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The Dark Hearts of Men Recap

The Past

Frank and Billy stand in a field with a dozen other Marines. They chant Billy's name and as Billy runs down the gauntlet, they beat him. Once Billy makes it through, the others cheer and Frank goes next. Frank makes it to the end and collapses, and Billy helps him up and says that he loves him... and then punches him in the gut. The two of them laugh as the others cheer.


On a roof, Frank and Curtis hunch under ponchos in the rain and watch the Valhalla warehouse building across the street. They talk about the bounty on Frank's head, and Frank figures that there'll be no bounty if there's no one alive to collect it. Meanwhile, Billy watches them through a sniper scope from a higher viewpoint.

24 Hours Earlier

Dinah and Krista talk and drink wine, and Krista says that it looks like Dinah needs a friend. The agent talks about how two of her partners are dead and she can't put Billy--the person responsible--in prison. Dinah admits that she should have killed Billy or let Frank do it.

Billy watches Frank.

Krista tells Dinah to get it out, and Dinah says that to understand Billy they have to understand Frank. Frank was looking at himself when he smashed Billy's face into the carousel mirror.

Frank tells Curtis that he didn't want him involved, and says that he wouldn't be on the roof with anyone else. He admits that even if he knew Billy was crazy, he wouldn't have cared or most of the Marines they served with. Frank blames himself for not seeing Billy's craziness, and wishes that he could have helped. Curtis says that Billy has never asked for help, and Frank admits that he never has either. He says that Curtis spent his time learning to heal while he and Billy trained to kill. Curtis says that Billy was empty but Frank cares, and that's the difference between them. Frank wonders if killing is all that he has.

A bloody Pilgrim sits in his motel room, drinking whiskey. He snorts coke.

Earlier, Pilgrim faces Kusack and his supremacist buddies. One man beats him and takes Pilgrim's gun, and the others move in. Pilgrim head-butts one man in the teeth, breaking them.

Pilgrim pulls a tooth out of his scalp. He checks the other injuries he got in the fight, and binds his broken ribs with a torn sheet from the bed.

Kusack jumps Pilgrim from behind, and Pilgrim breaks his chokehold, picks up a pair of discarded brass knuckles, and punches Kusack in the face repeatedly. Even after Kusack passes out, Pilgrim continues beating him and finally stops. The last Aryan, Danny, tries to run and Pilgrim guns him down. He goes back to Kusack's table, gets his hat, drinks his glass of whiskey, grabs the bottle, and leaves after taking one man's coke packet.

Dinah tells Krista that Billy can't be helped, and argues that Frank has killed a lot of people.

Frank watches men go in and out of a building across the street from the Valhalla warehouse.

Pilgrim gets a call and ignores it, sniffing coke. He then goes to the room down the hall, knocks on the door, and a man answers the doors. Hookers are inside doing drugs, and there's a seminar poster for the man, Bob Wick. Pilgrim puts a gun into Wick's mouth and takes him back into the room.

Curtis calls Linda and claims that he's still sick. Frank arrives and once Curtis hangs up, Frank convinces him on his performance. The eat energy bars and Curtis talks about how he wants to return to the real world when they're done. Frank says that there's a tunnel leading from the warehouse to the second building, and Curtis talks about the Hashashin. He figures that Billy is giving his Boys what they want and they just have to do what he says, and they won't like Frank taking it away from them. Frank says that in the end Billy has to be alone.

In his motel room, Pilgrim talks about how brotherhood is just surrounding oneself with people as worthless as he is. One of the prostitutes gives him a blowjob, and Pilgrim talks about understanding one's own true nature and how they have to change. He drinks whiskey and imagines that the hooker is Rebecca, and tells her to go. Once she leaves, Pilgrim breaks into tears.

Night falls and Curtis sees two SUVs pulling up to the warehouse. There are women in the SUVs, and Curtis figures that the girls will live by 2 am same as usual. Billy continues secretly watching them as Frank loads his weapons and prepares to go in. He puts on his skull Kevlar, and Curtis figures that Billy will show up. Curtis says that he's good with it and he couldn’t forgive himself if anything happened to Frank.

In the motel room, Pilgrim imagines a pristine version of himself kissing Rebecca. The other Pilgrim tells Rebecca that his real name is Robert and he wasn't a good man, and assures that he doesn't feel like the man he was before but is scared that "Robert" is with him. Robert admits that he hurt and killed people for money because there was something in him that wouldn't stop. Rebecca assures him that he's loved and tells him to finish it. The phone rings and Pilgrim snaps out of his trance, realizing that he's in Wick's room.

Krista says that she always wanted to take care of people since she found an injured bird when she was 8. She cared for it and it flew away a week later, and Krista insists that anyone can be saved. Dinah tells her that the world is cruel because men are cruel, and the way she sees the world and the people in it, Billy isn't worth saving.

Billy goes into the warehouse.

Dinah asks Krista if Billy can understand what he did to her. Krista wonders what is an acceptable outcome for Dinah, and Dinah says that she wants him dead. The doctor asks her why'd she find comfort in it if Frank and Billy don't.

Curtis calls Frank and tells him that Billy is in the warehouse.

Men slash at Frank and he goes down.

Billy asks his Boys if everyone is happy. They yell that they are, and Billy talks about how four of them started it and Frank thinks that he's better than them and killed three of them. Billy admits that his beef with Frank is personal, and they don't have to get involved when Frank comes for him. The Boys assures Billy that they've got his back, and Billy says that it has to about all of them. He's going to make Frank understand, not just kill him, and he needs all of them with him.

Frank chokes out the guard at the tunnel entrance.

Billy hands out wads of bills and the women leave. Curtis watches them go, and the Boys put on their masks.

Krista says that it's not on their natures to be happy.

Frank sneaks into Valhalla via the tunnel.

Krista says that each of the make the world the hell, and Dinah forces herself to do a job that is incompatible with her power. She explains that Billy chases power because he thinks that he's worthless, and Frank does terrible things but believes that he's good. Dinah asks what Krista's hell is, and she says that she believes that one day she will free someone from their hell.

Curtis sets off an explosive that Frank has planted near the warehouse, and then opens the guards as they come to investigate. Meanwhile, Frank enters the warehouse and the lights around him go out. A spotlight flashes on and off, and someone shoots him in the vest with a shotgun. Someone else shoots him in the leg, taking Frank down, and Boys slash at him from the darkness. Billy calls from around the corner, saying that he knew Frank would come, and the Boys beat Frank with clubs. They finally knock him out and circle him, and continue beating Frank. Billy comes out smiles, kneels down to Frank's face, and tells him that he should have stayed in his hole. He tells the Boys to break Frank and then finish him, and Billy and two of his men walk away.

Curtis takes cover and several of the Boys get into the building.

Frank gets to his feet and fights back, killing the Boys as they come at him. Once they're all dead, Frank walks out.

Curtis hides as the Boys come out onto the roof, and yells at them to back off so he doesn't have to kill them. They fire and Curtis takes out Philip with two shots to the leg. Philip tries to get to his gun, and after the other two flee Curtis comes out and kicks the gun away. He tourniquets Philip's leg and tells him to hold on.

Frank takes out more of the Boys and then takes cover as Billy's two bodyguards open fire. Frank kills one of them, and Billy and the other one flee upstairs. Frank goes up and enters the office, and finds three dead young women. They're strafed with bullet wounds and Frank assumes that he killed them when he strafed the office.

Curtis tells Philip to stay with him, but Philip dies.

Dinah thanks Krista for the drink and leaves. Billy steps out from the bedroom and Krista tells him that she knows how to break Frank: take away the idea that he's somehow better than Billy.

Frank screams in defiance, and the police arrive and tell him to get down on his knees or they'll shoot him.

Written by Gadfly on Jan 29, 2019