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Flustercluck Recap

The next day at the junkyard, Frank arrives and notices the shotgun pellet holes in the door. He draws his gun and moves in, and sees Dinah and Frank inside sleeping. Frank calls to Amy, who lets him in and says that Dinah plans to arrest him. He has Amy give him the shotgun, and Dinah and Curtis wake up. Frank pours himself a drink and says that he got some advice from his wife, and then asks Dinah if she's really there to turn him in or didn't have anywhere else to go. He talks about how he used to be like everyone else, and then he lost his family and became something different. The previous night he sat by Maria's grave and realized he was always the Punisher, and Maria knew and loved him anyway. Frank tells them that he's not like them and can do things they can't do, Dinah says that it has to end and Frank asks who is going to end it because the people coming after Amy won't stop. Dinah wonders why she's carrying the badge, and Frank tells her she has to find her own answers and she should let him be what he's meant to be.

Krista and Billy have sex, Billy clutching at and then kissing Krista's scars.

Earlier, the Boys break into a drug den and gun the residents.

Afterward, Krista warns Billy that what they have can't last forever but they can make plans for after. She says that what they have to be for something, and Billy assures her that it will. Krista tells him that they can be anything that they want to be together, and Billy promises that they will. However, he has to deal with Frank first.

The Boys return to the warehouse and dump out the money they took.

Krista tells Billy not to let Frank define who he is, and Billy says that he has to know why Frank wants him dead.

The Boys party, and :Philip starts manhandling one of the girls, Lanie, that they brought in. Billy comes down and tells him to be nice with their guests, and then takes a seat.

Pilgrim visits Anderson as he practices his drive, and says that if the police arrest Frank or Amy then they'll come after Anderson with what they have. He tells Pilgrim to put out a bounty on Frank and Amy. Pilgrim figures that he can handle it, but Anderson tells him not to have proud and he wants to get Pilgrim home to be with his family.

At the trailer, Amy and Curtis try to walk out where the Boys are operating. Frank is on the street and they call what they have to him. Frank finds the a group of the Boys and takes them out. He locates a phone on one corpse, Philip, and brings up a photo of the girl, Lanie.

Anderson practices driving with his son David and talk about why David came to New York. They talk about blasphemies and Anderson admits that he likes to be in control. David points out that Anderson never asks him if he's happy, and Anderson says that "happy" doesn't matter and people want faith and hope for the world. He insists that they're living proof that faith is rewarded, and says that he wants David to come home for a couple of weeks and talk to some donors.

Pilgrim enters a bar and shows the barman photographs of Frank and Amy. He says that he wants them alive and the barman agrees to put out the word. Pilgrim gives him a phone to contact him, and the barman asks him where he's from. His visitor leaves without a world and the barman calls a man and says that a ghost just walked into his place.

At the trailer, Amy asks Curtis if he'd still be in the military if he lost his leg. Curtis talks about how young soldiers never think of the future, and notes that her life was pretty sketchy even before Frank showed up. Amy talks about how she always wanted to do marine salvage and find hidden treasure, but admits that she can't swim and has never seen the ocean. Curtis complains that Frank hasn't called and told them what's going on, and Amy tells him that Frank is selfish and just doing it for himself. The vet says that he has to help some people and prepares to leave. Amy complains that she's stuck waiting there alone, and asks Curtis to take her with him. He refuses and leaves, and Amy gets some money from Frank's bag, grabs her pack, and leaves.

Billy breaks into Dinah's apartment and goes through her things.

Frank goes to the bar where the vets are meeting and asks Lanie about the Boys. When she denies knowing anything, Frank shows her her photo on the phone. Lanie says that she doesn't want trouble and says that Philip and the others were assholes. She tells Frank that the Boys are off the rails, and says that Tony knew some of them and took Lanie, but she got disgusted by what they were doing. Lanie gives Frank the location as best she can recall, and Frank thanks her and goes over to Tony, leaves the finger that he took from Philip to access his phone, and walks out.

Six drug dealers follow Frank. He traps them in an alley and they tell him that they're collecting the bounty on Frank's head. Frank kneecaps them when they go for their guns and tells the leader that they're going to talk.

Dinah returns home and pours herself a drink. Billy steps out, gun in hand, and asks if she was there when his face got torn up. He explains that he doesn't remember what happened, and the file he read said they were together. Billy wonders why Dinah hates him so much, and admits that he doesn't know how he felt about her. Dinah asks why he's there, and Billy explains that he's looking for answers. She says that she'd shoot him if she had her backup gun, and tells him that he used her. Billy suggests that he likes her and asks her if Frank cut up his face. Dinah feigns ignorance and Billy doesn't believe her, figuring that she has the answers he wants. The agent tells him that he sold out anyone who ever cared about him for money, killed Frank's family, and Frank came after him. Frank put Billy's ugliness on the outside where it belongs, and Dinah tells Billy that Frank will come after him and finish the job. Billy figures that they had some good times together and asks what she dreams about, says that she'll always have the memories, and leaves.

Amy goes into an old apartment building and buzzes for her friend Shantel. Shantel lets her in and they hug, and Shantel says that it's her friend's place and she's living there while her place is renovated. Amy says that Fiona and the others are dead, and says that she needs Shantel's connections to help disappear. Shantel says that she does but it will cost, and Amy shows her the money she took from Frank. The phone rings and Amy checks it and says that it isn't important, and Shantel takes the money and goes to make some calls.

At the community center, Curtis is sitting the circle. When the vets come in, they tell him that what he did to Jake wasn't cool. Curtis tells him that he's got them because of what they have in common. He says that Jake abused their trust and was running with Billy, robbing and murdering. Curtis figured that none of them had anything to do with it, and tells them that he just wants them to find Billy.

Frank returns to the trailer and discovers that Amy and Curtis are gone. He calls Curtis, and Curtis says that his guys are looking for Billy. Frank tells him that he knows where Billy is and confirms that Amy isn't with him, and explains that there's a bounty on the two of them and Amy is out there alone.

Amy finally takes Frank's call and he warns her that there's a contract out on them so she needs to come home. She says that she's leaving, and Frank promises to put her on a train himself if she calls back. He asks her how much she trusts Shantel and hangs up.

Billy tells Krista that he loved Frank's family and wishes Frank had killed him instead of carving him up after everything they went through. He explains that he went to Dinah and Krista tells him that it's risky. She points out that Billy and Dinah were lovers once, and Billy says that he has no memory of it and felt nothing. He assures Krista that she's the only one who matters, and figures that Frank won't stop coming. Krista says that they can anywhere, and tells Billy that he has built himself up from nothing twice. She insists that Frank gave Billy a second chance, but Billy wants Frank to suffer and hurt.

Pilgrim lies on his motel bed, and then the barman calls. He says that he has someone who knows where Frank and Amy are. Pilgrim hangs up, looks at a phot of his family, says that he'll see them soon, gets his gun, and leaves.

One of the vets, Christopher, comes up to the fence around the Boys' warehouse and pisses on the fence. They seem him and come over.

Dinah is cleaning up her apartment when Krista calls her.

Amy emerges from the bathroom and discovers that Shantel has gone through her backpack.

Frank is waiting at the trailer when Amy sends him her address.

Shantel brings the killers in, and they search the place for Amy. She's not there. Amy runs upstairs and the killers figure that Amy is still in the building and search for her. Frank arrives and starts killing them, and they hear the gunshots and split up to find Amy and deal with Frank.

The leader finds Amy hiding in a closet and tells her to come out before he starts shooting. She comes out and pleads with the man to let her go.

Frank kills the men looking for him, and the leader hears the shots. When he yells that he'll kill Amy if Frank keeps coming, Amy uses Frank's lessons to disarm the man and shoots him in the chest. Frank arrives as the leader moans in pain, takes the gun from Amy, tells her that she didn't kill the man, and kills him himself.

IN her apartment, Shantel cuts through the ties that the killers used on her. Amy and Frank come in and Amy shoves past Shantel, gets her things, kicks Shantel in the leg, and leaves.

Dinah comes to Krista's apartment and asks for a Scotch. The doctor talks about Dinah living with all of the people that she's arrested coming after her, and now she worries about Billy coming back. Krista says that Billy had memory and emotion loss, and now she's afraid that he's going to come back looking for answers. Dinah says that Billy came to her apartment looking for answers with a gun, and admits that she's jealous of Billy and Frank because they both have a purity of purpose. Krista invites Dinah to stay and have a drink, and Dinah admits that she has nowhere else to go.

Pilgrim returns to the bar and the barman reveals Kusack sitting at a booth. Kusack invites Pilgrim to join him, and Pilgrim does so. The man pours drinks and says that he hasn't changed that much, and Pilgrim says that he has. He tells Kusack that the man he knew isn't there, and Kusack says that the man he knew disappeared 12 years ago to make a buy and disappeared with their money. Pilgrim explains that the alternator on his truck went bed, and he nearly lost his life in a bar fight. Then God sent him a man and Pilgrim was found.

Kusack says that Danny was a gopher at the time and looked up to Pilgrim, and tells Pilgrim that he was a god. Pilgrim says that he was a sinner and has been born again. Kusack stands up and removes his jacket, and tells Pilgrim that he knows how it has to go down. Kusack's men come in as Kusack reveals the supremacist tattoo on his arm.

As they go back to the junkyard, Amy says that she'll never shoot anyone again and doesn't know how Frank does it. Frank figures that she got what she needed, and tells her that pulling the trigger kept her alive. He says that he's going to try and make it different for Amy, but first he has to finish Billy and the Schultzes. Frank tells Amy to go and do whatever she wants to do, and Amy wonders what happens if Billy kills him. He says that he's the killer, not the killer, and when he tries to be someone different that's when the wrong people get hurt. Amy says that it's a flustercluck and goes into the trailer. Frank chuckles and agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 27, 2019

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