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True Heroes Recap

Halloween in Happy Harbor, and Helga and Jeff take photos of Brion and Violet with skeleton makeup, going to the high school dance. They call Forager and Victor over to join them, and Forager removes the glamour amulet so he can go as himself. Victor is angry that he can go as a metal-clad alien but not a high school student. Nightwing, Conner, and Artemis come out and Nightwing says that they're going to Greater Bialya to follow up a lead on Tara. They're taking Geo Force and Forager with them, while Violet stays with Victor in case she needs to cleanse him again. Helga tells Jeff to go with the team while she watches over Violet and Victor.

The team take the bioship to Bialya and the bioship lets Forager fly. Nightwing explains that the Goode Goggles are designed to test for the meta-human gene and then brainwash the user and send them to a depot in the vicinity. The League and Young Justice are taking down all of the depots simultaneously, and their team is hitting Bialya. Megan took the information to the League and made sure they got the Bialya mission because of its connection to Tara. Tara was handed over to "Granny", and they have figured from her new nickname that Granny is Gretchen Goode. Marlo worked for Goode R&D and bought an abandoned mall in Bialya through a shell company. One meta "for sale" matches Tara's description.

Helga asks if Violet and Victor want to go to the dance. Violet refuses to go without Brion and starts to panic, and Helga calms her down. She talks about her daughter, saying that she was taken from Helga. Helga asks Victor to leave so she can brush Violet's hair and comfort her. She tells Violet that she's a teenager and emotional, and Victor reverts to his Father Box self.

The bioship enters Bialyan air space and cloaks, and then lands at the mall. Guards are on duty, and Nightwing sends a flying bug in through the vents to scout out the place. There are a crowd of rich masked bidders there, and Queen Bee's meta-human enforcers, Onslaught, are standing guard.

Mister Bliss welcome everyone and starts the bidding on two meta, Holocaust and Terra. Brion recognizes Terra as his sister Tara, and Nightwing realizes that the mall is also a fight club with the metas enslaved by control chips. Psimon is a member of Onslaught, and Nightwing warns Brion that Psimon can notice strong emotions. Brion agrees to follow Nightwing's lead, and Nightwing lays out his plan.

Wolf attacks Father Box and the cyborg easily throws him aside. Father Box then blasts Helga and Violet, knocking Helga out. Violet is unable to summon her violet aura, and Father Box informs her that her emotions have overwhelmed Mother Box before punching her.

Terra and Holocaust fight each other, Holocaust throwing fireballs. Outside, Jeff, Brion, and Artemis arrive posing as guests. When Psimon scans the crowd to pick up any emotions, Jeff secretly shocks him unconscious. Mister Bliss declares Holocaust the winner, while Devastation alerts her teammates that Psimon is down. Bliss starts the bidding and Artemis makes the first offer on Terra. Once she wins, they leave with Terra and Brion reveals who he is to his sister. Their "limousine" shapeshifts back into the bioship and flies off.

Violet locks herself in a room, and Father Box smashes through the door. He finds her hiding in the bathtub, but Victor fights for control and tells Violet to run. Violet gets out to the hallway and Father Box reasserts control. She turns and says that Mother Box understands her helping those in need. Using her emotions, Violet summons her violet aura and cleanses Victor of Father Box.

Brion removes the chip from Terra and assures her that she's safe, and tells her that their parents are dead. Terra already, and the others say that they're going back to rescue the other teenage metas. Forager's healing shell is still too soft for combat, and they sneak into the mall. Black Lightning takes out the power but the circuit breaker kicks in. Forager fires on the mall to create a distraction, and Devastation sends Icicle Jr., Shimmer, and Mammoth to check out the explosion while the Terror Twins stand guard inside.

Conner attacks the outside guards, but Icicle Jr. arrives and recognizes him. He's less than happy that Conner stole Megan from him. Conner says that they're engaged and Icicle Jr. offers his congratulations while blasting him. Nightwing and Artemis free the captive metas, and Black Lightning takes out the Terror Twins. Devastation attacks him and shrugs off his lightning blasts.

Shimmer and Mammoth fight Conner and the bioship. Meanwhile, Terra tells Brion that they need to save the prisoners like her.

The Terror Twins attack Nightwing and Artemis as they get the prisoners out. The two sides continue fighting as the prisoners run out, and Geo Force and Terra arrive to lend their support. Combining their powers, they summon a barricade. Conner and Forager manage to knock out Mammoth, and everyone boards the bioship. Black Lighting unleashes his full power on Devastation, knocking her out, and then leaves with the others.

Back in Happy Harbor, Conner confirms that all of the raids were successful. Victor says that Violet has permanently cleansed him of Father Box, and Violet confirms it. Helga greets Tara and apologizes for what she did to her, and Tara says that she knows that Helga acted under duress and forgives her. Brion introduces Tara to his girlfriend Violet, and Violet is ecstatic to hear him say it. Conner realizes that the house is torn up, and Nightwing figures that the Outsiders are ready for Young Justice.

The next day at the Harper house in Star City, Tara secretly calls Deathstroke and texts that she's in.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 25, 2019

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