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Blood Memory Recap

In Kasnia, the Supergirl clone Red Daughter trains with more missiles and drones, and then lands next to the Kasnian general. He tells her to do it again, but her nose bleeds. They take her in and revive her, and a burst of energy shoots from her and spreads across the planet. It hits a tray of pills in a RV. One of the residents, Jerry Miller, notices it. Two frat boys arrive to buy the pills, and Jerry and his partner Kevin Huggins take them and then one of them swells up with superhuman strength.

At game night, Kara and the others are playing Exploding Kittens. Nia says that she grew up in the town of Parthas, and humans and aliens lived together in harmony for decades. She's going back for Harvest Fest . The Danvers start chanting about the Super Bowl game, and then Alex tries to remember Kara's favorite movie. She can't, and gets a text summoning her back to the DEO.

At NCU, the drug user is on a rampage. Supergirl and Alex arrive and easily subdue him and his fellow frat boys. When Supergirl calls her foster sister "Alex", Alex, tells her to address her as Director Danvers.

The next day at CatCo, Kara meets with James at his office and says that she thought she and Alex were good after the mindwipe. However, now Alex is cold to Supergirl doesn't remember her favorite movie. Kara wonders if the mindwipe has consequences that they didn't anticipate. James suggests that she devote her time to her work to take her mind off of the situation. MacKenzie comes in and Kara quickly excuses herself. Once she leaves, MacKenzie says that she wants to pitch James a story about L-Corp about how the accounting technicians caught indications of a black budget about genetic research. James agrees to let her follow up on it but wants to vet her information.

In the restroom, Nia is talking to Maeve and saying that all of the flights were canceled including hers. Kara comes in and Nia hangs up and talks about how Maeve drives her crazy. She explains that she's never missed Harvest Fest, and Kara offers to driver her there after pitching a story to James to justify her going there.

At the DEO, Brainiac-5 notices that Alex has marks from the Truth Seeker. She says that something doesn't feel right, and Brainiac-5 says that the men they apprehended were frat boys.

Kara and Nia drive to Parthas, and Nia talks about how her mother Isabel had a dream about the coordinates that she used to arrive on Earth in Parthas. Isabel fell in love with the son of the farming family that her took in. Nia says that her parents always supported her about being trans, and most of the townspeople understood. Kara thanks her for sharing it with her, and Nia tells her not to mention her dreaming powers to her family. She says that she hasn't told them and has never kept a secret from Maeve. Kara sympathizes and Nia dozes off.

Alex questions the frat boys about the alien drug, and one of them says that it different. All they felt was rage rather than the happiness. They lawyer up and Alex complains to Brainiac-5 that she couldn't crack them. Brainiac-5 says that the drugs they took were gamma radiated.

At the RV, Jerry and Kevin are trying to figure out how to mass-produce their drugs now that the rampage went video. Jerry's sister, Bobbi, asks what they're doing and Jerry says that he's doing it for them.

Nia dreams of an older woman combing her hair in the middle of a field and drinking a glass of black liquid. The woman dissolves and a crow flies out of the dust. Nia wakes up as they arrive at Nia's home. They go in and Isabel--the woman from the dream--her father Paul and Maeve greet them. Nia introduces Kara to them, Nora notices the glass of liquid on the counter, picks it up, and drops it. Maeve explains that it's Japanese from the drawing that Isabel is teaching her.

As the family has dinner and Maeve says that she's an artist. There are drawings, and Maeve explains that Isabel draws them and she's waiting until her powers kick in. Maeve talks about how in every generation, one woman has the gift of dreaming. Isabel assures her that when she was pregnant with Maeve, she dreamt that Maeve would have the gift.

Brainiac-5 tells Alex that the rage attacks are spreading and people are buying the drug on purpose. Alex blames herself for not anticipating it and says that something in her mind is missing. She calls in J'onn and asks him to scan her mind to determine what's wrong, saying that she feels disconnected and vulnerable. Alex figures that it has something to do with the Truth Seeker, and he agrees.

Nia takes Kara to Maeve's old room and the bookshelf is filled with books about dreams. The younger woman says that she doesn't want the dream powers and Maeve is the one who wanted the dreaming power, and it will break her heart if she learns that Nia got it. Everyone believes that Maeve will get the dreaming powers because of Isabel's prophetic dream. Kara advises her to tell Maeve the truth, and Nia says that she's going to talk to Isabel and figure out a way to transfer the power. She asks Kara to interview Maeve for her article to buy Nia some time, and Kara agrees.

J'onn talks to Brainiac-5 and tells him the situation. Brainiac-5 notes that Haley is still trying to figure out who Supergirl is, and J'onn says that he'll lie to her to help her heal. He scans her mind and claims that she's fine, and suggests that she's feeling stress because of the lack of a partner. Alex figures that she needs the opposite of a cop and asks Brainiac-5 how his acting skills are.

In Parthas, Kate interviews Maeve at an outside café. Maeve says that Maeve is fearless, and her grandmother on Naltor was the hero of the planet. She wants to be that kind of hero when her powers kick in, and Kara suggests that being a superhero isn't what it's cracked up to be. Children of Liberty come from a neighboring town and patrol the streets with alien-sniffing dogs, and Maeve assures Kara that the townspeople can take care of themselves.

Brainiac-5, posing as a frat boy, goes into the cell with Spencer and his friend. He claims that he scored some of the rage candy and then got tossed in with them. Spencer says that he's done with the drug and mentions Jerry and Kevin. Brainiac-5 walks out and tells J'onn and Alex that he learned how to talk "bro" from the movies.

Nia talks to Isabel and claims that Kara wondered if there was a way to refuse the powers and direct them to someone else. Isabel says that the chosen one doesn't have a choice, and then goes into a trance. A spider appears on her leg and bites her, and Nia finds herself in the dream. Isabel is there and says that Nia is the one, and tells her daughter that she's dying and Nia is the next dreamer. She apologizes for not seeing it, and realizes that she never saw the face of her daughter that had her powers. Isabel assures Nia that she's ready and her element is fire, and it will make her more powerful than Isabel ever was. She assures her daughter that life put her through many trials and her strength will serve her well as a hero, and takes her hands.

Kara wakes Nia up while Maeve confirms that Isabel is dead.

Nia dreams of having dinner in a field with Maeve, and bugs coming out of the glass. A flock of crows fly around Maeve, and Maeve wakes up to say that the town is turning Harvest Fest into a memorial. Maeve blames herself for not getting her powers yet and wonders if she's doing something wrong. She insists that she's fluent in dream interpretation and would have dreamed of Isabel's death and saved her.

James visits Lena and finds her training for game night. She insists that the two of them are deeply connected, and James says that what he wanted to talk to her about can wait.

Jerry and Kevin tell Bobbi that they got an offer of $10,000 that they couldn't resist. They park and tell Bobbi to wait in the RV, and the CoL beat them and take the drugs. The leader takes the drug and rages out, and Bobbi sees one of the pills on the RV floor as she hides.

J'onn checks with Brainiac-5 on how Alex is missing, and Brainiac-5 says that he's located the RV. Alex comes in and Brainiac-5 explains that he discovers that the RV was registered to Veronica Miller and the title passed to Jerry's sister Bobbi. Alex invites J'onn to go with them, and he notes that she seems better. She says that she is thanks to J'onn.

Nia is looking for a dress to wear to the memorial while Kara looks on. Kara says that Mia can't blame herself, and Nia admits that she did have a dream that foretold Isabel's death. She admits that she couldn't decipher the symbols in the dream to save her mother. Kara tells her that keeping a secret from Maeve will hurt Nia, and Nia didn't choose to take the powers. She advises Nia to be honest with Maeve, and Nia agrees to tell her after the memorial.

Alex and the others arrive at the RV and find Jerry and Kevin handcuffed to a pole. They say that men robbed them and were going to attack Harvest Fest. Jerry explains that Bobbi drove the RV after them and she has a lot of pent-up rage.

As Bobbi drives, she takes the rage drug and transforms as she arrives in Parthas.

When the women go downstairs, Paul tells Maeve to go on ahead with Kara. He then gives a box to Nia and says that he had a dream of Isabel coming to him and saying that the box was for him.

The townspeople gather at the Festival and Maeve gives Isabel's eulogy. She says that she's lucky to carry on Isabel's legacy. Nia has a dream of crows and CoL men attacking the barn, and Nia pulls Maeve aside as the rage-filled men burst in, setting a fire. Kara changes to Supergirl and flies up to blow out the flames, while outside Maeve realizes that Nia has the dream power and runs off, angry.

Nia runs back into the barn and helps the people out of the burning barn. The CoL attack the townspeople, and Supergirl flies down and fights them. Bobbi runs out and tackles them, and one of them throws her back. Alex and her people arrive and try to contain all of the aggressors. She tries to get through to Bobbi, aiming her gun, and Supergirl burns the gun out of her hand before she can shoot. Supergirl priest Bobbi away from an alien, and the drug wears off. Alex complains that Supergirl attacked a government agent and says that Bobbi is just a kid who took a drug to fuel her rage, and her vulnerability made her seek out a way to become stronger. Supergirl says that she understands it, and Alex says that she can't because she's stronger on the inside and outside. She tells Supergirl that she can't u8nderstand what it means to be vulnerable, and that she either stands down or she arrests her.

Later, Nia tries to talk to Maeve. Maeve is still angry that Nia let her go on about how upset she was that the powers didn't kick in. Nia insists that she was trying to transfer the powers to Maeve, but Maeve doesn't believe it and says that Nia isn't even a real woman. She walks away and Nia stares at her in shock.

At Kara and Nia drive out of town, Nia says that Maeve has always been her biggest supporter. Kara says that she's been through a lot with her sister, and Nia tells her that it isn't something that she can understand. Taking a breath, Kara pulls over, gets out, and reveals that she's Supergirl. She explains that it's not safe for people to know her secret identity, but she thinks that revealing it to Nia will help her. Kara has watched Alex pay the price for not having powers, when they were children and now, and tells Nia that she has a family.

James calls MacKenzie in and says that her information about L-Corp didn't check out. He says that she was right to come to him first and she has great instincts.

When Nia returns to Metropolis, she opens Isabel's box. Inside is a hero costume.

J'onn meets Kara at her apartment, and J'onn admits that without her memory of growing up with Kara, her empathy has shifted. Kara insists that deep down she still believes that their Alex is there. Alex comes in talks about how Supergirl burned her hand. J'onn suggests that they don't talk about work and they settle down to watch a movie.

In Kasnia, the general looks at the unconscious Red Daughter, and then makes a call to someone in America and says that they have a problem.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 28, 2019

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