychic fugue state and enters his mind with Conner as her anchor.

In Hello, Megan!, Paul as Connor Manley arrives with Marie and Rita. They have no idea who Gar is, Queen Bee arrives to get Marie. Gar refuses to let Queen Bee take his mother, but Marie tells him that he wasn't in the episode and leaves with the villainess. The monkey changes the channel to an episode that Gar was in, and Gar sees his parents die in a car crash. When the monkey bites Gar in the shoulder, it bites him on the shoulder and turns off the show.

Conner can no longer hear Gar's heartbeat.

Beast Boy tells the monkey that he received a transformation of Martian blood, but the monkey says that the Animal God chose Beast Boy and the monkey made Beast Boy and Beast Boy made himself a hero. Megan appears out of the darkness initially looking like Marie, and says that he solved it himself. Gar realized that he always thought it would be on TV like Marie, but it distracted him by pushing away the ghosts of everyone he's lost. He snaps his fingers and wakes up, and assures Perdita that he's feeling better than he has in a while. Gar figures that Gretchen is one of the bad guys, thanks Perdita for sticking by him, and they kiss. Megan figures that it's as close to date night as she's going to get, and she and Conner kiss.

At Happy Harbor, Brion and Violet kiss.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 25, 2019

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