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One-Eyed Jacks Recap

At Dinah's apartment, Amy plays three-card monte against Frank. He keeps losing, and Amy asks him if he's a Homeland Security hitman. Frank says that he isn't, and Amy asks what they're doing. He says that they need to keep playing, and says that Frank figures that he can beat anyone so he keeps playing. Amy says that the alternative isn't to play, and asks him again what they're going to do. She shows him how she's been bilking him, and says that she knows the Russian is NYC. Frank tells her that he's going after her, and they play again. he loses again, and Amy tells him that he can't win. The only way to win is not play.

Turk is leaving a storage unit and goes to his car, and discovers that Frank is in his back seat. When Turk insists that he's legit, Frank says that he needs to find a Russian and Turk used to sell to Konchevsky. Frank wants to meet with him, and Turk says that he can make a phone call to the NYPD. When Frank threatens to kill him if he does, Turk says that Konchevsky and his people work out of Kazan's Gym and that's the place for Frank to take them out because none of them carry there. Frank tells Turk to go see them and say that he has the girl and the photos, and offers to pay him off if he does. They haggle over what percentage of the reward that Turk gets, and Frank gives Turk a phone number to call when he sets up the deal.

Billy lies on Krista's couch and dreams of the skull.

Dinah wakes up when she hears something, gets a gun from underneath her pillow, and goes to investigate. She turns and finds an unscarred Billy standing there, aims her gun, and... wakes up from her nightmare. Dinah confirms that her gun is still under her pillow.

Krista wakes Billy up and confirms that he knows who she is, and gives him some water. He says that he wants to kill the man who scarred him, and starts to lose control. Krista has him count blue things in the world to keep him stop from instantly reacting. When Billy wonders why she's helping him instead of calling the cops, Krista tells him that it's her job to cure him. She then admits that she doesn't know why she let Billy in but thought that it was the best thing to do. Billy asks for more water and Krista goes to get it, and he thanks her and says that she might be the only person who cares about him.

The next morning, Dinah returns to her apartment. Amy comes out of the bedroom wearing one of Dinah's bathrobes, and Dinah says that Billy already killed the old man. She explains that Billy is most likely crazy, and Frank wonders if her putting Billy back in jail will fix it for her. Amy suggests that since Dinah is Homeland, she could help them with Russians. Dinah realizes that Frank is involving her in his newest war. Frank only tells her to get some sleep, and Dinah gives him 24 hours to get out of NYC. Once she leaves, Frank tells Amy to watch out for her big mouth. Amy walks away with Dinah's credit card that she stole from Dinah's purse.

In his home in the woods, Pilgrim flagellates himself. His sons Lemuel and Michael are playing a board game in Rebecca's bedroom. The Schultzes come to see Pilgrim and his wife, and Eliza tells Rebecca that the Spirit of God dwells within her. Rebecca thanks her for everything she's doing for them, and says that she's made peace with everything except one thing.

Anderson tells Pilgrim that what Amy and Frank are carrying must still be addresses, and says that they're in NYC. He figures that Pilgrim's soul can survive returning to New York, and Pilgrim says that he'll do what needs to be done. Eliza returns and Pilgrim thanks them for their help. They join hands and pray.

Amy makes herself up and puts on one of Dinah's suit, and pretends to be a Homeland agent. Bored, she orders delivery with Dinah's card and sits around the apartment.

Frank watches Kazan's Gym. Men pull up in a SUV, and Turk goes in and asks to talk to Konchevsky about something he got from Chicago. Kazan says that someone killed Konchevsky in Chicago, and one of the Russian thugs grabs Turk. Frank watches through the window and does nothing.

Krista brings Billy some clothes, and Billy insists that he's never going back. The doctor says that she knows what it means to feel weak and alone, and Bill figures that at least she remembers what messed her up.

Frank returns to the apartment and Amy says that she had everything new delivered. She shows him Dinah's stolen credit card , and Frank has some of the pizza she ordered. Amy asks how it went, and Frank's phone rings. It's Turk, who says that he got in touch with Kazan and arranged the meeting. The Russians are holding Turk and listening as he calls, and Turk says that he's arranged the meeting at his place. Once Kazan hangs up the phone, Frank figures that Turk is lying. Amy wonders why Konchevsky didn't come after her himself, and all the people that have come after her aren't Russian. She figures that Konchevsky is dead and Frank agrees, and admits that it might be a trap. Frank says that it'll be his trap because he knows that it's coming.

Pilgrim sits with Rebecca , who says that she wants her husband to be the last thing that she sees. She tells him that if he does the job quickly then she'll be there when he returns.

Billy takes a shower and walks out, and hears Krista talking to a patient, Jake Campbell. Jake admits that he's still drinking, and she talks about how the sick are transformed by the healer's art. Krista tells Jake that he has the tools to deal with the change in his life, and confirms that he's going to his support group after they're meeting.

At the community center, Dinah visits Curtis and sees him putting a gun in his bag. When she comments on it, he says that he's just careful. Dinah introduces herself and says that she's looking for Frank and Billy. The group members come in, and Curtis says that he's not going to make them wait so he can talk to Dinah. He suggests that she sit in on the meeting.

Dinah does so, and the group members talk about their problems. One man, Jimbo, talks about how he was discharged from the Army. Curtis tells him that he can appeal his status, and Jake asks why Dinah is there. Dinah talks about how she went to a desert country and was shot, and the people who sent her don't understand. Jake apologizes for questioning her. Afterward, Curtis gives Dinah some coffee and figures that she had some things to say. She wonders if Billy was broken before he went to war or if war broke him. Curtis says that Billy and Frank were the most natural Marines he ever saw, and greed twisted Billy. He tells Dinah that he'd tell her if he knew where Billy was, and Dinah wonders if he'd tell Frank first. Dinah just wants to end it with Billy behind bars, and Curtis wishes that Frank had ended it on the carousel.

Frank and Amy check Frank's injured right hand, and he insists that it's fine. As he goes, Amy says that it's like he's looking forward to going after the Russians and Frank leaves without a word. Later, Frank watches as the Russians leave the Gym.

Jake sits at a bar, and Billy sits down next to him. The ex-soldier starts to object, and then sees Billy scars and says that he can stay. Billy orders a drink and asks if Jake earned his Army jacket, and then buys Jake a round.

The Russians go into Turk's place and prepare to shoot Frank when he comes in the door. Meanwhile, Frank goes into the gym and finds Kazan and his remaining men. Kazan tells Frank that he's in the wrong place, well aware of who Frank is, and Frank says that he didn't kill Konchevsky. Frank tells him that he didn't and Kazan says that he didn't kill Konchevsky. The mobster refuses to discuss the matter and sends one of his thugs after Frank. Frank stops him with a couple of blows , and the other thugs attack him. Frank takes all of them down except the main thug, who beats him. He grabs a weight and beats the thug unconscious, then walks over to Kazan. Kazan insists that he isn't Frank's enemy, and Frank chokes him and asks who asks for the photos. The mobster says that Nicolai Poloznev wanted them and claims that he doesn't know where the man is. Frank punches him unconscious and tells Turk that he did exactly what Frank expected him to do, and then walks out.

At the bar, Jake and Billy drink and Jake gets drunk. Billy says that he missed his fellow soldiers the most and Jake agrees. He offers Billy some drugs and when Billy refuses, Jake takes it himself and says that it's the civilians that are the problem, not him. Billy suggests that all of the soldiers stand up and give the world the finger, and Jake tells Billy that he knows who he is and it's a pleasure to meet him. He offers his hand and after a moment, Billy shakes it and smiles.

Krista is going over her notes about Billy. She hesitantly opens the drapes, braves herself, and then puts her hands out and manages to touch the glass. Sobbing, she leans against the glass and glances briefly at the street below. After a moment, Krista pulls back.

Frank returns to the apartment and tells Amy about Poloznev. Amy looks him up and discovers that he's a former Russian secret police turned industrialist, personal friend of the Russian president, and currently resides in New York. She wonders what they're going to do next.

Later, Frank and Amy go to Curtis' place, and Amy says that she left Dinah's credit card at the apartment.

Dinah returns home and finds the place cleaned up, and the credit card and the receipts on the counter.

In a garage, Pilgrim shoots repeatedly and then leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 26, 2019

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