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The Book of Secrets: Chapter One: Prodigal Son Recap

Holt tells his congregation that Khalil is fighting for his life after his artificial spine was pulled out. The reverend then says that Freeland is under siege.

Jennifer, Lynn, Jeff, and Nichelle come to see Khalil. Nichelle breaks into tears and Jennifer walks out. Jeff sits with Khalil, and Khalil asks him to kill Tobias for him. He says that he will give Jeff all of Tobias' routes and contacts to do it. Jeff says that he won't do it and they need to let the judicial system handle Tobias. Khalil points out that the system let Tobias get away with everything that he's done, including murdering Jeff's father. He then asks Jeff to make Tobias suffer like he is, and Jeff promises that. Jeff apologizes for not being there for Khalil when he needed him, and Khalil says that he was always there but he just couldn't see him.

Tobias injects himself with more of the drug while Todd monitors the Pod Babies at the ASA lab.

In her bedroom, Anissa looks at clippings of Tobias and a photo of grace.

Jennifer stands out in the parking lot, crying, and a woman sees her and accuses her of stealing her car. The woman calls 911 and claims that Jennifer threatened her, and Jennifer sets the car on fire with a blast of energy. She says that the car got hit by lightning and asks if the woman wants to call the police on God, and then walks away.

Holt says that they can't rely on anyone and they will take justice for themselves.

Jeff comes out and hears the woman telling an officer that a bolt of lightning hit her car. He spots Jennifer and goes over her, covering up her glowing hands with his coat and leading her away.

Holt tells his congregation that they have to take any freedom they want, and the congregation says Amen with him. He wipes his brow, notices pink liquid on the cloth, and collapses. As the congregation gathers around him, a disguised Cutter walks out.

Jeff takes Jennifer into a storage room in the hospital and absorbs the energy surging through her body. He's unable to siphon it off because there's too much. Perenna arrives and says that she sensed that Jennifer needs her help. She asks Jeff to leave and, once he does, tells Jennifer that it's time to get to work.

In his office, Tobias watches a news report about the people coming to pay their respects to Holt. On the monitor, Lynn slaps Helga and Tobias studies the footage. He recognizes Jace but admits that he hasn't seen her in 30 years, and she hasn't changed in appearance since then. Todd confirms that Jace is supposed to be in prison after the kids she experimented on all lost their feet. They confirm that she has an enclosure bracelet on her ankle, and Tobias tells Todd that it's time for him to put in some work.

Perenna has a levitating Jennifer control her breathing and still her heart and breathing. Once Jennifer does, Perenna tells her to take control of the power and pull the energy back into herself. Jennifer does so and drops to the floor, no longer emitting electricity. They go out and Jeff hugs Jennifer. She says that she's going to spend some time with Khalil, and Perenna tells Jeff that she told Jennifer what she needed to know and leaves.

Lynn finds Dr. Conley, Khalil's attending physician, and offers her experience. Conley points out that Lynn's experiments have killed several students, and they can't permit experimental procedures. She says that no one she knows of has the technology that was used to rebuild Khalil's spine.

Bill finds Jeff in the cafeteria and tells him that Holt had a heart attack during his service. Jeff points out that Tobias has been trying to get the clinic from Holt, and suggests that they use Khalil's testimony to get information against Tobias even if it won't stand up in court. He tells Bill that he knows where Tobias lives, and Bill warns that the last time he tried to arrest Tobias, Tobias called him out for false arrest. Jeff says that they have to work together, and explains that he has resources that can help Bill.

Jeff takes Bill to Gambi's and apologizes for not telling him that he was Black Lightning. He asks if they're good, and Bill says that they are. Jeff then takes him to the sanctum. Peter is there, and Bill asks if there's anything else. The tailor explains that faked his death because there were serious people after him, and he asked Jeff to keep his secret. Peter still doesn't know where they are, and says that he's a tailor and more. He's confirmed that Hold was poisoned and says that they need to get Tobias on more than one murder. Jeff explains that they can get him for a whole bunch of murders, and Bill says that if they get the evidence that Tobias is running a criminal organization then they can turn Tobias over to the feds. He agrees to work with them and asks what they have to eat.

Jennifer sits with Khalil, and she looks at his back. She can see energy flow through his muscles and after a moment, Jennifer goes outside. When Lynn arrives, Jennifer says that she can see the electrical energy inside of people and explains that the impulses inside of Khalil are slowing and getting dimmer as he dies. She suggests that maybe she could help his synapses along. Lynn warns against it and Jennifer suggests that they put Khalil in a hibernation pod until they find a cure. Her mother warns that Khalil is enhanced but not a meta-human, but Jennifer insists that they have to try and Lynn agrees.

Grace arrives at the hospital with coffee and food, and greets Anissa. She says that she knows what it's like to wait for someone in a hospital bed, and explains that she came to say that she cares and to offer her condolences to Anissa and her family. Grace kisses her on the forehead and they start eating.

Tobias is waterboarding one of his men when Cutter comes in. After he kills the man, He congratulates Cutter on poisoning Hold's handkerchief, and apologizes about how he ended it between him. Cutter shrugs it off and says that what happened helped her find her true calling. Tobias says that's good and tells her to get rid of the body.

Lynn arrives with ASA staff and tells Conley that it's an ASA matter and Nichelle has given them permission to experiment on Khalil. When Lynn warns that Nichelle will sue Conley if she refuses Khalil treatment, Conley gives in.

Bill comes to Tobias' office and tells him that Khalil showed up with his spine ripped out, and word has it that Tobias was responsible. Tobias says that he was disappointed at Khalil and tried to mentor him, but cut his ties after Khalil attacked Garfield. He suggests that the One Hundred tried to make an example of Khalil after he stole from him. Bill has a hidden camera on his tie, and Peter tells him via earbud to scan as much of it as possible. While Tobias tells Bill to arrest him or get out, Peter spots a hidden safe and tells Bill to get out. Bill quickly leaves and Tobias chuckles and tells him to go away.

Todd arrives at Jace's cell and presents fake papers to the guard. The guard lets him in and Todd tells Jace that he's getting her out of jail for one night. He has a device to remove the ankle bracelet, then scans her so he can make a hologram of her and leave it there while she goes with him. Jace asks Todd what he wants from her, and Todd says that it's what Tobias wants. She recognizes Tobias' name and leaves with Todd.

Todd takes Jace to Tobias' office, and she admits that she's using the same anti-aging serum that Tobias uses. He asks what she's been doing, and Jace says that she was the architect of the original vaccine program, went to Markovia to create their project, and finally says that the ASA helped her defect. The ASA brought her out to work with the pod kids, but she killed some of them and they imprisoned her. Jace offers to tell Tobias where the four metas in the clinic are.

Anissa put her head on Jennifer's shoulder as they wait.

Jennifer stands over Khalil, and he says that he can feel himself dying but it's okay.

Peter confirms that the briefcase isn't in the safe, and Jeff figures that Tobias knows that he's being watched so he moved it. Lynn calls and tells Jeff that he needs to come back to the hospital, and he heads out.

Once Jeff arrives, Jennifer tells Lynn that she has to get Khalil into a pod, but Lynn warns that they can't put him under because of the toxins in his body and they can't move him if they can't put him under. Jeff advises Jennifer to tell Khalil anything she needs to while she still can.

Jennifer and Khalil go to a prom, and Khalil wonders where they really are and how he can walk. She tells him that he's almost dead and they're in her head in her safe space. Jennifer explains that she wanted a little more time with him before it was too late. Khalil tells Jennifer that he loves her and she says that she loves him, and they kiss.

In the hospital room, Jennifer and the others stand next to Khalil. After a moment he flatlines, and Jennifer and Nichelle break into tears.

Following Jace's directions, Tobias breaks down a wall in the clinic basement. Inside are four pods and Tobias opens the first one and smiles.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 29, 2019

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