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My Brother's Keeper Recap

As the Boys drive through the streets, Billy remembers more of Frank attacking him at the carousel and driving his face into the mirror.

Frank follows after the Boys and rounds a corner, getting out of the sniper's sights. Meanwhile Billy tells them to stop the car and gets his rifle ready.

The sniper swifts position and continues shooting at Frank, and Curtis arrives and knocks him out. He's unable to get a clear shot at Billy before his car moves out of sight.

Billy gets out of the SUV and his escape car drives off, and Billy opens fire on Frank as he rounds the corner. The car slams into a parked car and Billy continues firing. Frank gets out and discovers that he's out of bullets, and yells to Billy that he did it to him. Police cars arrive, and Curtis shifts positions and draws a bead on Billy. Billy takes cover, and Mahoney and his men open fire on both of them. Frank runs off and one of the Boys drives up, picks up Billy, and they escape.

Frank runs through the street knocking aside anyone who gets in his way, ducks into an alley, and Mahoney arrives and tells him to drop his gun. Frank puts the gun down and kicks it over, and then drops to his knees. Curtis arrives, trains the sniper rifle on Mahoney, and tells him to drop his gun. Frank takes Mahoney's gun and tells the cop that he's going after the wrong guy. Mahoney promises that he'll keep coming after Frank, and Frank apologizes, pistol-whips Mahoney, and runs off.

The Boys arrive at their warehouse and Bobby frees Anton, their inside man. Bobby asks Billy why the Punisher was there, and Billy drops the sack of money on the floor and remembers Frank from before. Anton and Bobby complain and want to split the money, and Billy shoots them both dead, picks up the bag, and asks if anyone else has a problem with the way he does things. Jose says that they're good and Billy walks off.

Frank and Curtis drive to the docks and Curtis figures they'll figure out who he is soon enough. When Frank jokes that he has a lot of black one-legged friends, Curtis chuckles and Frank points out that he told him to stay in the car. Curtis says that he saw the sniper, and he didn't stay out of it because he cares about Frank. Frank talks about Billy looking at him like they were still friends and he was confused like Frank betrayed him. He figures that Billy remembered when they were brothers and admits that he froze when he had the shot. They're listening to the scanners and hear a report about the police finding the Boys' getaway car, and head there.

Krista is working at home when there's a knock at her door. Billy still has her gun, and she checks the peephole. Billy yells at her to let him in, and then calmly asks her. Krista finally opens the door on the chain and says that she thought he was gone. She tells him that he can't come and go as he pleases, and Billy says that he has nowhere else to go. After a moment she closes the door and releases the chain, letting Billy in. Billy comes in and says that none of what he did matters because it was all Frank. He describes how Frank wears the skull on his chest and it was Frank who scarred his face, and wonders why Frank did it. Billy takes Krista's hand and apologizes, and tells her that she's the only who can help him.

At the junkyard, a bored Amy practices and aiming a shotgun, reads, and bounces a tennis ball off the wall.

Curtis parks near the warehouse with the getaway call, and Delia texts Curtis to ask where he is. Police cars drive to the crime scene. The cops secure the place and Mahoney confirms that Anton is the clerk from the check-cashing place. Frank is in the rafters listening as Mahoney speculates that Anton was working with the Boys. He goes to the car and tells Curtis to drive, and figures that Billy shot the hostage. Curtis admits that he could have killed Billy, and says that they're out of the service and what they're doing now is wrong. He wonders what he's supposed to tell Delia, and Frank sets that they have to get off the road.

Curtis starts the car and drives to the junkyard. They go into the trailer and Amy tries to disarm Frank. He slams her to the floor, aims his pistol at his head, and asks her if she thinks that it's a game. He yells at her until Curtis tells him to stop, saying there's no normal around Frank. Frank insists that they make mistakes and people die, and Amy needs to know it. Curtis helps Amy up and says that they all get it, and Frank says that he's going to find Billy and asks for the car keys. Amy says that she wants to go, and Curtis and Frank go to the car. Amy breaks into tears and sits on the floor.

Mahoney goes to Dinah's apartment and says that it looks like Anton and Bobby were part of the Boys. He figures that Dinah doesn't want him talking to Homeland about her connection to Frank, and asks why Dinah tipped him to the robbery and she knows about Frank. Dinah admits that Frank told her about the robbery and ignored her advice to stay away. She points out that Frank has a code and has never killed a cop, and Mahoney insists that he's a maniac and a murderer. Dinah warns him not to pursue it or he'll get demoted, and asks where it leaves them. Mahoney tells her to give him some respect, and Dinah tells him that all she thought they had to do was tell the truth and maybe justice would be served. She figures that Frank is the closest thing to justice they can get, and Mahoney describes Curtis. He says that he wants Frank and Billy and figures Dinah can give Frank up or they'll do it at the station next time.

Billy talks to Krista about how he would give his life for Frank and wonders why Frank tried to kill him. He wonders if he's who he thinks he is but can't remember. Krista says that what was done to Billy was cruel and shitty, and Frank wanted to make sure Billy suffered for the rest of his life. Billy insists that it's better if he didn't know her, and Krista tells him that now Billy's nightmares end and he can work through his pain. She was also broken and betrayed, and then she faced her hurt and it was like touching God. Krista kisses Billy and tells him that it's the best day of his life. She assures him that he's not crazy, and Billy says that he is but Krista let him in anyway. Krista says that she hates beginnings and the two of them started in the middle looking forward.

Frank beats Jake for Billy's location, and Curtis finally pulls Frank away and says that he's acting just like Billy. Curtis goes to check on Jake while Frank stares at his bloody hands and leaves. He walks down the street in the rain and remembers fighting Billy at the carousel, saying that they're the same.

Krista wakes up and finds Billy staring at her. She holds out her hand to him, and he touches it... and then says that she almost had him but she's playing him. Billy figures that she has been keeping Frank as a secret from him, and kept Frank's name out of Billy's file so she could control him. He yells at her that he can't trust anyone and Krista tries to calm him down, having him count five blue things. Billy smashes things in the room and says that they're all the same, and punches the wall next to Krista. He grabs her and holds her up to the window, and says that she feels like he feels when someone keeps pushing them to make them feel bad. Billy figures that everyone gets betrayed in the end, and Krista says that she would never hurt him and has never lied to him. Billy releases her and Krista tells him that there's nothing left to hurt him, but he has to choose. He breaks into tears and Krista holds him.

Amy mixes supper ad listens to the radio. She hears someone coming and grabs the shotgun. It's Curtis, and as he ducks Amy fires through the door, just missing him. Curtis yanks the door open and takes the shotgun away, and Amy says that she'd rather be safe than sorry. When she wonders if Frank is coming back, Curtis tells her that Frank doesn't care what anyone does or thinks. Amy invites him in for supper and Curtis comes in.

Billy meets with three of the Boys vets and says that it's all there, and drops the bag of money on the ground. He says that the money is just scraps and asks if it's all that they want. Billy tells them that if they think they deserve more, maybe they're in the right place. He says that Bobby didn't get that they need to be part of something bigger than themselves, and they can achieve something great if they work together. The Boys consider what he's saying, and Billy says that they invest money, recruit more people like them, and create a Brotherhood fighting for each other.

Curtis and Amy eat, and Curtis finally tells her that Frank didn't mean what he said. He assures her that Frank cares about her but he's scared of getting hurt. Amy asks how they met, and says that Frank must care about Curtis because he's the only one who has stood up to Frank and didn't get killed. She figures that Billy is one of the ones who killed Frank's family, and Curtis says that he was the worst one because Billy was Frank's family.

Dinah arrives at the trailer and identifies herself, and Curtis lets her in. Amy admits that she forgot to reload, and Dinah says that she met Frank earlier and asks where he is. The agent explains that she tracked Curtis' phone, and Amy removes the battery from it. Dinah warns that Mahoney will come looking for Curtis, and says that if they can give Mahoney Frank and Curtis then he might let Curtis slide. Curtis says that Frank went crazy after losing Billy, and Dinah asks for something to drink.

Frank goes to the cemetery.

Amy pours drinks and complains that Frank brought her there and then left her to find Billy.

Frank goes to his family's tombstones.

Amy and Dinah agree that they want their old lives back. They all three share a toast to Frank, and Dinah says that they're there waiting to see if she's going to give Frank up.

Frank sits at his wife's grave and stares at it.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 27, 2019

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