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One Bad Day Recap

One Year Ago

As Marion James looks on, the Inspector General agent begins interviewing Dinah. Marion stops the interview and the IG agent steps out, and then tells Dinah that she wants to be sure they're on the same page. Dinah says that her poor taste in sexual partners cost several DHS agents their lives and almost ended her own. Marion notes that such a story will let Dinah keep her job and Frank his liberty. She tells Dinah to understand the lie even if she doesn't like it, and says that it's the best option for all of them. After a moment, Dinah has Marion call the IG agent Monroe back in and gives the false statement. She says that Billy used their relationship to find out details about the investigation. When Monroe asks if Dinah should have known what he was doing, Dinah says that she should have. Dinah says that she ignored Sam's warnings about trusting Billy and it got him killed.

Once Monroe leaves, Marion tells Dinah she can't imagine how Dinah feels. She has dealt with sending men and women in to lose their lives, and now Dinah has to. Marion says that she and the CIA would survive Dinah telling the truth, and Dinah and Frank would have to bear the burden.


Frank asks Dinah if she's good with his eliminating Billy. She asks if he's okay with it, and Frank tells her that he can do it and walk away, but it isn't easy. He says that war isn't easy, and Dinah tells him that it's home and it has to be different. Frank doesn't believe it and reminds her of his family, and asks if she thought about killing Billy. Dinah denies it, but Frank says that it only ends with Billy dead and she knows it.

Curtis says that he just wants to go home, and Frank asks how else it ends. Frank tells Curtis to give him Billy's address and stay out of his way, and asks if killing Billy will be enough and if they have to do it themselves.

The next morning, Dinah wakes up in her bed, takes her pills, showers, and remembers having sex there with Billy.

Billy and Krista have sex, and he bites his shoulder. He notices a scar on her leg and clutches at it, and she moans in pain and tells him that she wants more. Once they're done, Krista talks about living with pain and missing it when it's gone, and how the two are connected. She invites him to ask about her scars, and says that she scares lovers off. Billy asks her what happened, and Krista says that she took a fall in an accident when she was 9 and spent two years being put back together. He says that they're part of her now and that's all she needs to know.

As she checks herself in the mirror, Krista smiles. She then opens the drapes and Billy prepares to go out. Krista asks where he's going, and Billy says that he slept great without fear, because of her, not the therapy. He also slept well because of his "Boys", and says that he never cared about being safe. He was scared because he was locked in a room with no way out, and somehow he threw away everything he had. Now Billy wants some of it back, and figures that he shouldn't be there. Furious, Krista says that she's not going to take the blame for being left behind, and goes for her gun in her drawer. Billy already has it and says that the last woman who pointed a gun at him got a bullet in her head. Krista insists that she's not going to be the reason he dies, and Billy tells her that he's not going to be the reason she ruins his life. The doctor begs him not to go, but Billy leaves. Krista stumbles to the window and puts her hands on it, watching Billy walk across the street. She moves back after a moment, sobbing.

Dinah meets with Wendy who shows her the photos of all the diners that she identified from the dishes. She couldn't get a hit on Pilgrim's print and figures that he's a ghost because someone manipulated the system. Wendy warns Dinah to be careful of Pilgrim and says that everyone there respects Dinah.

Frank and Curtis break into Jake's apartment and confirm that he's gone. Curtis finds some tweaker paraphernalia and says that he isn't surprised.

At the warehouse where they're staying, Billy and his Boys rehearse their operation to rob a check-cashing spot. One of the vets, Bobby, comes in wearing his uniform and says that he's going in with them. Jake points out that they know all of their positions and he doesn't. They go through it with Bobby, and when Bobby jumps Billy, Billy knocks him down and says that he's right that they could run into anything. Bobby says that he feels like a marine, and Billy reviews the escape plan. As they wrap up, Jake says that it's cold and he's going back to his apartment, and Billy says that they all stay close to each other until the job gets done.

Frank and Curtis wait out in the car across from Jake's apartment. Curtis figures that Frank has to keep moving forward and most people don't, and Frank is denying himself another shot at it. Frank talks about how he tried to relax and met Beth, and then she got shot because of Anderson. He's going after Anderson and his people rather than look over his shoulder, and says that it isn't either of them. A woman leaves Jake's place and Curtis figures that he knows where Jake is getting his meth from.

At the warehouse, Jake sneaks out while the others are sleeping.

The next morning, Marion meets with Dinah and admits that she wanted Billy dead at first. She figured that she could hang the whole thing on Billy since he was in a coma, and then he came out of it. Dinah tells Marion that Frank is back in New York, and Marion asks if she can control him. The younger agent figures that she can as long as their aims match, and Marion tells Dinah to stay out of it and let Frank and Billy finish each other off. Dinah says that she can't find a new normal, and Marion tells her that not everyone can do the job they do. She says that sometimes the worst choice is to do nothing.

After Jake scores his meth, Curtis approaches him on the street and distracts him so that Frank can knock him out. They take Jake back to his apartment, meet Dinah, and tie Jake up. Frank says that he needs Jake to help him find Billy. Jake won't talk and Frank beats him, and Curtis tells Jake to be smart. Unimpressed, Jake says that he knows who Frank is and tells him to turn him loose and see how tough he is. Frank beats him again and Dinah tells Jake that all he's guilty of now is harboring a fugitive, and if it continues then he'll be an accessory. Jake insists that she knows he's not right, and Dinah says that she was never there. He asks Curtis if he's a bitch for the Feds, and Frank cuts him loose and gives him the knife, then tells Jake to come at him. Jake does so and Frank easily knocks him down, takes the knife back, puts Jake's hand on the table, and draws the knife into it. Frank asks again where Billy is, and when Jake doesn't talk Frank says that what happens next is on him. Dinah tells Frank to stop, but Jake refuses to talk and Frank twists the blade. The agent yells at Frank to stop and says that she needs to talk to him outside.

Once they leave, Jake asks Curtis why he's doing it and Curtis says that they just need Billy.

In the hallway, Dinah tells Frank that he's out of control. He tells her to walk away if she doesn't have the stomach for it, but Dinah says that if they keep doing it then they're no better than Billy is.

Curtis puts a tourniquet on Jake's arm and pulls the knife out, and describes how Billy came after him and Frank when he went up against them. He warns Jake that Billy will come after him, and admits that he's there because he's the person dumb enough to get between them. Frank and Dinah come back in, and Frank puts the knife to Jake's throat and asks where he should put it next. Jake says where the Boys are going to hit and the warehouse where they're staying.

Frank, Curtis, and Dinah leave and Dinah says that she can't let Frank do it. She tells him that she's going to call Mahoney and Frank needs to get out of New York, and Frank tells her to do what she has to do and drives off with Curtis.

Billy and the Boys finally get tired of waiting for Jake and figure that he's not going to show. They head out in their cars. Frank and Billy arrive just as they leave.

At the check-cashing place, Bobby and his men deliver the cash. Once they leave, the Boys pull up and barge in. They knock out the guard and Billy has the manager Lillian let them into the back. Lillian refuses, explaining that the door is on a timer. Billy knows better and tells her to think about her future. Lillian says that it's a family business and she isn't going to let them take what they want. Billy takes out a grenade and gives Lillian to the count of three to open the door or he'll shove the grenade through the slot. Lillian refuses but one of the clerks, Anton, panics and hits the button. The Boys tie them up and take the money, and Billy tells Lillian that she's crazy but he likes her but they'd all be dead if it wasn't for Anton. He then aims his gun at Anton and says that he's coming with them.

Curtis and Frank drive to the place and Curtis figures that they shouldn't take Billy in the street. When they arrive, Curtis prepares to go in but Frank says that he can't handle it with his leg. Frank gets out Jake's mask and clothes and tells him to take care of Jake, and then gets out.

Three of Billy's boys are waiting outside. Billy and the others come out, and a masked Frank steps out wearing Jake's outfit. He calls out Billy and removes his mask and jacket, revealing his bloodstained Kevlar with the skull on it. The Boys open fire on Frank, and Billy rips off his mask as Frank takes cover. One of the Boys grabs Billy, drags him into a SUV, and drives off. A sniper opens fire on Frank, and he takes a nearby car and drives after Billy and the others.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 27, 2019

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